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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Benefits of Having Doubters

People often stress too much about people doubting them in whatever effort they are making, but what they often overlook is that there is a plus to having doubters, and lemme tell you, that plus is radical. It is an impressive guide; a compass, and it paves the way to success.

It is a motivator. 

Not based on merely you just pushing forward to prove the doubters wrong, but you see, having doubters ensures that the road ahead is clean (or cleaner) and relatively free of pests, because you can take full advantage of the doubters - and complete whatever it is you are trying to complete. Knowing they can not have any effect on you, and in their disbelief, they drown themselves in blindness and in arrogance, while you achieve success.

There is a psychological technique to this, if you are going for something big, and your confidence and ego seem to outweigh the possibility of it - then there will be doubters. But if you continue in consistency, these doubters not only pushed you forward, but they have given you relief, in a way, they are making the world a cleaner place, where you can focus your mind. Because sometimes, it is more of a pressure being applauded and supported. Sometimes, you have Just the right confidence level, and until you complete whatever it is you are trying to complete, these doubters serve an important tool. Freedom.

Then when it is all said and done, not only are the doubters smacked by a windstorm that they have not seen coming, but now you have gained an edge in the world. A victory, you have become the triumphant one - that went past what everyone thought you could do, and now this....inspires open-mindedness in the hearts and minds of people.

Of course, the likelihood of one of immense skill and diverse talents being completely doubted by everyone is very slim, and this can be unfortunate. Because now you have to filter the amount of positive and negative attention, and figure out which are the best tools to your success, and which are hindering you.

I would like to see a gray area - but guess what that gray area is ? VIGILANCE.

I will paint this picture now, and continue forth.

Read and observe my readers, become embodied with diverse views and a powerful perspective.

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