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Monday, October 13, 2014

Describing the Optimal Physiological, Psychological & Spiritual State Whenst Working Out; "The Zone"

The "zone" is described by many researchers, scientists and fitness enthusiasts as well as athletes as a state of "mental operation in which a person performing an activity is fully immersed in a feeling of energized focus, full involvement, and enjoyment in the process of the activity". I would describe the zone as an amazing endorphin rush, and in relation to workouts; it is when you lift/workout and you feel completely in rhythm with your goals, the workout is like a high and you have such a calm but yet aggressive motivation - the perfect balance; "the zone". It is when you are able to move to the next level in discipline, and utilize every sound and every movement, every tool as one collected and powerful unity.

This state of mind is smooth, but yet determined, it is not afraid to push past the next plateau, it is aware, but confident, it is calm, but yet aggressive - it is massive, and invigorating. 

I can go on and on but inevitably what so many will ask, is how to achieve these workout highs? Or,
"how do I get these workout highs back"?

To answer this we must go at the psychological roots and the physiological roots of this phenomenon, and one of the most important things is being able to embrace the notion of "just do it".  We must embrace a meditated but determined state, somewhat at least, before hand.

Then the next step is let go of fear, and get going with every single factor that may play a role in our physiological response. We must know ourselves, research diet but do not obsess to the point of anxiety, achieving the zone is the art of knowing we aren't perfect , but that we can take all elements of our persistence in motion with our goals. It is the art of letting go of the negative, and taking in the positive, all other things are to contribute and act in synchronicity with this phenomenon. This includes DIET, and a proper hormone balance.

Eating clean is a necessary part to this, but it doesn't include stressing yourself out if you have a "cheat treat"..for the more stress, the more you are setting yourself away from the zone!

Sometimes it's more unhealthy to obsess over whether you should or shouldn't eat something like a pastry or donut, or candy bar or anything like that. That being said, a positive metabolic state, being essential for the zone - can be improvised by replacing bad snacks with organic snacks, and traditional candy bar's with organic candy bar's and those made with natural cocoa, sugar etc

A lot of what impedes our success comes from the dilutent's, preservatives and neurotoxins found in processed and pre-packaged foods....

If we shy away from these foods, we will feel parts of ourselves coming back into balance, we also have to take care of our intestines!

I know much of this might sound like un-necessary garbled nonsense, or junk science, but every little thing counts - so as long as you aren't counting each little thing as more or less than it really is. So as long as you don't stress about it, so as long as you strive for homeostasis and not an artificially engineered or dependent state.

This is not to say that pharmaceutical chemicals, or supplements can't help or shouldn't be used to get to the zone, it's just they shouldn't be over-emphasized, depended on, or shown or thought as some ultimatum necessary for equilibrium!

The bottom line is everything has to be in rhythm, and exogenous chemicals can complicate things if you aren't experienced and well-versed, plus you have to take into consideration yourself, your 
genetics, and a whole bunch of other things that may just be a means to overthinking the obvious - that the zone is really just a state of complete homeostasis, where all body functions and the mind is working in complete coordination with your workout - and you are immensely enjoying it in the process, you are ecstatic but aggressive.

And this meme of sorts, describes perfectly how to achieve successful workouts, upon the only altitude that counts; true focus. You can not achieve the zone in pure aggression, for this will only wear you out and cause you to lose balance - and this doesn't necessarily just apply to workouts where only balance or extensions of balance are required - it applies to everything. 

Straining, overtraining, and training in vanity and negativity, and in pessimism will not get you into the zone.  Thinking about stressful things will not get you into the zone - not alone at least. But if you properly couple aggression with serenity, resulting in a calm-channeled, motivated, persistent but joyful experience - then you have made your way to the zone and to enjoyable and efficient workouts.

It is considered by our body, a physiological stressor, to think about things that bother us, or to think of a negative image or to convince ourselves we aren't good enough until we meet that image. To be clear though, I am not saying to reject an image of what you want to be, but you need to be as patient as you are motivated - you can not aim to accelerate the pace, if in the process you are stressing yourself because results aren't happening soon enough.

This is something I see all too often, people get discouraged and stop training, and then they lose motivation, convincing themselves they will never make it - instead of enjoying the process and everything that comes with it.


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