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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Herbs to Prevent Serotonin (5-HT) Induced High Blood Pressure and Counter-Act Anti-Depressant GastroIntestinal Side-Effects

5–HT (serotonin) is a neurotransmitter present mostly in the gut but also in the heart (atrium), brain and other peripheral organs. Serotonin is thought to play a large role in blood pressure regulation and in sustained amounts may lead to high blood pressure. 

Two particular extracts are shown to exhibit anti-hypertensive (hypotensive, blood pressure decreasing) effects; Korean Ginseng and Ginger root extract.

Read this paper HERE as it holds a lot of key information.

Additionally, Ginger a major component of (Rikkunshi-to); a Japanese Kampo Medicine - is shown to help alleviate gastrointestinal side-effects of anti-depressant medications such as Fluvoxamine (LUVOX). < SEE STUDY HERE >

Ginger also helps to reduce nausea and vomiting caused by SSRI-drugs and other causes; including those related to over-active nerves. It acts as a 5-HT3 antagonist; with high selectivity in enteric nerves (gut) but there is evidence it may affect brain receptors as well which may explain it's beneficial effects against anxiety and depression(!) (!). Ginger as seen in the first link also acts as a natural serotonin 5-HT2B antagonist ; which explains it's ability to alleviate serotonin induced hypertension as much of the contractile effect of serotonin is done through 5-HT2B receptors.

NOTE : Both of the below herbs; either alone or in combination with each other can ALSO reduce or alleviate side-effects from OTHER HERBS and natural compounds if they take the above forementioned other words - Ginger can help stop or reduce 5-HTP side-effects while preserving the benefits! It can also help reduce side-effects from other serotonergic herbs such as Kanna extract.  :)

My recommended Ginger product is below - it is the highest quality of it's kind imHo!


My favorite Korean Ginseng extract is below - though expensive; it is certainly worth it! When it comes to Ginseng - cheap is not better..too many companies use cheap ginseng extracts already...would you rather have the synthetic stuff spiked into Arizona drinks and energy drinks which doesn't even partition a significant amount of the effect (Caffeine does most of it) or TRULY experience what REAL GINSENG feels like!?



  1. I've changed my attitude to ginger some weeks ago. Wanna try it in big amounts though it's the hardest food for me to drink. Need to find a way to do so).
    Ginseng family is what I consider to be in my top 5. Panax, Ashwagandha and Tongkat. But I know little info about tongkat ali. I only suspect it's the best thing of ginsengs to raise free testosterone. I think that I felt this effect for a short time in 2011. Imagine: hot summer, tongkat ali and great libido back then))

    1. You don't have to drink it; these candies are addictive. At Vitamin World and GNC - as well as Wegmans there are organic 'soft' ginger candies as well as hard candies that have a good taste and almost a 'buzz' to them.

      In regards to testosterone; well yes, anything that raises testosterone balances out the dopaminergic/serotonergic systems..the trick lies in keeping estrogen and Progesterone in the proper ratios and DHT as of the most common issues in the recent age is low DHT it seems..which is no surprise because people over use vegetable oils and soy - whether by chinese food or w/e,.DHT is bound to be reduced by a plethora of foods plus there is medical disinformation out there; such as telling us to neglect saturated fat and cholesterol when in reality - as men we need tons of both of these to have normal levels of testosterone and other important compounds...

    2. Thanks for the advice))
      In my childhood and even later I used to eat a lot of bread pouring it with refined sunflower oil plus simple table salt. Well I felt like shit.
      Actually it really looks like a conspiracy. They tell you free your mind from cholesterol and fill it with serotonin...May be that's how vegans appear. But I was in too poor state to think about health) All started to change through political readings.

    3. Yup! That's why the world is full of a bunch of over-sensitive bitches. ;)
      They are trying to chemically castrate the predisposed male population for profits all ties back to pharma and government to some degree..although, there are some conspiracy theories I think are complete bologne!

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  2. Examine tells me that ginseng is estrogenic and inhibits the formation of DHT. Any truth to this?

    1. I've never read any study like may inhibit mildly 5AR but not enough to make a significant difference unless one is already suffering from low DHT levels...and the estrogen effects are very mild, and very tends to activate 'partially' the receptors in the heart and a few brain receptors..remember there are two estrogen receptors; and it's about the DEGREE of activation not just the proportion...eR-alpha- is stimulating and increases sympathetic nervous activity whilst estrogen receptor beta (which is activated not just by estrogen but by androgens such as DHT) is inhibitory. eR beta suppresses hypothalamic function but also helps reduce stress response but estrogen , like said before is not necessary to activate it and provide these benefits, as DHT alone can 'cross-activate' the erBeta and suppress stress response.

    2. Thank you for your detailed response! Points taken. But the articles cited in the examine article were:

    3. Yes, but the doses were also a bit higher than what we would use for enhancement purposes or I said - it would not be suitable for low DHT individuals. Or high E2 individuals - I appreciate your skepticism ,'s just that things can't be taken too much out of context and just because it affects prostatic AR transcription does not mean it does the same to all other tissues/organs. :)

    4. Ok thanks, I'll give it a try.

      You were recommending a different brand previously I think - is the one you've linked to above a recent favorite?

    5. My brands for American Ginseng as opposed to Korean Gingseng are different..and I've really only likes two KGE's.


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