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Monday, June 8, 2015

Area-1255 :: Ceretropic DARK Adrafanil Review (Independent Review) (Review by JAY)

This is an unbiased, clean, psyche stabilized (placebo void) review of CERETROPICs Dark Adrafanil.

Similar to modafanil - I first used the product when I was working on 3.5 hours of sleep, the day had me a complete mess - and stress to go along with it! 

This adrafanil, the dark kind - helped to improve clarity and dissolve the trance like state I was in ...usually 400 mg/day would work but 600mg had a super potent effect. I didn't have any side-effects or stomach upset. I will say this for those that are unaware, if you use H1 antagonists (AKA antihistamines) the night before (did this once) it will probably take more adrafanil to get the job done, depending on the person. There was no ill taste and additional effects seemed to be the increase in motivation and abolition of specific-sleep-deprivation related brain fog. The times I got a full night of sleep before, there was a euphoric effect at 600 mg of dark adrafanil! 


I feel as though the adrafanil was very pure all the way through. It didn't have a bitter or burning taste, and the effects kicked in about 15 minutes ahead...I also did NOT stack anything with the product.

With exception of one time (the fourth day in) An antihistamine the night before as a test (benadryl) , but thereafter it was a clean trial.

Specifically, my schedule was as follows.

SUNDAY  5/24/2015 :: slept from 2:08 AM - 5:38 AM night before :: Dosed @ 7:00 AM
MONDAY 5/25/2015 :: slept from 10 pm to 11 AM :: Dosed @ 11:30 AM
TUESDAY 5/26/2015 :: slept from 12-10:30 :: Dosed at 11 AM
WEDNESDAY 5/27/2015 :: slept 12-10 AM benadryl night before :: Dosed at 11 AM 
THURSDAY 5/28/2015 :: slept 12-10 AM :: dosed at 11 AM
FRIDAY 5/29/2015 :: slept from 1-7 AM :: dosed at 8 WITH CAFFEINE ::

SATURDAY --> & BEFORE SUNDAY were alike MONDAY - THURSDAY, except I drank coffee on all of these days, however, there was noticeable / supplemental differences.

 Awesome product overall, on the days I drank it WITH coffee, it was a much more intense effect..the clarity and motivation were in near perfect harmony. 
Even alone, it helped avert the 'negative' burned out mindset resultant from my lack of sleep --- it wasn't hardcore on intellectual function but it did increase creativity.  It also seemed to draw in attention to detail, and made everything manageable on sleepless nights and joyful on the days I got excellent sleep!

Euphoria was not classical as in self-reflected or grandiose nor was totally perpetuating an internal rambling as in with amphetamine...but rather, the euphoria was just a proud, clear, awake, joyful, attentive - perfect balance - "ZONE" like feel. 

                     DOES ADRAFANIL CAUSE ANXIETY?
Some people report anxiety on adrafanil, armodafanil, or modafanil like analogues..I did not experience such an effect, although, to be fair, I rarely experience anxiety from any stimulant...except perhaps agitation or tachycardia in EXTREME cases or bad stacks. 

Despite the few out of a thousand inconveniences, I am an experienced user who has transitioned out of the average paradigms and those susceptible to the parasitic plaebo effect. I have 'psyche-watched' and thus stabilized myself to understand my body's consistencies and mental consistencies and as well comparing to without obsessing on details, the pharmacology of each substance I use...

Because of all of this - I can guarantee you this adrafanil is not placebo effect at all nor is a psychogenic-self-mediated stimulus by any other means for it was a clean run and with exception of one day benadryl the night before, as shown on the chart above..and coffee one week but not the other...

Still, there are measurable, 'can't help but notice' type effects, both by alleviation and by it!

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