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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The Truth about Dreams, Nightmares and The Collective Conscience ; Astral, Spiritual and Metaphysical Correlations

Dreams have always been held of special importance in many culture's, many signifying dreams and nightmares with visions, or describing them to be a mixture of one's own projections, desires, and fears - with possible alignment and bits and fragments of the future. Though I would have to spare you the generalization and say that it is not easy to distinguish dreams of meaning and those which ultimately originate from almost entirely, our own feelings. However, our feelings are based on our electrical sensitivity to stimuli, our interactions with people in that day, or in the past...and which of these things we are holding with us. We all have different sensitivities to psychic energy fields as well - and these same fields hold an electromagnetic frequency that plays a split role in determining what type of transcendence or astral progression we may merge with.

By deciding something in our mind, we do so largely out of fear, or out of faith and courage. Our dreams are influenced by these emotions and then possibly amplified by external forces that may either be demonic or angelic, but it follows the paradigm of levels. The spiritual caste structure so to speak.

Anything and everything can be picked up by us, but all of what I mentioned above also comes into being by what we choose to internalize.

That being said, there is a physiological factor as well, anything that announces or amplifies our aura, our energy field, or our feelings that correspond to what energies we connect to will certainly have a role in how amplified, vivid, or meaningful our dreams are. That includes hot and spicy foods before bed.

It's all one big collage of factors, as I frequently say, but there are chemical correlations that are significant, however, these factors are often only dependent on the major spiritual and conscious or subconscious factor - it's the accumulative fragment, the incremental aspirations, the largest thoughts are the ones that will be inversely influenced by external subtle, or aggressive energies.

However, we must not downplay that the same door swings both ways - we can choose to indulge in a particular emotion, which then indulges the spirit that carries it, or we can reject it and immerse ourselves in the divine, holy, and pure conscience.

That of the core existence, that channels all positive thoughts and inspirations.

Sometimes our daytime instincts are a representation of something that we have internalized without reason...for example, a dream of something coming to pass that for some reason, we remember it...and we keep it with us , as if it is real , without understanding why...and some of us will come to the conclusion and realization that this event may end up happening...when it does, how do we explain the vision of the future in the past....? That's why I advise people to write down their dreams, and take note of their instincts...because it all can be a part of a collaborated conscience, that doesn't mean that all dreams and visions and nightmares come to pass, nor can we consistently group them all literally into the whole lump  - because indeed, some of our minds have the inherent and second-nature tendency to be abstract and yet cluttered.

We can't take all dreams literally, but we can consider and notate them, as some of them may really indeed be the kinetic absorption of the future to come, the alignment of what may be, depending on our choices and state of subconscious. 

It's also possible that all of the data we absorb from the emanations and mediations of the other dimension, come to us as knowledge based on what we already know. In other words, our minds may be wiping the slate or going over possibilities that never happened in our dreams, as a type of analytical simulation. Thus making the ground even trickier to step on, and the path gets foggy when trying to understand psychic intentions, especially if we aren't adequately connected to ourselves.

I've found that the sphere of central energy is never suspended where we can't touch it, but we often take fragments from it in an indirect but magnetizing way - our minds , many of us today, are simply fluctuating and analyzing so much , that every piece appears in a distorted ratio and scrambled kind of order to sort this out we have to achieve some degree of a meditated state of mind...

"Transcendency in sleep, the intertwining of dimensions, the connecting of astral bodies, and of mind to mind..this is the secret of the wise who desire their own divine mission - this is the epitome of the meditated minds, the vindication of their struggles, and the emanation of their glory in ways others have not seen."

So this is another collective conscience, those who desire so much from a central mediating body aka GOD, or to some, from the universe  (to which God mediates) , these are those who believe everything happens for a reason, and are frequently found or known to pray for things and events that others would call crazy...yet their conscience drives them to it, because they expect so much and believe so much, that their kinetic influences, to and from, inevitably pave the way for whatever it is they desire - often again, in fragments...assuming these stay in faith and positive energy for a majority of times, and are humbled most of the time, these will be able to generate the outcome they desire, and are often given messages in alignment with obtaining the "how" from the universal and core energy - that God provides transcendence and connections - to a state that most would find absolutely impossible or illogical. To the faithful who believe in these things, they often meet resistance, but in continuance, they often also end up proving everyone else wrong.

Thus some dreams reflect this desire and conscience, but the difference is the belief is so strong in these individuals, that their aura, their body and soul's, and minds' energy field , has an extended outreach , capable of obtaining information from sources that others do not realize, capable of even so, if it be relevant, connecting  with another person's mind for  a purpose that is sole, exclusive, and genuine.

There is always a genuine element when one believes so much, but a balance has to be achieved for this to become a reality - for any extension of one's influence or astral receptivity to become a reality - sometimes one must escape the anxiety that confines them daily.

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