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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

How to Tell if you are Low Histamine or High Histamine

                :::: Some humorous artwork for ya, but it gets the "picture" across ::::

 It also lays an important example of the differences in personality between a low histamine (histapenic) and high histamine individual ("Histadelic")

So how do you really tell if you are a histapenic or histadelic?
 For the purpose of bringing more information on the histamine imbalance topic, I will outline all of this.

Low histamine people are generally very lax people, who are tired / sleep all day or most of the day and then are up all night. Low histamine is characterized by persistent paranoia (even of family members and formerly or current good friends/aquaintances) - and is also characterized by a generally indifferent, depressed or dysphoric mood. Low Histamine people are generally HIGH IN COPPER.

This means high copper will show in blood work but also manifest in symptoms of adrenal fatigue, nervous system disorders, and alcohol dependence / addiction. 

People with high copper and low histamine seem to have a propensity to drug addiction, violent crimes and are prone to confrontation. 

This is with or Without hormone imbalances being taken into consideration.

Low Histamine High Copper individuals feel very little pain signals, if any. Some have been documented putting their finger through open flames without being bothered by it, or breaking light bulbs in their hand as a show of force, seeing as they would be unbothered by or not notice the pain signals. Thus Pain Asymbolia runs particularly strong in low histamine individuals.

Low histamine people have an absence of seasonal allergies, but may have dramatic food allergies and drug sensitivities.

If you are a depressed individual who has considered or has taken SSRI's, and you also have low histamine - you have probably experienced exaggerated side-effects...

Low histamine, High Copper individuals are prone to high blood pressure and spontaneous hypertensivity.

With low histamine, it is very likely that you will feel (at least once in a while) that people are watching you.

IN BLOODWORK, the following things are notable in LOW HISTAMINE individuals. So what to look for in blood work relating to low histamine???

** = Hormones

  • Elevated Norepinephrine levels (NORADRENALINE)
  • Elevated Serotonin / 5-H1AA Metabolites 
  • Elevated Dopamine Levels   (poor usage though)
  • Low Glutamate, Acetylcholine and GABA.
  • Low serum / basil histamine.
  • Elevated beta-endorphin, serum opioid concentration.
  • Elevated Prolactin Levels**
  • Elevated Cortisol**
  • Elevated or depressed estradiol (estrogen)**
  • High DHT in males but low - moderate serum testosterone**
  • Increased SHBG**
  • Low or High Epinephrine (Adrenaline), usually high. Histamine opposes adrenaline.

In addition.....levels of cholesterol may be elevated and there may be platelet aggregation or blood clotting disorders, especially in older low histamine folk.

Also with low histamine the following physical signs may be apparent.

-Pear shaped body (body fat accumulation near abdominal, hips and chest)
-^^ GYNECOMASTIA ^^ as well.
-Balding in men, unusual body* hair growth / heavy body* hair growth in both men and women
-Acne *(due to related estrogen imbalance, high copper and ZINC deficiency noted in histapenics)
-Veins hiding, or very hard to find veins when doing bloodwork.
-Lack of diuresis and STRONG thirst.
-Lack of energy, General fatigue, Daytime Sleepiness, Narcolepsy.
-Lack of Normal Nerve Function, Erectile Dysfunction, Sexual Dysfunction.
-Low Pain Respondency / Feeling
-Lack of seasonal allergies, pet allergies.
-No symptoms and / or never seems to gets sick. Cold fails to produce a rhinitis/congestion.
-Frequent headaches and / or migraine...or a complete absense of headaches.
-Tan very easily (Copper stimulates Mealnin and A-MSH)

The following PSYCHOLOGICAL SIGNS are also Probable with Low Histamine

-Poor Spatial Memory, Problems remembering basic tasks.
-Hyperactivity in Children, and Mood Swings / BiPolar episodes in Adults.
-Depression, Suicidal Ideations but lack of energy to carry it out.
-Generalized Anxiety, Obsessions but not Compulsions..or Altered Compulsions (mainly mental, in head obsessions as opposed to things like hand washing).
-Cravings for Alcohol and / or Stimulants.
-Low Appetite, Low Sex Drive and General Lack of Motivation / Zest for Life.
-Trouble forming relationships / friendships with people, lack of communication skills or no desire for communication and / or interaction with society.
-Intense Paranoia, even of close relatives.
-Panic Disorders; Claustrophobia, Agoraphobia.
-Other Phobias.
-Loss of creativity, or an extra zest for Art that wasn't there before..but no motivation to do anything with it or lacks focus to APPLY it to real-life scenarios.
-Grandiose sense of self, delusions of Grandeur, Fantasizing about Unlimited Power and Success.
-Aggressive, Unpredictable and Acts on Fear. Emotinally unstable, but at times apathetic. (lack of emotions).


High histamine levels are characterized by a very profound, and strongly enthusiastic sense of self and of one's objectives - but this is quickly sunk or short-lived. Histadelics lack consistency, or they may start out VERY motivated, and consistent...and are very persuasive people, but they tend to Compulsively lose interest in a current project in favor of some new found ideology or project down the road. 

Histadelic's are masters of capturing opportunities, and are constantly looking for them. High Histamine people (Histadelic's) also are extremely motivated, but once again, when they crash and burn they veer away from the current objective and lose interest in it.

Part of this has to do with the excessive histamine's effects on the Adrenal Glands...which lowers adrenaline output Significantly over time...during the motivational highs that a histadelic gets, adrenaline initially rises; but then their crash is even more profound - their sympathetic nervous system goes into invariable stages of darkness. 

***Histadelics are characterized by very high impulsivity rates, very high sex drive and libido - to the point of absolute obsession and constant pre-occupation with sexual acts / fantasies. This is because histadelics are frequently undermethylated, and low in calcium and Vitamin D - leading to both a serotonin-deficient state and the natural lack of Norepinephrine due to histamine's Vasodilating properties often leads to a state of persistent sexual arousal. Some histadelic's are so sexually compulsive, that they have been known (in severe cases) to take a break at a meal, or when in a meeting leave to go to the bathroom suddenly, to masturbate.***

High Histamine people are generally very intelligent, and very creative.
High Histamine people generally seek a partner that has as high or similar of a sex drive, depending on their view of morality and relative obligation to their partner. However, many high histamine people prefer "NSA" No-Strings-Attached relationships...or hookups.

As once was quoted "being loyal is often a big task for those who are addicted to the joys of sex".

Histadelic's have a very high metabolism, and very rarely (if ever) gain much weight, they also have a naturally lower appetite, and are able to go long periods of time both without drinking and / or eating - assuming they are fit and healthy otherwise (besides histamine level). Histamine triggers diuresis (loss of cutaneous and subcutaneous water) - but it also helps ration intracellular electrolytes when the body is low or dehydrated.

In the gym, male histadelic's *(and sometimes females)* are often called "Hard-Gainers" - they have trouble building significant amounts of mass but they stay very lean and "cut up".  When they do build mass, it is solid, veiny and grainy muscle. 

The muscle definition and vascularity of a male histadelic is very significant.

Histadelic's are very naturally motivated to stay in shape..

However, the inherent seasonal allergies, histamine-induced headaches and sometimes inflammation (especially nasal) may get to him / her and put the brakes on activity until it is resolved.

Histadelic's like to finish everything on time (particularly their time), and can't/won't rest until their objective is completed.  Histadelic's can be unscrupulous, and can easily become compulsive liars and master manipulators.

High Histamine individuals may not share the paranoid characteristics of a low histamine individual, but like low histamine individuals..they can be prone to delusions of grandeur and fantasizing about success and power, and particularly, the object (or person) of sexual interest.  However the difference between a histapenic (low histamine person) and histadelic (high histamine) is that histadelic's actually have the motivation to pursue what others would call insane goals, and often don't care what other people think too much or their objective means more than the opinions of others.

High Histamine people are very OCD and easily become hooked on video games, sexual fantasies and work-related compulsions.

High Histamine people have limbs and body hair that develop anatomically to function with their metabolism..

Some of the physical attributes of a histadelic (high histamine individual)

  • Large and Prominent Ears, Nose, and other facial features.
  • Lack of or very little facial hair (due to very high metabolism)
  • Either a pale, or flushed face.
  • Some histadelic's are noted with very "fierce looking" eyes. Whereas others have teary / light hearted eyes. It is not known why there is such difference between some histadelics.
  • Produce tears, nasal mucus and phlegm easily (almost too easily).
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Very low body fat and pronounced and even enlarged veins. 
  • Very strong muscle tone / definition.
  • Pronounced cheekbones, and jaw (for men especially).
  • Tall stature and long limbs, particularly arms.
  • Chronic Itching, Hair Pulling and / or skin redness. 
  • Persistent seasonal and / or pet allergies, that can be severe enough to trigger hospitalization.
  • Bad side-effects from anti-depressants, including but not limited to stomach problems and worsening of suicidal / homicidal ideations.
  • Persistent acid reflux and consequent diagnosis of GERD.
  •  Sensitivity to light and sun.
  • Tan very easily (also a low histamine, high copper trait) Impossible to differentiate.***
  • Very high metabolism and frequently needing to turn down the thermostat, even when everyone else is cold or content - (can be caused by other things as well though) very high heat production that can be felt emanating from the skin. 
  • Sweats a lot.


  • Very strong competitiveness.
  • Very high libido / persistent sexual arousal. 
  • Very strong motivation at first, but compulsively loses interest / becomes bored. 
  • Very creative and intelligent.
  • VERY Impulsive
  • Aggressive, often Confrontational.
  • Delusions of Grandeur; Visions of Unlimited Power, Success, Sexual Gratification with object / person of interest.
  •  Obsessive-Compulsive; with Compulsions / Relative Objective Oriented Behavior predominating as one gets older.
  •  Pre-Occupation with Sexual Fantasies, Video Games or Work-related activities.
  •  Persistent anticipation anxiety, but lack or or very little social anxiety.
  • Shy as a teenager, but the opposite as he / she gets older.
  • Insomnia
  • Very analytical (examines everything) and very aware. **
  • Able to lie easily, and can become great at manipulating others. **

**  - Not exclusive to histadelia. May be other reasons / cultural / environmental factors.

 In addition, bloodwork would show the following abnormalties (high histamine).

  • Low Serum Norepinphrine (metanephrine/VMT included)
  • Low Serotonin, 5-HT1AA and other Serotonin Metabolites
  • High Whole Blood and Serum Histamine Levels
  • Low Dopamine (and HMA/HVA metabolites)
  • Elevated Glutamate, and / or GABA
  • Low or High Acetylcholine (depending on the person).
  • Elevated or low beta-endorphin.
  • Elevated or low prolactin (more commonly low PRL).
  • Elevated Cortisol, or low Cortisol (due to adrenergic/serotonergic deficiency)
  • High Serum Testosterone and LH/FSH (Gonadotropins)

**Can low histamine cause ACNE? **
**Copper and Acne**

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