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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fake Profiles on FaceBook, Twitter, Dating Sites; What Gives?

Well this is going to be a fairly anticipated discussion. Fake Profiles.

People who either have nothing better to do with their time or people obsessed with harassing their target....

Is it really that simple though?

I could go on and on about the exact differences between specific fake profiles...but I'm going to make it real simple.

Fake Profiles are often but not always the idea of some 'perv' behind the screen..and , for the ladies, they aren't always a jealous ex or a friend you have recently 'cut-off'. In fact, many fake profiles are people that either were on your friends list or still are, and are using your pictures or one of your friends pictures for some malicious practice. 

It could also be very benign, fake profiles are known to be used for anything from aggressively accumulating likes on someone's profile or to re-inforce the esteem of a given crowd...or organization!

THINK of those product ads or company sites and their advertisements, where a nutritional product is just bathing in testimonials from supposedly, hundreds or thousands of happy customers...well, fake profiles can be there in effort to - figuratively, or literally; provide those "testimonials"

Fake profiles are deceivers no matter which way you look at it. They are a lie. But , they can be a simple lie or a sophisticated con. 

Therefore in more communicable terms, there is a division between fake profiles, almost a hierarchy. 


Dating sites, especially the large , paid and structured variants. Are especially prone to fake profiles and other forms of abuse. They are literally hammered with fake profiles. Much more than free sites. 


Because in part, the administrators or at least the faculty within the marketing department are fascinated with the idea of using 'sensor bots' and 'magical profiles' to entice and gauge customers who may then go forth and buy other products by means of request within personal message.

This seems to happen on adultfriendfinder like sites and other sites that are qualified to be , extremely enticing. XXX select, mingle , passion search are all examples of sites flooded with illegitimate profiles. Some may simply be estranged wives, eh, div-orc-e's - that may be really.that.desperate, but this can not be attributed to all of them .

Of course, to some extent or another..this will be an issue on every site, because wherever there is a chance to profit, there will be cons of all sizes, small or large, fanatic or stable.

A good buddy of mine, a psychotherapist once elaborated on the inhumanity in these fellows. How clear it is that there is either financial incentive or a disturbed mind behind the screens of whom post fake profiles, but..... 

It doesn't take a psychologist or human behavior specialist to know that fake profiles altogether, are created for the following reasons.

  • To exploit ordinary people for a diverse marketing purpose, as in financial incentive. 
  • To extract information or entice an individual to gain information.
  • To reinforce the esteem or distort perceived popularity of a person, organization or fan page.
  • To harass either an ex-girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband .
  • To test a spouse if he or she may cheat when given the opportunity.
  • For other forms of sabotage or disruption where fake characters may play a supplemental role.

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