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Saturday, April 2, 2016

The Importance of Controlling Estrogen In Order To Keep Prolactin Down (Do You Have To Reduce Estrogen To Get Prolactin To Go Down?)

Estrogen and Prolactin show a whacky relationship, when you increase Estrogen, Prolactin release is 'aggregated and allowed' [1]. When you have estrogen dominance, whether you are a male or a female, it doesn't matter, your libido and your sense of vitality is shot [2] [3]. Whether you are an Animal [4] , or a Human [5], the case is the Same. Estrogen dominance is a force to be reckoned with, but not the force we Want in our Bodies.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Estrogen provokes the chronological responses relevant to Prolactin secretion, both in the breasts [6] and Pituitary [7]. Thus, estrogen being the main 'hormonal' provoker of PRL (Prolactin) release [8], it is absolutely ESSENTIAL we aim to reduce Estrogen (particularly E2; Estradiol) in Order to Put the Cuffs on Prolactin.

With almost every aspect of biology, particularly hormone systems of mammalian beings, there is a inhibition and stimulation system, aka brakes and gas [9]. While ''Dopamine'' may serve as the main ''brake'' on Prolactin release/response [10], Estrogen stands as the proliferative ''Go" Peddle.. [11]. By Proliferative, we are referring to its ability to remarkably do so within several different body systems, often producing cell growth and replication in many of them [12], and this doesn't help the picture if one is suffering from heart enlargement [13] , or breast cancer [14], hence why anti-estrogens are used for these diseases [15] [16]...

Now some Doc's would have you believe that these Female Hormones are some 'god-given' substance that promotes universal well-being, but they are not, they are Wrong (the ones that say that of course, not all docs). Evolutionarily , we are talking about a hormone that has always produced cell and tissue growth [17], but since when did we want men, males, growing breasts?

I didn't see that back hundreds of Years ago, did You!?

( I know that hair can serve as an obstruction for the hard of SEE'ing, but any idiot with half-a-brain can tell they 'aint got 'No Tits'!. )

Look, the point here is YES Fellas, we need to control Estrogen to prevent the negative ramnifications of Prolactin excess and Issues. Prolactin-Issues in general, can be easily abolished by applying Andractim gel to the Chest. Andractim is a transdermal gel that reduces Estrogen locally, and can be used to boost libido, and some use it for Penis enlargement.

So, it looks like we have all that settled, now lemme go get a bit to Eat before I return to the hundreds of questions I am e-mailed on the 'daily.

Oh, and here's a couple other fancy numerAled  , numbered, Sources for ya!
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