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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Low Histamine Levels ; A disturbing Phenomenon leading to Fatigue, Paranoia, Anxiety & Scattered Thoughts.

A Testimony Of A Low-Histamine Experience

Recently after resolving a biochemical imbalance that had caused my personality to fade into oblivion, and caused me to reap the despair and dysphoria of a seemingly colorless, dark world - I had discovered that there is indeed a too much when it comes to antihistamine dietary supplements. 

Over time, as you use these supplements, your histamine levels plummet. When histamine levels fall too low, your norepinephrine levels rise to disturbingly enormous amounts. As a result, you can become "locked-up" and constantly serious - embracing paranoia and a shallow look on the world, unable to relax. 

In this mindset, you are quickly seeking stimulants to wake out of a fatigue that has been eating at you all day...because the elevated norepinephrine levels end up causing adrenal fatigue over time. In addition, serotonin is either too high or too low - your body can't regulate serotonin well and into the right area's of the brain when histamine levels are drop-dead low.

Serotonin, as it floods the membranes and cells of the hippocampus, causes cognitive deficits....particularly in short-term active memory. Causing you to easily lose your attention span...and resort to activities already implanted in your long-term memory. You are afraid to explore, you lose your sense of well-being, your sense of smell decreases, and you become like a zombie.

I had experienced these things for a while, before embracing a diet and supplementation to raise the histamine levels back to normal.

Now SUPER HIGH histamine is no-good either...because this can cause you to become over worked and overstimulated as well.

But histamine also gives a relaxing feel, as it helps to potentiate GABA activity in normal-moderate amounts. Histamine also increases serotonin when needed, but antagonizes it in the pleasure area's of the brain. Histamine effectively disallows serotonin from inhibiting dopamine at normal-moderate concentrations.

Histamine is also very much so involved in your metabolism, and so low levels will cause a decrease in thyroid hormone and efficiency.

You will become overly sensitive to temperature changes at low levels of histamine, and you will become overstimulated or overworked but small little things that shouldn't matter. 

When this biochemical imbalance happened, it hit me by surprise.
It was like a creeping demon had snuck into my life and sapped all of the enthusiasm out of it.
But the worst part...I ADAPTED to this paranoid, DYSPHORIC, distorted Mindset.

I was convinced it was just me, until I remembered the old me.

This wasn't done alone.....

Blood work had shown my NOREPINEPHRINE levels were well over normal. 347 ng/dl had caused spontaneous hypertensive disorder, and would help explain the paranoia.

So after some more research, I had determined that I wasn't the only one and the medical societies of many have actually made some advancements in determining the VERY REAL CONDITION - KNOWN as HISTAPENIA (Low-Histamine).

Joan Matthews Larson and Dr.Carl Pfeiffer have done research on this.

Now mind you that during this levels of testosterone and estrogen were normal, and all other normal hormone bloodwork was fine.

So it would appear, that histamine and adrenaline and their counter-oppositionary effects are a whole nuther set of imbalances that exist - and should be taken into consideration.

My Regimen for Increasing Histamine Levels

-Daily Folic Acid Supplements.
-Maca Root
-Vitamin C (to help chelate copper, but only once a day and only for the first week or two)
-D-Aspartic Acid  (NMDA and histamine work together)
-Hollarhena Antidysenteria (a histaminergic herbal compound) or "YAMOA"
I've used both but prefer the first.

It's a little different than the doc's regiment but all round works better.
Maca contains L-Histidine in the proper proportions so you have no need and will feel better from overall nutrition intake.


Let me now summarize with how I felt with (Histapenia) Low -Histamine.

  • No Allergies even despite having a history as a child (odd,but can be a good thing)
  • Dysphoric (everything is very dark, nothing is really pleasurable)
  • Immensely Paranoid (even of own family members)
  • Fatigued and relying on Stimulants
  • Easily annoyed, irritated. (but a head full of great ideas)
  • Very serious all of the time.
  • Can't relax and play a video game without my thoughts bothering me.
  • Addicted to working out, and sometimes perhaps even overdoing it. (couldn't do anything but be serious)
  • Sense of smell had decreased, taste buds were SHOT.
  • Sense of hearing was impaired greatly.
  • Hypervigilant, always looking out my window. (still do this to an extent)
  • Very apt to argue with people.
  • Bowel Discomfort.

TAGS : High Norepinephrine Causes (low histamine etc), what is at the ROOT of thyroid imbalance, Paranoia and Grand Plans, adrenal fatigue and the relation to histamine (both low and high histamine cause adrenal fatigue).

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  1. Any updates on this? I tested as low histamine too (overmethylation) and am trying to raise histamine. I actually messed myself up with anti-histamines a few months ago too (even though I've had this my life) and have been dealing with chemical sensitivities ever since. I'm on folic acid, B12, Niacin, and Zinc but realized that with the Niacin I was really only releasing the histamine already in my system, not raising it, which eventually depleted me and had me feeling anxious again. So I'm focusing on raising histamine now- picked up some histidine but seemed to have the opposite effect- apparently it does more to stabilize histamine than raise it. So now I'm trying Maca, but it has histidine too so not sure if it'll be the same thing. Anyway, would be great to hear how this went for you. Seems like raising histamine is a lot harder than lowering (anti-histamines and whatnot).


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