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Friday, June 12, 2015

How to Reverse Gynecomastia (Reverse Gyno) (AntiPsychotic Induced , AAS Induced, Misc, Pubertal)

Let me start off by saying, there is no 100% effective way besides surgery to completely eliminate severe cases of gynecomastia(male-breast-growth, 'gyno'). While some sups can help treat a mild to moderate case of gyno, this won't happen with most oral sups.

Your best bets for OTC gyno treatment are the following.

1.) YOHIMFLAME; a yohimbine containing gel. Use alone or with the other products mentioned in this article. Can be applied to chest area directly.
Click image to be brought to site.

2.) Andractim DHT Gel; A DHT product that directly counteracts estrogen on the receptor-RNA level(!), helping to revert glandular growth and fat gain in the chest area(!). Can be used alone but preferably with yohimflame shown above. Click image to buy Andractim online.  Also treats pubertal gynecomastia(!).
Can decrease prolactin secretion and increase libido as well(!).



3.) Tamoxifen + Arimidex (oral combination)

Using a SERM such as Tamoxfien along with a classical aromatase inhibitor such as Arimidex is a powerful , comprehensive strategy and perhaps the only oral combination effective for gyno treatment. It can be done alone or with the above implemented into the regimen. May also help avert side-effects from testosterone replacement therapies. Click the words above to go to site and buy.


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  2. Gynecomastia treatment is more for psychological reason as it takes away the confidence owing to female like breasts. Without treatment the constant feel of inadequacy leads to loss of self confidence and self esteem. Ultimately the person becomes shy, frustrated and introvert.

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  4. A condition when a man’s one breast is bigger than the other or when the chest feels uneven, it is known as Asymmetrical Gynecomastia.

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  7. Asymmetrical Gynecomastia is a medical condition in the male breast glands that causes enlarged breast tissue in men and teenage boys.


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