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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Where to find a reliable and potent source of Kratom (A natural Opioid / Agonist ) (Best Kratom Product)

There aren't a helluva lot of natural / herbal opiates or opioid agonists - opium is obviously restricted, and being that plus the fact that it is not exclusively acting on opioid receptors, and for other reasons - many people enjoy KRATOM as the next most potent, and legal alternative for narcotics.  Kratom is legal in most of the USA (see here) - only Indiana, Louisiania and Tennessee have it regulated.  It may soon be illegal/regulated in oklahoma as well(!).

Well let's get to the point, people are skeptical about finding a proper source for kratom, and that's reasonable - not every manufacturer or company making an extract is going to get a quality source. What you want is a preferably 20 x "organic acid extract" - this can be used properly as an incense or can be ingested, capsulized - or even smoked. Adjust the dosage accordingly, the strongest product I've found has been this one.

Kratom also has dopamine agonist properties (!) , and can produce a sense of euphoria, confidence and can act as a natural aphrodisiac at moderate doses. It provides some sense of mental clarity as well, and many find it alleviates things in just the proper way to get shit done - this includes alleviating anxiety, pain and a racing mind, among other things.

Most importantly, I have found not only the above to be true, but also that this is indeed the most potent kratom product I have found personally. 

It may not act as hard as other compounds, but it certainly gets the job done. You can also take it daily or smoke it daily.

Nothing really compares, imHo.

And in addition to the overall flexibility of the product and great quality, right down to the smell and taste - it's effects last longer than other kratom products I've tried - and that is by every method of absorption.

If however you don't have an ebay account, then there is one other source I would recommend as a natural (organic) kratom supplier...

These guys have all kinds of varieties, including the famous "Red Vein" Kratom..

                                       Click the image below to go to the site.
They accept credit card payments, so you don't need a paypal for this kratom shop. 

No paypal, credit card only kratom shop, easy and quality kratom shop that accepts regular credit cards and gift cards.


  1. It is really important to keep yourself healthy and fit. I am all fit but I wanted to grow my muscles so, many of my friends suggested me to take Kratom supplement to get good and rapid results.

  2. When kratom is legal in most other states, why not the authorities in our state Oklahoma can't allow the sale of it? Moreover, this drug was proved to be legal by many certified companies and do not show any side effects. Christine E. Schutz had fought her heart out to make this kratom to be sold out legally in her newly opened smoke shop.

  3. The provided information is really true about Kratom. I have read that kratom has many features and uses. As seen this is legitimate, my believe is strong about the kratom. It scientifically proves as a good product. Thank you for sharing this useful information.


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