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Sunday, May 6, 2018

Hailed Sadism & Aggression - The Murder of a New Phenomenon. (A Discussion About Pseudo-Sadists and Pretend Personalities)

Of all the Psychological disasters I've seen - perhaps the most unfortunate is the Person who pretends to be something he/she isn't. Typical examples are people claiming to be Teachers who have no credentials, or "Internet-Doctors" who don't have Degree.

...But a bizarre phenomenon has emerged among the minds of Young, and Old People in the last few years...hailed sadism. That is - one who mimics/praises being a Sadist (or otherwise 'Aggressive') to achieve some sort of end or give false impression of who they really are.

  1. Examples include; Christians who want to double-down on both Worlds - and appear violent yet appeal (covertly) to Christianities principles. Even so though that the Public Image is distorted to hide a Religious Principle.
  2. Writers commonly observe such hypocritical oaths (play on words), in a literal sense - but they (hypocrites) are bound by two codes...or so it seems. One writer exclaimed "We are all Sadists now" on the headline of a somewhat Recent article.
  3. A Christian Man also recounted "pretending to be gay" in order to gain a following [!]. In the same example, there are examples of outward frustration expressed in such a way as to garner attention for something he is not.
  4. Of course, detailed accounts on Recent incidents show a remarkable degree of Hypocrisy in the Church and with Religion in general - so much though that the World's desires & expectations don't mesh with "Old-Christian" Principles and so...once again, being someone who you aren't is back in style.
  5. ...But PRETENDING to be a Sadist to hide a subtle reality of Christian worship is nonsense, and pretending to be Violent to gain power is only *somewhat* reasonable. You posture another for a Worldly Principle yet ignore the self-induced split in personality. Pieces of the self are lost - and as a result - you get mentally ill minds like Internet Trolls & Pranksters who seem to absorb an insane amount of Euphoria from pissing random people off on the Internet. Literally insane. 
...But hailed Sadism - is being outdone by DIRECT talk in much of the United States - and a President that got us talking, directly, is to be owed. Right?

In reality - the topics themselves are reinforced (often) by Republican Principles.
The outcasted sadists and pseudo-sadists are not a unique phenomenon and thus they are being murdered by default - since they are identifiable and (largely) predictable.

However, the World and Global Communities are slowly steeping the deadly Principles of hailed sadism and similar psychological elements [!]. Mostly those in positions of Power. But Transitions such as the fact that College Students may prefer stuffed animal retreats (if weak-minded) - and other Private Schools  prefer a decisive "Warrior" training program and a Private Gun room [1] or Sword-Slashing course [2] to unleash ones inner fury...and warp their mind back 1000 years ago. Well - that can be, in essence a Transition to Malignant Self-Righteousness.

A College Campus that implements a concealed carry policy [3] is nothing compared to a British Military School. But both considerations highlight the growing Narcissistic, PseudoSadistic elements of the Brains of many individuals who otherwise go unnoticed. 

If an "Injustice Collector" shoots up a School - or an Airport, are they not practicing PseudoSadism - that is - committing a one-time action and final facade to gain a sense of superiority?

...But let's get back to the point here.

Sadism has arrived as an intimidating element to be delivered in speeches, secret messages, as a taunt, acts of such Sadism usually having both an Emotion and Objective behind it - and then quite often - you divide Sadists into two Categories.

  1. The Maniacal Sadist: One who is genetically inclined to, and then further Psychologically inclined to, the utter ENJOYMENT of the suffering of others. One who giggles as a Child at upset faces, tragedies, Car Accidents and other forms of "Chaos".
  2. The Fractured Sadist: One built on Rage, conditioned, then weakened, then re-self-conditioned - one who is the type to take a bat and randomly bash a Relative or even a Random persons head to pieces because it suits their Rage...then comes the "Release".

...But Pseudo-Sadists *often* aren't motivated by anything LOGICAL.

They aren't necessarily "Genetically-Predisposed" nor Psychologically induced.

No, Pseudo-Sadists come up with the foul trick out of no where...lend it in Plain Sight and then observe the reactions for NO PURPOSE or A/MANY PURPOSES.

...A Sadist is marked by unsavory remembrances, failed relationships with fractured partners and Subordinate Employee's who feel like committing Suicide.

A Pseudo-Sadist is marked by a velocity to change opinions, yet on a higher magnitude, amplify their own Mental Chaos. They are marked (often) by diligence, and yet by sheer ignorance...sometimes Luck presses them along.

...but Many times their "Pseudo'ism" is in such abundance that it seems to manifest as Intelligence. Feeding its own Masquerade, Pseudosadism is a Lonely, immasculate and Ignorant icon. Inorganic in nature and totally deceptive. Built on that same Deception to in which it builds upon itself to then leech from society like a Parasite.

PseudoSadists ARE really THAT significant.

Not because its OWED or DESERVED on their Part...but because by the Nature of their Masquerade they often get along with others by passivity and yet make Enemies by cold-shoulders and exerting their aura of Furious Intent.

Perhaps is the PseudoSadist who annihilates Corporate Enemies - because they feel they have more to prove...and if marked by a "higher threshold" and less sensitivity to the Emotions of others...perhaps trying to overwrite some sort of Apathy they have within them...then in stark contrast to a "TRUE" Sadist - who may gain Sufficient Enjoyment by towering over locals - the PseudoSadist enjoys a much Deeper Prophecy.

The Prophecy is Unstable and Relentless Self-Proliferation...

Casting their Shadow on the Entire World without ever being noticed to the degree of their Peers.

Yet somehow achieving Victory and Success by meddling into a foreign World of Psychological Trickery.

...Maybe by Bribery.

Maybe by Pay-Offs.

...but make no Mistake, a PseudoSadist will arise to a Political Stage soon to fill in THEIR Void and the Worlds (supposed) Void.

...And this Person will make us all question who we really are, and what we really know - because at the Center of such a Fractured Individual is the Malignancy of the Purest, and most Hollow Evil. 

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