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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Preserving Nobility, Cherishing Brotherhood, and Being Alive in Excellence

To what end do we as humans judge another, who is living a life we know largely nothing about ?
Do we each walk our own paths, or do we immerse ourselves in the thoughts of others? Are we the basis for intertwining with another's thoughts? Do we own the mind and heart of any other person?

Absoulutely not at all.

As such , why do we take so much pride in a perilous, and narrow concept of trying to over run others? Do we know what will happen at every moment, does every smooth face hold good intentions? Does every rugged and aggressive face embrace evil?

Again, No.

So why do we strive to be after another's image? Can't we all be unique and not assume the goals, aspirations, and struggles of another? I have found bias to be settled in discontent, and judgement to which we have no authority, to come from a lack of establishment or internalized comfort.  Moreover, I have found a lack of brotherliness and kindness in these modern days, I have observed it long, and I am troubled by it.

But I say to you, don't let anyone take your sense of humility away, and follow your dreams, not the face or look of another. Be unique in every way, and for God's sake settle yourselves, but not too deeply, be aware for no one knows every bit of what the future may bring.  We may have instincts but no body is 100 % correct......and some pieces are illusions, but I will not stand for the illusion that we may have our hearts restricted from kindness because of some poorly justified sense of self.

I believe in being noble, honest and yet important, but I cherish sacrifice as a sense of living, and this is true power.  If you rise by putting someone else down, then you don't rise at all, you merely give yourself the illusion of this rise, but your inside is never adapted to a real struggle, for some of us only attack what we feel is weaker, because inside we know we aren't that strong - we aren't all powerful.

It's a given that the ideas and images of video games, movies and TV tends to instigate, or precipitate, violence...and it is a contagious attempt to draw us into idolizing violence and power above all else...when in reality, the true concept of power and nobility has been lost. 

But not completely.....

No, I believe that many of you, if not most of you, still have this within you. If you were all to see yourselves as unique, and yet not forgetting respect - and holding your own but not forgetting to give - or to forgive. Then you can release some of the pain and suffering of modern society, nobody can promise to wash it away without your help, no your will must be to move forward.

If we stop looking at each other with eyes of arrogance, and we start picking people up, instead of holding them down - then we can become more alive....ask yourselves this, even if you reject these concepts, how long does the high of putting someone down really last?
What if you were more productive, helping yourselves and others to see to their imagination?
While working on ourselves, can we find peace and unite instead of being unproductively divided?

Can't we learn to accept others for their faults, and instead of being afraid to say what's on the mind, people should be allowed - and this perception should be widespread!

What happened to differences being unique, and everything being seen as it's own, instead of living by the labels of a corrupt system?

I understand the fear of being persecuted by the system, but I do not agree with it.

 I believe you either make something of yourself against the grain, or you go with the politically correct and oh so bland lifestyle, of robotic mindsets that plague this society.

Sure there are jobs at risk for some, and there are families at risk - but if we are paralyzed by this fear, by this illusion of comfort, that is really only temporary, then when and if we will be forced into a decision, when the time comes, what then? That my friends, will be far more uncomfortable then to make decisions now to be a better person, and decide what values we will really strive for.

If you understand how to live as if we are all family, and set ego's, cultural differences and irrational behavior aside, then perhaps, productivity can increase - and health problems due to stress will decrease. This would be a hit that big government did not see coming, or maybe they did.

Either way, whether you live in the moment, and in pure spontaneity or not, we will have to make decisions, and these may affect our lives and others for the better or worse, far more than we can see at a moment. So to the fast brains of the world, study yourself this, if a healthy psychology consists of lessening or preventing stress , at least to some degree, then why should we bar ourselves from greatness by acting as potentiators of another's stress ?

Surely this will reflect down the road...and this is disruption anyhow.

Truly living is having a long-term purpose, but always being aware, but being able to challenge the elements of our greatness but yet preserve the most important things. We will not always be able to salvage everything, and there will always be some sort of loss, which is why it's important not to worship or overly embrace material things.

These things we can not keep forever, so let us then challenge ourselves to do this.

Let us live as brothers and sisters, and in spirit and in good honor, and respect. As much as possible, then we can continue on without hinderince, holding on to true strength, and this is far better in the long run than holding on to external enjoyment.

Follow your dreams, but don't be afraid of adversity, no , pick up courage and utilize it, and then, then my friends this will spread like wildfire and more will pick up these elements.

The Brave Will Rise, The Youth will have instinct in tact, and a brilliance not seen in previous generations.

I see a strong and intelligent people, especially in the willful youth, and in the modern day madness, people have preserved some courage and spirit, but have often dropped it back off in exchange for attempting to win some point or futile battle, or some completely un-necessary argument. If instead we resist that first temptation, then we will hold onto things that most won't, and these things, these are actually elements.

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