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Saturday, October 25, 2014

{Review} VIZIO E601i-A3 60-inch 1080p Razor LED Smart HDTV (2013 Model)

So I aim to clear some confusion about this product, now I have to admit - I was a little skeptical about this product at first. Multiple friends of mine had stated that they heard "elsewhere" that this was not a good brand, or that there was a multitude of flaws in the "inner workings" of this TV. By third parties, it was suggested that it would not last very long and just, all of this negative stuff. Well I decided to take a chance then, at a Wal-Mart black friday sale last year....stood in line for about an hour, and went to get the voucher....proceeded to purchase desk, and then had to go online to fill out a form with shipping info etc.

When I received the TV, the first thing I noticed was it wasn't as bulky/heavy as other TV's, specifically samsung HDTV's - in addition to the beautiful display quality, after hooking it up, I found the colors were even of more quality than my previous HDTV's , and the sound was spectacular!

In addition , there was little to no glare, and the matte finish was quite the complement. 
The smart features are beyond functional, and netflix is downright amazing on here. It also is not the type to take up unnecessary room, very convenient!

About a week later everything is all still good with the TV, then a buddy calls me and sais how he ordered the same TV I told him about , off of amazon - and he also was amazed with the presentation, and overall quality of the product.  It has since become his center of his game room, and everyone enjoys hooking it up to the PS3.
It just goes to show you how third party and third parties of third parties can be all so wrong. You shouldn't just take other people's words for it...and some companies have a tendency to plant false user reviews , and being that VIZIO is one of the lesser known, less mainstream brands, but yet manufacture's good quality products - it happens to be a target by those who don't wish to allow for any further competition. 

Based on my experiences and friends experiences, as well as my research, this holds to be true. 

A year down the road, this TV is working perfectly in all of it's splendor....I couldn't appreciate it more and I was glad I got it for the sale price it was at back then ; 788 $.

Nevertheless, it may be something to keep in mind, and although the price has went back up at this point - black friday is right around the corner.

Hope you appreciated this review, just thought some unique imput on this product is sorely needed.

Also keep an eye on this page below - they are frequently out of stock and it appears overall (how ironic) the reviews are bumping up to a more honest value - as opposed to the slander that was last year and the years before it. 

Amazon still offers one of the greatest deals on this product , so if you like the convenience of direct ordering online - I would definitely order there as opposed to some sites that may charge you a hella lot more.

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