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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Key's to Re-Activating the Hypothalamus / Pituitary may be the Same as Those in Treating Narcolepsy

In many ways, a decreased hypothalamic output mirrors the etiology and manifestations of narcolepsy, and considering that both of these conditions are the result of decreased excitory output from glutamatergic/histaminergic neurons - ultimately which stimulate the HPAA - it would seem feasible then that the solution to both narcolepsy and a hypoactive pituitary / hypothalamus would be the same or similar.

This would also be consistent with the (( PAPER/STUDY  )) where decreased testosterone and other sex hormones in noted in narcolepsy. Particularly high prolactin levels were noted in multiple narcoleptics. 

Oh, but if only it were that easy. But it's not, well, at least not without considering other factors. 

Before you even can get into the central (and 2nd) messenger's, you have to look at the key hypothalamus inhibiting HORMONES. 

These are ....
-Estrogen (Estradiol)
-DHT (Dihydrotestosterone)
-Progesterone (to an extent)

This means that if any of the above are out of whack, fixing histamine and glutamate may be of little help.

However, assuming one is not consuming excess amounts of soy and / or phytoestrogen's, and is not on birth control or contraceptives (for women).....then the estrogen part should not be an issue.

As far as DHT, well DHT is a composite and marker for how high your testosterone levels are, and is present in men in much higher amounts than women.

However, there are some conditions which cause an excess of DHT conversion (namely, SHBG deficiency), and this can then cause decreased testosterone levels as well, causing the metabolic benefits of testosterone to cease, and then with tons of DHT - you may be getting some CNS benefits, at the cost of your hair (possibly).

DHT is a great hormone to have in high amounts (for men), make no mistake, but it does NOT provide extra muscle mass to any measurable extent (other than keying in enzymes which testosterone works off of), therefore without testosterone, DHT has no metabolic benefits.

So in terms of overall health and metabolism, as well as hypothalamic function, taking a MILD DHT inhibitor might be a prudent course of action in a very Small number of men.

Estrogen antagonism or the use of an aromatase inhibitor can be useful in both men and women with low pituitary and sex hormone production. said above, prolactin control may be crucial, taking a dopaminergic or L-Dopa may represent a very powerful precedent in treating narcolepsy
Prolactin increases the conversion of Glutamate into GABA, which means excess prolactin can cause narcolepsy and other mental disturbances (being that glutamate is needed for vigilance).

When hormone function is all sorted out, if there is still a hypothalamic problem, now you can say the next two keys lie with Histamine and Glutamate.

D-Aspartic Acid supplements have been a groundbreaking revolution in terms of re-igniting leydig cell function and sex hormone production for example, DAA (D-Aspartic Acid) is a NMDA-agonist (it stimulates at high potency, NMDA-glutamate receptors).

Second, histamine is a novel amine, and an extremely potent glutamate augmenter (or facillitator in some cases), it is also the primary "wakefulness neurotransmitter".  

The question is, we know how to activate glutamate, how do we activate histamine?

Well...I've been over this before.

You need a few things.

1.) For histidine decarboxylase enzymes (P5P - the active form of Vitamin B6 is required)
2.) Folic Acid supplements help to increase histamine activity and retention,
3.) A high-protein diet and / or L-Histidine supplements will improve histamine levels.

In addition, NOT drinking green tea and avoiding Quercetin and Naringenin supplements will help stop the ceasefire on histamine networks.

A final note, you can also add something like PhytoSERMs 347X which will amplify the above and supercharge your hypothalamus.


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