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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

What Does It Feel Like To Have The Warrior Gene? (What Does It Feel Like To Have MAO-A Deficiency) (Writers/Bloggers Who Have the Warrior Gene MAO-L MAO-A GENE 3R 3-REPEAT 2R 2-REPEAT FORMS)

The so-called "Warrior-Gene" - a gene related to increased risk-taking [1], good risk assessment [2], and Aggression in response to provocation [3].

A VERY interesting topic interesting that...

We at (Area-1255) have written two articles and various references on the topic thus far.

Upon doing a Promethease Upload - I found I have the well-known SNP (Single-Nucleotide-Polymorphism) for the 3-Repeat Version of the MAO-A Gene or MAO-Low Activity Gene (MAO-L). 

See Image Below.

This form is fairly common in those of White/Caucasian Descent (29-34%); although is mostly common in Maori Folk (Melanesian Peoples of New Zealand/Pacific Islanders) and other East Asian origin peoples [see here].
Also see below studies...

...Many people have asked me (assuming the truth is true and I was born with it, which shall be the proper assumption) how it makes me feel. 

What behavioral traits did I have as a kid?
  1. Extreme Rage when I didn't get what I wanted. Relentless Rage. Furious and continuing rage. Sometimes to the point where I INTENDED to hyperventilate myself - intending to provoke - and attack, and Aggress. No matter what - nothing could stop me. I'd keep it up and REBEL and REBEL and REBEL.
  2. Constant defiling of images, aggravating teachers on purpose, provoking people to get a reaction.
  3. Attention Issues.
  4. Compulsive Behavior.
  5. Most importantly - a sense of unique violence, which included even throwing knives at people in Rage OR Fun.

Am I a Sociopath?
  1. No, but I, like many others have *some* AntiSocial traits
  2. I tend to engage in risky behavior, but consistent with the Warrior-Gene, have good risk-assessment.
  3. I do have Rage sometimes, but have learned to control it - however, certain things (and people) do work my nerves A LOT...particularly when THEY act like a Prick without Reason, or think they are in-charge, or have an OVERBLOWN EGO.
Do I have A Conscience?

Of course.

Am I Capable of Love?
Absolutely. But its somewhat "selective", there's not a whole lot of people I care about...but I'm not a "Psychopath"...I am capable of and definitely feel both Romantic and Unconditional Love.

I am "Evil"?
Definitely NOT. I have a strong sense of Morality and I very much DISLIKE Judgemental and Narcissistic people who cause harm to others; ESPECIALLY in self-righteousness, I HATE when people try to force/push their beliefs upon others when that person wants nothing to do with them. I'm a big believer in "mind your own business and let people live their lives".

Anything less than that, in my opinion IS trending towards "without a conscience" and so - I believe in Mutual Respect, My Faith in God...and Science.

Ironically, the "Warrior-Gene"...for me, probably helps me with maintaining my Sanity and being steadfast in My Faith (Traditional Christian)  - and allows me to formidably stick up for people I DO Care about.

...I guess the one thing that might really spike my Violence, would be someone who does harm to someone I Love or Care About.

...Well I might not be the best or most 'TYPICAL' example of A Warrior-Gene carrier, because I also have other genes that might (potentially) act in contrast, such as Vasopressin-Receptor mutations, Oxytocin-mutations and Cytokine mutations which would - on the contrary, make me have MORE EMPATHY - than  the Average Individual.

...But, I don't necessarily classify myself as an EMPATH.

Just someone who does understand people and doesn't hesitate to help those in need.

I am a "Warrior-Minded", instinctual, somewhat Paranoid individual though too.

So not everyone seems so deserving of that Consideration.

...But I am forgiving, and I do believe people deserve second-chances.

Unless of course, they have repeatedly crossed the Bridge to No-Return.

So what other traits do I believe the MAO-L 3-REPEAT (3R) Warrior-Gene bestows upon Me?

  1. Besides good-risk assessment, I'd say it allows me to also make changes on a whim, or strategic changes by thinking of things in a NEW or Innovative way - so as to SOLVE things in ways others do not...but that might be my Intelligence, and the Warrior-Gene might be just PART of the Perseverance (rest is personality/self-conditioning).
  2. I think it helps me see through people - maybe contributing to Paranoid Personality Traits.
  3. I think it makes me more sensitive to Serotonin, and thus, why Serotonin can have a biphasic effect on me, beneficial in small amounts - but moderate/large amounts of Serotonin make me ANGRY as all hell.
  4. I think it makes me have a less appetite in general (consistent with less breakdown of Serotonin and Norepinephrine!).
  5. I think it gives me a better sense of Wakefulness/Vigilance.
  6. I think it improves my Recall and contributes to my Eidetic Memory (though there are other factors) or at least EFFICIENCY of that ABILITY/TRAIT.

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