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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

5 Ways That Rage Can Be Beneficial (Benefits of Using Rage In Real Life) (Biblical Justification for Anger and Rage Explored) (Christianity and Anger Rage 2018)

While Anger is commonly equated with "trouble", "sinful acts" or the harm or suffering of others - Anger...and more importantly Rage can be *helpful* and sustaining; they are set to the surface of the Human Psyche upon a time-table that the Conscious Mind and Subconscious Mind are aware of - and help coordinate. 

If the time-table is "Right" - and the consciousness can use the Rage or Anger as a designing factor for Moving Forward, versus moving backward, then even Obsessive-Rage can be channeled into tasks that can complement the Psyche.

Beyond just "lifting" or using Anger to "RAGE ON" through a Workout - any discipline of Work can be motivated by RAGE, and Rewarded by it. But the greatest course of action is figuring the Life and Soul out by utilizing Rage as if it is an industrial value.

The idea of ANGER and RAGE and the Repression or "Conformed Suppression" of such feelings stems from the inherent Belief that it is somehow "wrong" or of "Evil" despite obvious contradictions such as even so that Jesus Christ was at times flustered, Angry to the extent of outburst [See Here] and as such is also defined as a "human value" is of no direct, inherent fault - that unless it is without Conscience - used *only* for the purpose of inflicting harm or transgression upon another...that it becomes *Corrupted*, Parastical or somehow self-depreciating.

...But to *ENLIGHTEN* the Mind and the Stance Upon the World - one must understand that you can not have a tribute to your own Mind, or Success without being motivated by the most obvious Sign of Human Motivation - AGGRESSION. 

EVERYONE notices when a Politician is Mad - no matter how *QUIET* they may seem...eyes can bulge or not - but the PACE is what OUTLINES their presence.
Their Actions, their Speed to Avail or Avenge, their contradictions and obvious passions are brought to the surface by personal disgust, Rage, Envy and Hatred.

Yet Hatred and Rage do not have to be UNITED as a Common Element; nor Enemy. 

...For Hatred is its own element, and RAGE is only a precursor if you ALLOW it to move in that direction.

~A Common Thought Is~
"Rage is a Missile you Control, its Destination is in Your Hands, Destruction is not Inevitable, but some Success is Guaranteed".

Likewise, if being *UNIQUE* is your Plan, then you MUST have a PASSION - you must have some sort of formidability - and that often includes Aggression - even RAGE - when Warranted.

The idea that RAGE is a CORRUPT Versus a CORRUPTIBLE Emotion can be best outlined by remembering these 10 Factors.

  1. Rage is *often* because someone Angered you, but that person and the *perceived* induced Rage becomes MORE of a Problem if you believe that Person is RESPONSIBLE for YOUR RAGE. If you simply remember it comes from WITHIN YOU - then you are In-Control and are able to DIRECT the RAGE.
  2. Rage therefore is not inherently CORRUPT nor EVIL but is instead, a Reaction of extreme dissatisfaction and (often) disappointment in others, by others.
  3. It is not CORRUPT - because it BECOMES CORRUPT - only if it is chosen not to be directed - and instinctually is acted without pointing. EXAMPLE: You have a laser pointer, you could CHOOSE in Rage to VIOLATE someones Safety by pointing it at an airplane or Pilot - OR you could burn Paper with it, or you could "SELF-TRAIN" with it...even if it seems CORNY AF at the time.
  4. is a difficult Emotion to Control - but INACTION speaks of the NON-CORRUPT nature and instead a CORRUPTIBLE nature IN-CHOICE. If EVERYONE acted on their Rage instinctually - the Whole World would be in Violence...but so many CHOOSE to Direct it to things and processes that actually matter...versus little battles that don't house big Rewards.
  5. "Sometimes the best move is not to move at all" (Criminal Minds; The Replicator") - in many cases, Rage can not be dismissed, it continues to permeate, and the ONLY way to get AWAY from it is not to TRY and get away - but rather to ignore its *simmering* and to not attempt to FIGHT OR FEED into it...each move can follow a Parallel Result of AMPLIFYING the Rage and so DIRECTING IT is NOT ALWAYS the best idea!
  6. If Rage is an Emotion of Reinforcement, it can also be an Emotion that drains the self of Spirit and Good Attitude...that is because Rage can become "self-defiling" as it is SO-POWERFUL that it often DEMANDS a release, instinctually.
  7. ...But in itself, RAGE is not the RESPONSIBLE element - its the CHOICE that is made with it..."GUNS don't shoot people, people shoot people".
  8. IDEOLOGY, RELIGIOSITY & RAGE: Things that don't have to go together but often DO. In this essence, Rage is either Eliminated or Utterly Justified - it is that practice Self-Righteousness, which we've Warned Against in THIS POST - that allows RAGE to FESTER, SIMMER, and be EMBELISHED - by which that Rage is now a Poster-Child of why much of the World *HATES* Religion; that is the inherent Hypocrisy by means of Discrimination, Judging others, displaying utter distaste and personal signs of Malignancy.
  9. The Value of The Human Mind is not to be forgotten - but if we remember where we come from (Ancestors etc) - the Judge within ourselves is Stronger because we can learn from the Past and become better Humans. Rage in the past was a *necessary element* to promote restructuring of Nations, and to promote Freedom and Peace.
  10. As a Final Word - The Bible itself advocates for occasional Anger [EPHESIANS 4:26-27]- but for using it in the *RIGHT WAY* - that is, DIRECTING it - finding it as we displayed here, a CORRUPTIBLE but also a nurturing element for the Foundation of Better Humanity and more Successful, Humans.
So in CONCLUSION how can RAGE Be Beneficial???

  1. Rage can be used for Motivation and finding Personal or Financial Success.
  2. It helps one build conditioning and adaptation, if they learn to DIRECT it properly. It helps build Resilience.
  3. It displays ones Passions, can (if used sparingly) give one a sense of "Personality", "Passion" "Justice" and even "Authority".
  4. It shows we are all HUMAN.
  5. It can be a tool used to EXPRESS moments when other Emotions simply aren't suitable, and disappointment in/by others sometimes needs to be pointed out by nothing more than Anger/Rage!

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