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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

I've Discovered The Secret to Perfection [A Chemical War Waged As A Facade]

As many have known - I am one of the "Elusive Founders" of this Blog. However, I slowly hide in the background - orchestrating a number of Financial Tasks relating to our organization (Area-1255 BT LTD).

Many also do not know my goals - or therein what level of Perfection - on all levels I believe is Achievable. For me - It will be achieved. 

Not - "its possible" - it will. And has. 

For years I have set up an Operation Designed to Reform myself and those around me...some of the tactics used to do so are based on expected responses from others. Our Notoriety, in part, comes from the attacks we get from others.

Thus - as with Trump, any attack on me only serves to reinforce my Ambition and Belief.

I have found the Secret to that Reinforcement. 

Those who lay on the other end of lawsuits end up falling off a cliff, metaphorically. Any legal issues that may ensure from our "Partner Sites" are clearly bullshit - as with the Radio Talk Show host : Alex Jones.

We see them ONLY as fuel. Thus - you attack us, we gain more Power.
Until our Blog an Organization is a rolling flaming Meteorite hashing its way through a great Firestorm - we GAIN ALL. And Win All.

Try us! 

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