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Friday, August 1, 2014

{DaMage} SNS Yohimbine Log / Review {Area-1255}

daMage here again. This time I will be logging / reviewing SNS's pure Yohimbine HCL product.
I will be maintaining cardio and intense core workouts - running every day if not every other day. Goal is to tone up and lean. 
Diet will be classic, high protein, low-moderate carb intake. 

Most protein will be coming from nuts and beef, milk, yogurt and all that is included.

I will also be logging overall effects on focus, strength *(as I will still be lifting)*.
Can't expect too much on the grounds of mass, but you'd be surprised what some stimulants can do with strength.
Again though, this is more of a cut...
For reference, you can buy Serious Nutrition Solution's (SNS) Yohimbine on their main website.

Or you can also, as always, buy it on Amazon...product link is below.

Today was the first day.
-Ran 3 miles. 
-Did squats and shoulder press.
-Today I just did the Yohimbine alone.
-Tomorrow I will probably stack it with caffeine (which tends to amplify the endorphin rush / effects overall).
***Fellas, just a suggestion, if you are prone to yohimbine headaches you should stack it with caffeine***.
Caffeine will take away the headache and reduce the side-effects of Yohimbine. I also recommend taking a ginger supplement if you get nauseous from Yoh.
I personally don't experience nausea but I do get a slight headache at times when taking Yohimbine without caffeine.
But yes, overall it is the first couple days. You will notice something. 
I really like SNS's products overall. 
I don't expect to be disappointed with this one.
Endorphins will soar and as long as your training protocol is solid then I would say Yoh is the one magic compound that makes it that much easier to get in the "Zone".
SECOND UPDATE (8-5-2014)
This product stacked with just a little bit of Caffeine (150mg) really amps up the effects overall. But one thing I noticed with or without Caffeine - is you will have an outstanding amount of endurance if you really push yourself. Yoh makes it easier to go the extra mile. 
Btw, don't take Yoh with carbs. As Insulin blunts the effects of it. I've never had a problem taking it with peanut butter or with a low-carb protein shake. However it's best when you just take it on an empty stomach. Maybe with some amino capsules.
THIRD UPDATE (8-9-2014)
The endorphin rush you get with Yohimbine is like no other! It might take a while to get you motivated, but 5-10 minutes into the workout and you just won't be able to stop. This stuff amplifies the workout high and it is definitely one of the strongest stimulants. Though I advise people to be careful and slowly increase dosage, as going above a certain amount tends to give me tachycardia (fast heart rate) but not anxiety or high B.P.
Some might get high B.P on this...just because I don't get anxiety doesn't mean YOU won't.
FOURTH UPDATE (8-12-2014)
Still liking this product, although I took a couple days off because I tend to get a tolerance if used every day.
Trust me, taking a day or two off will re-boot Yohimbine's effects even stronger the next time you take it.
May not be like this for everyone though, this is me though.
Yohimbine is really bringing out the vascularity, and I'm noticing better pumps on this product as well.
It isn't exactly a nitric oxide booster per say, but it is indirectly a vasodilator and nervous system stimulant.
This is a great combination of effects, especially for working out!!!!
Noticing that during crunches and ab workouts, I have more endurance and am able to do a lot more!!!!
This is an awesome motivation supplement, for sure.
FIFTH UPDATE (8-15-2014)
-Results coming in quick, noticing I am toning up a bit and the pumps and vascularity have definitely improved measurably.
-This stuff motivates you to get drenched in your own sweat :D
-Definite extension/improvement in all round cardio performance I would say.
-Noticing a very pleasurable euphoric effect, which was even more intense today (even though I went back to 3 caps).
-Is not hindering my sleep but I am not taking it after 6 : 00 PM.
-Noticing a definite solidifying effect.
-LESS Carbohydrate Cravings/Need for Carbo's. Normally I have a treat by the end of the night. Seems some effects really do extend and throughout.

&**I'm sure that that last one was what some of you would expect as well**&  as well.
It's just that many appetite supressant's don't seem to have that effect on me...
I also noticed with Yohimbine that even though my desire for Carb's decreases...I have INCREASED cravings for chicken and steak??? THEN again I always love these foods...I like Paleo.
                                                          SIXTH UPDATE (8-19-2014)
 ***Euphoria, magnificent, almost like a low dose amphetamine if you get the dose right***
*****Endurance is very much so enhanced, ran three EXTRA miles the last few days.*****
***********Did get a slight headache today, but nothing too bad**************
****************This shit makes me want to go OCD on stuff even more than usual**
***********************Not complaining though!****************************

I was very impressed with this Yohimbine product, much better than the extracts I have tried. The vasodilation / pump effect was very noticeable, and equivalent to some N.O products but with a definite advantage ; energy and neuromuscular strength. The energy you get from this is..                                                                 absolutely euphoric

                    The supplement does not interfere with sleep and is designed to be taken before workouts or before a run due to the short half life (about 1 and a half to 3 hours), if you take it after 6 PM it might interfere with sleep, though for me it doesn't. I've noticed this product did amplify my motivation not just with training but also with work and writing. It also increased my creative sparks which is a huge plus, but not necessarily surprising. There are some reports showing Yohimbine could be a potential nootropic after all - but it isn't classified directly as such, nor would I recommend using it solely for that purpose. Yohimbine can definitely cause anxiety and worsen OCD in susceptible individuals...although, I've had OCD for most of my life and it only mildly increased some parts of it - and only as it relates to training or important tasks..which altogether means that Yohimbine can't be that anxiogenic (at least not for me). On other aspects, for me it almost seems like Yohimbine gives such focus it actually relieves senseless bits of anxiety - more focus on correct matters at hand.

Yohimbine also noticeably increased my reaction time when practicing Tae-Kwon-Do, I've also noticed similar strength increases and increases in JUMP TEST.

Yohimbine WILL skyrocket your endurance as long as your head is in the game, but indeed, it will help PUT your head in the game!!!!

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