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Friday, April 8, 2016

Alternative Methods to Lower Estradiol Levels in the Body (How to Decrease Estrogen Level With Non Dietary Methods)

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This article aims to be alike the Alternative Ways to Lower Prolactin article we just published, except it is the estrogen equivalent to that article.

This article will explore scientifically backed methods of decreasing estrogen nag on the body, and thus, help to eliminate cases of Gyno throughout, as well as decreasing the harsh effects of Estradiol on the Heart, Mind, and on the ability to gain muscle mass!

Ironically, some of the same methods used to lower Prolactin can be used as methods to decrease Estradiol. Well, really , aromatase and estrogen in general (all forms).

Here are the methods.
  1. Andractim DHT Gel : Apply to the Chest area and under-arms daily, this will rapidly boost DHT levels more than any other substance on this planet and will decrease Estrogen synthase (aromatase) as well as block the estrogen-Receptors.  It can be bought HERE :
  2. PhytoSERMS : A supplement containing several magnificent herbal remedies known to downregulate estrogen-receptor expression (literally decreasing the # of estrogen-sites to bind to in the body/brain, making it less usable and excreted quicker). It can be bought HERE
  3. Decrease GLUTAMATE levels as glutamate tends to STIMULATE Testosterone conversion into Estrogen, Try N-Acetyl-Cysteine daily , and see this study by  DR Jacques Balthazart, Michelle Baillien, and Gregory F. Ball --->
  4. Eat TONS of FRUIT almost all day, for 3 days, the Vitamin C and rapid uptake of electrolytes will lead to vast estrogen reductions /SEE HERE\.
  5. Eat More FIBER, it helps reduce estrogen by helping to eliminate it from the body.


  1. I've started using Andractim and am observing some positive changes both physically and mentally. I don't mess around with fruit and fiber, both do more harm than good to my system. An all meat diet,zero carb has helped me get rid of my allergies.Thanks for the valuable information.

    1. Excellent to hear my friend! Yes, many people don't know the connection between hormones and allergies: Estrogen tends to worsen allergies, in part, by allowing and provoking histamine release and expression.


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