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Saturday, August 2, 2014

{Area-1255} Analyzed Supplements - Forskolin-95 Log / Review


Starting this review and log on Analyzed Supplements "Forskolin-95". This is the purest forskolin folks!


Had a productive workout the last couple of days. Farmer's Walk begat each.
I was feeling the heat! Not so much the first dose, but yesterday in particular - I could feel my entire body heating up in a very pleasurable way. 

About 30 mins after ingesting this product, I also noted my veins started to stick out more. I would also call this an "oxygenative" effect  - I can feel the energy kicking in. So it has a stimulant effect for sure.

During bench press yesterday, I also noticed better pumps in between sets. 

I will keep you all updated.
                                                       ::STARTING Weight ::   - 167 lbs.
-Definitely noticing a Decrease in appetite.
-Overall warming sensation throughout the body.
-Definitely helps improve pumps.


                         A few new updates to share.  
                          1.) It seems like forskolin can act as a diuretc, but it's strongest area lately is #3.
                           2.) Taking this too close to bed will hamper sleep.
                            3.) Great pumps and Vascularity especially.
                              4.) Appetite Suppression isn't terrible, but noticeable.
                                 5.) Do not take more than 2 caps a day, preferably before workout.
                                    6.) I find that using it with caffeine helps magnify the effects.
                                       7.) Awesome supplement so far!!!!!!
                                               Finding I am now getting a strength increase as well.

                                               Pumping out extra reps on the Bench, all sets.
                                                Definitely increased pumps. Overall very strong feelings.
                                                Appetite suppression is pretty strong, I have to choke down 
                                                proper amounts of food.
                                               Feeling like I can get more work done during the day,
                                                 and I am less distracted by people and things.

                                                                   -Noticing a tunnel vision focus.
                                                                       -Definitely toning up.
                                                                          -Seems to speed up my color tan xD
                                                                             -STRONG pumps.
                                                                              -Amplified endorphin rush.
                                                                                -Awesome stacked with Caffeine.

Starred this update because I am noticing some more significant changes.
#1 - Definite acceleration in tanning on this product. I swear I've never turned color this fast in my life.
#2 - Definitely amplified pumps and endorphin rush, I just can't stop on this!
#3 - REACTION TIME while training in Nin/Akido is definitely increased!
#4 - Noticing a much clearer thought process on this!
#5 - Seems to blunt allergies, as I usually get allergies around this time!!!

Definite and total relief of allergies on this.
Also I am noticing much better grip strength on this????
Definitely enhanced pumps, more every day it seems....
Reaction time continues** to increase, and I'm lovin the unreal focus I get on this.
Whole body is burning and sweating, just feel like molten Lava but a really good feeling, not uncomfortable by any means.

Final update and then there will be a summary on the next one.
Definitely leaned out and toned up on this, as days go on not only am I still experiencing improved reaction time, but I feel an extra hit of aggression on this as well. Grip strength improvements and bench strength improvements I am guessing are coming from increased nutrient delivery and uptake in accordance with forskolin-induced pumps and N.O release.

Definitely leaned out, and vascularity noticeably improved. Noticing new veins appearing everywhere (shoulder veins bigger) too and veins have a more oxygenated (engorged) look to them on this.

I also notice vivid dreams when taking this before bed, perhaps it's a sensitivity though?

I usually don't take it before sleep but I took one extra capsule the last two nights before sleep and there was no interference with getting to sleep, though I did have vivid dreams and woke up in the middle of the night once for about 20 seconds without explanation, and this never happens.

Noticing a degree of euphoria on this that is amplified by cardio, very very noticeable.


  • Definitely have leaned out some, and veins keep popping up in new places, suggesting this is very angiogenic so to speak.
  • Complete relief of all asthma and allergies with this, nothing short of amazing.
  • Taking it with Caffeine amplifies the effects, at least four fold.
  • The product is actually HELPING me sleep.
  • I am Sweating ALOT more on this which is great to keep temp in check.
  • Endurance is sky high on this and keeps getting better.
  • Strength has improved massively.
  • Sense of vision, and mental reactivity as well as creativity, have seen a real boost on this.
  • Appetite shot back up this week, majority of the time it is suppressed on this.
  • I jump higher on this?
  • Cardio Capacity is unlimited it seems.
  • Sense of euphoria, even on rest days now.


  • Definitely leaned out on this ( - 4.5 lbs )
  • Gained lean mass as well.
  • Annihilated all ASTHMA and ALLERGY symptoms, didn't take any other meds.
  • Super powerful pumps, seems almost like arginine nitrate in this regard.
  • Sleep improved overall, mostly on days where I had done a lot of cardio.
  • Appetite was down for the most part.
  • Endurance shot through the roof, cardio.
  • Sense of euphoria and profound mental clarity.
  • Sense of vision and reflexes much stronger/faster.
  • Sweating a lot more was apparent at the end of first week, nothing too extreme though.
  • Noticeable body heat increasing sensation (manifestation of increased cAMP levels)
  • Motivation 150% and beyond.


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