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Monday, May 28, 2018

Common RoadBlocks in Achieving Effective Connections with God and In Uniting Christians.

Common (but Unfortunate) Hypocrisies Among *Some* Christians Who Embrace Self-Righteousness Versus A Open-Minded Consultation with God.

  1. The act of Judging another is often based on their Behavior and how their actions are perceived, but many Christians, and non-Christians alike suffer in the Endeavor of remaining non-Judging - mostly because they are appealing to their human instinct to Judge others by their Appearance...
  2. When Behavior is deemed Extreme, Noticeable, "for-show" or otherwise attention-seeking, is seen as Erratic, Labile or Eccentric - many Christians *assume* the Person does not have God, is somehow "too grandiose" or "too unstable" to be with God - and has totally disregarded a very important verse [ROMANS 12:3] "Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but think of yourself with sober judgment, according to the measure of faith God has given you.". Additionally MATTHEW 7:1:5 : "Do not judge, or you too will be judged" and "How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye?  You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.".
  3. Then...there is also the "Mysterious" factor - many believe that if a Man or Woman talks LESS than they are supposed to in Church, or elsewhere - that they might not be "with God" or as such as OPEN in any way or form to "being saved" - an Irony, since anything from Speech Impediments to Anxiety can be responsible for less talk or even "odd speech" and God's people are not (typically) immune from Anxiety [PSALM 94:19]. 
  4. ...On the other hand, when one reckons or believes that Fear of the Lord is equivalent to "literal" fear (that is servile fear) then they have mistaken the interpretation of Fearing God which is actually (in meaning) respecting God and his Path for You [see Discussion here]
  5. God (And His Presence) is CONTRARY to Fear and Anxiety [See Blog Post Discussion Here] [Phillipians 4:6] [John 14:27] [Isaiah 41:10] [15 Bible Verses To Calm An Anxious Mind]. "For God gave us a spirit not of fear but of power and love and self-control." [2 Timothy 1:7]
Other Things: When one assumes an "unusual position" in terms of Political Stance, personal opinions or abnormal Passivity in the Face of (what to many) is deemed an "unethical" act - many times people (including Christians) are Critical of it - and have failed to Embrace the Vital Concepts of Practical Creativity outlined in this article of Ours.

As if there is ONLY one path to Happiness, Success or that everything must follow a uniform style of thinking - so much so that there is never any room for debate, nor is it allowed because the CLOSED style of Practicality; Linear Thinking - has become the Mainstay for "sensible" debate - that is...where someone believes that you must "operate within some set bounds" or else it is not fair game FOR Debate.

These styles of thinking are excessively counter-intuitive, they do not express human values, and they do not encourage humans to be open-minded; to which the Bible also calls for [Romans 12:12].

If there is one thing that also is so devaluing to the God's Spirit and even the Human Conscience - it is not JUST the practice of Judging others but also of assuming their travails are a result of some (often NOT seen) misdeed or Injustice. When in all Reality - it is remarked that God's "toughest soldiers" *often* have the hardest battles [PSALMS 18] - however this is not *explicitly* because God for some reason Enjoys "putting them through" the Battles but rather that Two Other Factors are Present: 1.) That the person in question, while remarkably tough, struggles with some forms of Vanity or therein Lusts and / or 2.) The "Devil" tries MUCH harder to convince or exploit those people because of their *potential* intellectual value in convincing Sinners to become "Pure". The same intellectual value in which Satan would MUCH rather use to HIS advantage for his goal of defiling the World, and turning it into a Rebel-Borne wasteland of Fury and Crime.

The idea of Faith conquering these battles can be seen by the point of View that the Strongest in Faith (should) have more "Protection" - however, the sensibilities and Passions and contradictions within the Person may be a stronger force than many Realize and this does not in ESSENCE make them a bad person.

As we wrote in one article - even those who by Modern Definition are "Psychopaths" are less likely to change if faced with PRESSURE and CONFLICT and more likely to change (at least somewhat) if surrounded by Loving and "Freedom" minded individuals...although, some of the same antisocial types are also to-the-point of no return ESPECIALLY if they are  "Fractured" or somehow displaced from all forms of Appreciation.

...Point is - that even though you can argue *MOST* Psychopaths can not be saved (if they completely lack a conscience as by definition is so) - there are a few who may be able to be or who may be more "PARTIAL" than anything and thus are capable of being Saved - if they CHOOSE to be a part of the Godly-Spiritual Environment. 

The Concept of Biological "Impurity" and The World-Given Delusion of "Genes Make The Monster". 

When God speaks of Impurities, he speaks of "Spiritual Impurities" NOT genetic impurities, no Good Spirit (that is of Our Lord Christ/God) would ever advocate for "Gene Editing" and the majority of Psychiatric Experiments attempting to "normalize" the human mind. This is not God's way.

In Order to be abiding Christians - we can't allow ourselves to think someone is "doomed" because they are BORN with a certain alteration in their Brain Chemistry - because those very alterations can be used for GOOD or EVIL - and thus, to think they can not POSSIBLY serve God's purpose would be foolish...and besides...

A Verse from Ecclesiastes advocates for "Natural" (Herbal) Methods to Treat Illnesses of All Kinds : 

“The Lord hath created medicines out of the earth; and he that is wise will not abhor them.” 

So the very NOTION that one is CORRUPTED in some way by WHAT THEY ARE BORN WITH is NONSENSE - besides, EVEN if you were to look at it from a Scientific Perspective - the most SIGNIFICANT so-called "factors" in making "Evil" or Unempathic People (Sociopaths) are STILL their Childhood and Life Experiences [see study here] - that is, it is ADVERSITY that is the Ultimate Factor, MALADAPTIVE Brain processes also are more rooted in what is WRONG with the Brain in terms of TOXINS than in Genetic Aspects.

So - diving into this a bit too much - one could effectively say that Heavy Metals, Pesticide Exposure and other "impurities" of a more clear, "evil-hastening" nature are the LARGER and more CORRECTABLE problem - so one should not be so quick as to Judge someone as "unsavable" because of a perceived "FACT" by means of Scientific Bias - which BTW, even Science can't Fully Explain WHY some people with "adverse genetic factors" Go Bad and others DO NOT [!].


Besides the Pope (Francis) stating so readily that "Having a Personal Relationship with Jesus can be Dangerous" - or that China is a "good example of Christianity or Social Doctrine" - there are flaws on the lower levels of Congregations and Religious Institutions.

...Any time I've been to Church - its almost always the same deal.

  1. Giving Thanks.
  2. Running over simple variations; one verse for one day another for the next.
  3. A peace-giving/offering and altogether the same "mainstay" procedure.
  4. This barely differs even in Orthodox Churches although by contrast they are far more Open and Sincere (it seems) than Roman Catholic Institutions.
  5. Priests are taken up as "forgivers" and the word "Father" was not reserved for Priests but rather ONLY for the Lord Jesus Christ.

Therefore - the very nature of Religious Activities and Sacraments has been a bit too "scripted" for Comfort and doesn't (as well) seem so aligned with Biblical Principle or Concept.

Not only is keeping things not "Open" and rather somewhat "predictable" train the Brain in the 'wrong direction' for Spirituality; which by nature of the Concept of "being spiritual" should encourage openness [see here] - but also if only a few verses, or a few "actions" are Emphasized - then are those verses or 'actions' not taking precedent over (perhaps) more Pressing matters? 


  1. Could it not be that you are IGNORING other Concepts which may actually help if a (formal) Consultation with God and as such the openness of Spirit rather than Mind (bodily instinct) was implemented into the Daily Prayer?
  2. Beyond this - if you emphasize ACTIONS versus the actual Congregation of The Holy Spirit - then you are believing IN those actions and not in the Spirit.
  3. At the very least, you are emphasizing REPETITION and (for some) COMPULSION or SCRIPTED BEHAVIOR versus actually paying attention to the fact that no day is the same and you can not account for each day nor be ONE WITH IT simply by altering a simple variation in Prayer or thus "scripted events".
  4. So WHY should Church play a Role like its some Hollywood Playbook, or some "acting scenario" whereby "Scripted Events" appeal to the AUDIENCE and NOT TO GOD!??
  5. Lastly, if one is to achieve FAITH and open-mindedness then by INSTINCT the Holy Spirit should implement the Instinct in the direction CALLED FOR.

CONCLUSIONS for this Part: To fully see Faith and Equilibrium in the Spirit/Soul, Body & Mind - one has to 'see beyond' the Scope of the Average Christian and must press beyond the layers of Ignorance and simplicity that the so-called "Religious Authority" has pressed upon the World.

That, is the ONLY way for a New Form of Christianity to be the new 'mainstay' - a total reforming of current practice can is a necessary prerequisite to achieving a Connection closer to the Holy Spirit.

Of God, and of Man - we are made Whole, of the Mind, and of the Body - we are made ourselves - but only with the Holy Spirit are we made into the "New Self" - the Self that God expects as Open-Minded Christians to take up into Personal Values...with that - to be one with the Holy Spirit - to see a new Emerging Favor upon this new Balance of Christianity - would be a World Further Awakened by Precedent...

We - as Christians, can achieve this...we can achieve it by STARTING RIGHT NOW.

We can achieve it by not PRESSING a matter upon others...but by "leaving it on the table" - gently showing not the FLAWS (so directly) to the current Practices and Way of Christian Thought - but by "proposing" a way that "feels more whole" has a larger degree of 'Spirit' and by means of its values, can *encourage* one to look into THE BIBLE, the Word of God itself to see that only that way is far more accommodating than the Current Practice instituted by The Church.

To what do we owe 'Holy Followers' who hold the Cross up High and yet do not carry the Presence of the Lord...and of course, some DO, but would it not be better to hold the Cross up High in ASSURANCE of the Lord - in absolute Perfection as to his Call, his Way and his Justice...rather than just "lingering" and being almost 'robotic' in the sense that there is nothing actually (largely) "In Spirit".

I call upon all Open-Minded Christians to be absolved by the Holy Spirit - not THROUGH ME but by talking to God first, that they CONSIDER what is Written here that this is not made into a Political Movement, or is not seen as 'Random', and is seen as the Truth.

I Pray to the Masses of those 'True Believers' that they are not halted for their ways, nor by PRESSURE are redirected, but discover on their own the FACT that the Church NEEDS reforming...

With that being said, I (clearly) do not DISRESPECT those who (regularly) go to Church...EVEN if they are Inconsistent. Because by that Logic, I am Guilty of Inconsistency as well...

But to see people go to Church and not be OPENED in Spirit and Heart and Mind is...disappointing. 

...So - for that Reason, I'd rather God not be disappointed either...but I FEEL he has directed me to Write this whole Message has its own Enlightenment.

...But as an Open-Minded Christian - ANY and ALL Suggestions as to this Letter are not only WELCOMED but WARRANTED - as although I am Intelligent and have Faith - I am called to be of Sober Judgement and thus I do not exclaim these points for my own Benefit, but for the Benefit of Others!

Best of Wishes to ALL Christians who Read This Post - and I hope in due Consideration you can Collect and Digest this information into your HEARTS first - as assuredly the Holy Spirit will be with YOU ALL when you Read This.

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