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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Area-1255: Optimal Smoking Cessation Therapy (O.S.C.T) (Best Supplements/Drugs to Quit Smoking)

There's been a lot of disinformation and erroneous conclusions over the years regarding smoking cessation strategies and the aides to go with them. Particularly confusing are the inconsistent, or downright confusing performances of the market aimed at smokers and want-to-be-non-smokers. 

For instance, if nicotine is supposed to be so helpful and the total all-in-one package for replacing the psychostimulant effects of smoking..then we would see better statistics than this.

But let's be honest, nothing in life - or at least in Science is that simple. 

So where are we with real mean-uvers in the smoking cessation movement? 

I'd say we're about here.

If you go by a realistic, comprehensive approach actually based on real facts. Scientific facts.

Nicotine replacement is not dumb, but it is weak alone.
The two psychoactive chemicals in tobacco, the ones that actually provide a mood lift - are nicotine and some form of a beta-carboline alkaloid (!)..which act to prevent the breakdown of dopamine by inhibiting the MAO-B enzyme(!!)

So common sense would tell ya nicotine should at least* be paired with a safe form of a beta-carboline(!!!), or at least an MAO-B inhibitor(!!!!)..which is why these types of studies have been conducted but unfortunately, aren't always brought to the least not from a marketing perspective.

So would an MAO inhibitor + nicotine be ideal?
(not just better, but ideal)


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