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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Transdermal NeuroSteroids : Buy DHEA / Pregnenolone Cream? Is DHEA cream better than oral?

DHEA & Pregnenolone are two of the most commonly used neurosteroid/steroid hormone precursor supplements used for anti-aging benefits and for overall hormone balance. They are also pretty cheap in the tablet form, however, studies have shown that DHEA and pregnenolone both have pretty low ORAL bioavailability rates(1) (2) (3).

This does not mean however, that they (the tablets) are useless or can not reach any appreciable concentration...just that it takes larger of a dose or extended periods of treatment to see results. Much longer than transdermal, percutaneous, intramuscular or sub-Q. 

For neurological disorders and neurotransmission benefits, transdermal forms are going to be of more use. Regulating cortisol is another benefit of DHEA supplements.

Transdermal DHEA & Pregnenolone are available in a specific combination product called RS Transaderm...which at the moment is at the top of my list in terms of quality and efficiency. I would call it the 'Andractim Equivalent' but for DHEA/Preg.

However, for your convenience, I have listed a number of other similar products and alternatives.

I would say these are the neurosteroid/precursor equivalents to Andractim, a well known DHT gel, with RS transaderm leading the punch. 

1.) RS Transaderm : A neurosteroid; DHEA/Pregnenolone combination (72;18mg ratio) with an anti-estrogen complex in it as well as reveratrol for antioxidant support - all in a cream / transdermal solution.

2.) 'Life-Flo' DHEA for Men : 4-ounce supply of nutraceutical grade DHEA cream, cheaper than the above but doesn't contain any of the other ingredients or estrogen support and may have slightly* less absorption capacity.

3.) DHEA-MAX CREAM : : Unscented cream in a jar for men and women. 

4.) 'Life-Flo' Pregnenolone Cream: Pure pregnenolone cream for sale, pack of 2 - great deal for around 20 bucks!!

5.) AllVia Integrated Pharmaceuticals Pregnenolone 15 2oz : Powerful brand, about on par with life-Flo, slightly different sense/smell of it. Enhanced mood may be more pronounced but not that much different than the above.

6.) D-35 Complex D.H.E.A. Gel :: Another powerful men's DHEA gel, a little more fierce on the marketing theme perhaps - but nonetheless, a good product!

7.) 'Life-Flo' Testro Max For Men Body Cream :: A little more complex than the above products, more potent but not for everyone!

8.)   'TWIST - 25"  DHEA Cream - More expensive version of the above, little better quality in terms of preservatives use and the particular suspension. Other than that, nothing special. Good cortisol control.

9.) LF Swanson - No words necessary, same as above. 

10.) DHEA - Alt    -  just another source.




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