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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

What is Syrian Rue Used For? What Are It's Benefits? How Does The Plant Syrian Rue Affect The Mind?

Syrian Rue (Penganum Harmala) is an invasive plant with a long history in Spiritual encounters, with use dating back to the time of the ancients [1]. Though it is found in Syria, it is not the only country/region with record of it's use. Syrian Rue is also found in India, Pakistan, and multiple states in the USA[2].

Turkish peoples used it to protect ''against the evil eye''[3]. It is often regarded as a protective agent, and to be applied for treatment/removal of lice[4]. However, it's most common use, and most powerful use, is in 'encountering the divine' specifically in Ayuhuasca brews[5]. Syrian Rue can potentiate (increase / amplify) the effects of all hallucinogenic/psychedelic substances and this makes it particularly useful for psychedelic enthusiasts and spiritualists alike[6] [7]. It can be used to 'enlighten the mind'[8] [9].

It has uses on it's own, and can be used as a euphoriant [10] [11] (substance producing a high, or sense of confidence and unwavering glee), but it's most prominent use is simply prolonging the effects of all other substances, especially serotonin-boosting substances (5-HTP, Kanna, Mushrooms etc).

                                                 IT'S CHEMISTRY
  • Syrian Rue contains the remarkable alkaloids, known as ''harmala alkaloids'', these are harmine, harmaline, harmane, harmalol and tetrahydroharmine. These alkaloids (plant compounds) are sometimes referred to as TELEPATHINE, but this should only apply to harmine, not the others.
  • They all largely block the enzyme MAO-A which normally, is an enzyme within the human body, that degrades or breaks down, neurotransmitters (chemicals that relay nerve messages), by blocking the enzyme, all neurotransmitters that would normally be broken down by that enzyme would instead be sustained and further activated. 
  • Syrian Rue increases the levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin [!].
  • Syrian Rue has a number of other pharmacological properties mostly concerning it's vasodilating properties [♥] (opening blood vessels, increasing blood flow), but it also blocks the breakdown of histamine in the brain [], leading to increased wakefulness but possibly increasing allergies and increased itching [☹].


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