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Thursday, August 14, 2014

The 5 Newest "Prank Call Channels" on Youtube

I don't usually post this sort of stuff, but I was curious as to what new pranks people have thought up. It appears there are a few interesting up and coming pranksters, some of them are very creative.

One in particular of the newest, and one of the best prank call channels in terms of Innovation (other than ownage pranks) - would be a fellow called "Evil Knows Pranks".

I really can see a good future down the road if he keeps this up. However, I do believe he should deviate from automated calls, I believe he is just planting the roots right now however. 

1.)  Evil Knows Pranks -

  Introduction Video was pretty crafty too.


2.) "HaanZFilms"  - 
This guy is very creative, and not brand new, but I thought I should post it as his video's are very professional and he seems to be keeping updated.


3.)  Just Prank Calls (2)

Some of them aren't so bad, but he needs his own theme. The robotic voice in the beginning can be annoying to some as well. However, I do like this one's diversity. However to make some of the best pranks online, you have to get a good reaction, I would say there's a slightly below fair rate of funny reactions from this user. The channel is a bit bland, but nevertheless, fairly new.


4.) PrankCallCentral 123

A rather simplistic and traditional prank call channel operated by a couple teenager's who have nothing better to do.
I didn't like all of his/their videos but some of them were pretty funny. 
Still, gotta give them credit for making the amount of views they did, and tagging the video's for proper search results on google.  :)


5.)  "YackleTV"

YackleTV has some nice pranks but is not traditional by all means and it is not exclusively phone prank calls. However, they are consistent and funny.


  1. evil knows pranks is the best out of those but def not in front of ownage. xD

  2. How old are all of you? Seriously. Prank Calls. Jay I respect you for all of your marvel and wisdom, but this has me just baffled. Why on Earth you would ever take any time out of your day to link to some childish fools and their wetback-cottonmouth channels is beyond me.


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