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Friday, October 3, 2014

How to Counter Ebola Virus when it Hits; Be Prepared!

This article is not meant to oppose nor serve as a replacement for authorized medical advice, it is not to be used in place of supportive therapy offered by a legitimate medical institution, clinic or physician, it simply is here to broaden the views of people and focuses on preventative therapy. Always use common sense when discerning information.

Likely one of the most concerning and well-sought after topics, especially now that a case in the USA has been confirmed in Dallas , Texas. (!)

People should be asking not how to treat it when it comes, and spreads, but firstly, how to prevent the infection in the first place. To protect against getting ebola, we need to understand that the common anti-viral supplements, vitamins and etc are not going to do much.  Rather, we should be toning our immune systems before as to prevent a "crash on contact".

The amount of toning needed would be significant, and we should all be supplementing with, at the very least, olive leaf extract, curcumin (high potency turmeric extracts) and garlic extracts..preferably those with high and bioavailable allicin content.

Allicin from garlic, and Oleuropein from olive leaf, has shown anti-viral activity against every virus tested and known to man. Another one for both toning and direct anti-viral properties  (if infected) would be the african bitter kola nut; also known as "garcinia kola".
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)

In addition, another reason to take advantage of garcinia kola or african kola nuts, would be it's nootropic and cellular protective effects. (8)

To be clear, african kola or garcinia kola is NOT the same as the ordinary kola nut used in energy drinks or hardly has any caffeine and thus doesn't produce prominent stimulant effects. 

It is also a general anti-inflammatory and may offer use against all types of inflammation...(9) (10)

Using combination therapies, including herbs, is the best way to survive the coming epidemic, however in severe cases, supportive therapy and some western treatments may still be useful. 

Controlling body temperature changes, increased intake of fluids, regulation of blood pressure and inflammatory responses are all key points when dealing with the infection..

Recommended allicin extract is below.

This ensures you are getting enough Allicin, and the pure kind that is actually bioavailable enough to destroy virii of all kinds , naturally.




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