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Saturday, August 2, 2014

{AMx Reborn} ForeRunner Labs ~ Alpha Hard Log / Review

Starting this soon...

OK Folks. So here's what I am looking at. I am going to take our friend Corageon's PaleoXtreme Diet with some exceptions (mainly that he doesn't prefer the intake of potatoes and / or rice). However I will not eat these foods daily; it's mainly a high protein diet.

My goals are to gain some lean mass and get cut up.

I will be doing bench press, Chest press, Shoulder Press, farmer's walk and leg press. As well as push-ups, pull-ups and other calaesthenics.

I will also be doing squats. I don't have a particular day for each group; but rather work upper-body on some days, then legs the others.

I will log increases in strength and any other effects I feel. I will also log any relative weight changes or gains in lean mass.  At the end of this I will be doing a video review.

Today (8-5-2014)

Very productive workout today!
Haven't noticed anything too much quite yet. But it is still Way early.

Did notice a bit of a better pump.

Time will tell.

-Noticing increasing appetite a bit.

Product definitely increases strength, even thus far. I'm already pumping out extra reps on the Bench.
Also vascularity may be improving already!!!
Also appetite has taken a very nice rise!
Best dose this 3 in the morning, and 3 in the evening before workout, as it does enhance pumps...
But it would seem like it's the "neuromuscular" strength that is the main benefit, so far...

Noticing some pretty pronounced changes.
-Strength Increases (extra Reps on all sets of Bench)
-Amplified endorphin rush even with simple activities.
-Pump is increased.
-Noticing better sleep at night, turn the lights off and there is no anxiety, no racing mind, nuthin.

-Also noticing better endurance on Runs.

-DEFINITELY increased appetite, 4 extra roast beef sandwhiches is unlike me.  :o


-Appetite is still strong.
-Noticing very engorging pumps, full body in fact. Nothing short of amazing.
-Strength is very very noticeably increased.
-Definitely better sleep and overall calmer, at the right times...
-This can be used to alter your aura or presentation around people (aka Aggressive presence)...just be careful to channel it properly, and watch your tone with people, so they don't get the wrong impression.
-Also noticing that there Drying effect in full force now.
-Facial hair growth is speeding up IMHO.....
-A little bit of acne on my forehead, nothing too notable though and it doesn't bother me.


-Vascularity is really starting to increase, also my arms are grainy as fuck on this.
-Definite diuretic/drying effect - strength is in beast mode on this.
-Endurance is very high and endorphin rush is amplified.
-Noticing a very SMOOTH but  aggressive energy on this.
-Definite EUPHORIA on this product. More noticeable the last few days.
-Sleeping much much's almost like a panacea.

Where do I start...hmmm
Well first my appetite is STILL increasing on this, I've also adjusted my workout routine to match it. Adding some powerlifting workouts and more core body workouts. Also doing more cardio as the goal is to gain lean mass, I may have already in fact. I am noticing the endorphin rush on this is unreal, even when resting. It's a very noticeable collected, focus, do my own shit with pleasure type of thing. Every thing I do feels more clear on this - and I am still very aggressive with my workouts!  I also noticed there is MUCH less of a need for stimulants on this. Haven't even drank ANY caffeine in the last few days and feel great!!!

Sleep is still amazing. I can tell you this is gonna keep getting better, for sure. Pumps is just Mind-Boggling, full body pumps and unreal engorgement no matter what muscle I work, no matter how small or large the group. This is an amazing sup, by all means..and on every level!!!

Toning and improved vascularity ; I am getting very cut up already.

Bench went up both in reps and weight on the last set.
Massive Full body pumps are continuing.
Just walking gets leg pump engorgement.
Also noticing a more and more prominent stimulant effect from this product.
I've eliminated caffeine altogether now in fact.

Appetite is still WAY up and no real fluctuaton, though I've been noticing my hunger for seafood and steak in particular has sharply risen and become notable.

Other manifestations of High DHT. Dramatically improved sleep.
-Improved thought clarity. 
-Changing aura's in the room, giving an extra "boom" to my presence which is already naturally intimidating.
-Focus is in overdrive, and strength is up enough to max out 10 reps more on last sets.
Squats included. Farmer's Walk has become ADDICTING while on this supplement, I Can't get away from the synergism of core body workouts and this product - resulting in an unprecedented pump, I would say.

Libido is always high, so no dramatic changes there.

Also I see a complete washout of water retention. Definition in places I wouldn't have thought of and new veins and appearing everywhere. Shoulder veins are larger, and I am going to weigh soon because I'm pretty sure I've gained a slight degree of mass.

Wouldn't surprise me.

So far I can say this product has produced measurable increases in stength and I am now pumping out 3 X the amount of Rep's on every set. This will make you feel like SuperMan if you have a good workout/lifting regimen.

Also the effects on sleep and just my general mood have been immense. Very relaxed and focused on this but aggressive when necessary (Gym etc)

No water retention, and blazing large veins during workouts.
Gains = 1.8 lbs - definite.

This is definitely the next best; since AndroHard has been DC'd I have been looking for a suitable replacement in terms of DHT type  PH's. I've been quite dissatisfied of many other DHT-based PH's.

This one on the other hand, does NOT dissappoint, and the Agmatine made just the right impression. I think it contributes to the pump as well. 
Even minor activities produce rapid pumps on this.

I never really bought into agmatine much before, but it definitely has some effects.

Definitely gained some lean mass on this, and have noticed an absolutely UNARGUABLY immense Strength gain on this, DHT levels rose up by about 68 points in the first couple weeks - and then followed even higher increases (over 200) thereafter - SHBG levels went down about 20 points.

I noticed improved endurance, focus, both for intellectual and physical tasks. I noticed a profound sense of clarity and massively improving pumps, more than almost any N.O supplement I've used.

Key points were...

  • Massively Increased Strength (NeuroMuscular)  

  • Increased Mental Clarity 
  •                                                     Increased Aggression (+)                                                                     
  • Insane Pumps
  • Lean Mass Gains (a couple lbs)

  • Better Sleep!

  • SHBG Decreased, DHT notably increased (!) 

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