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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Alternative Ways to Lower Prolactin Levels (Alternative Methods to Decreasing Prolactin Levels)

We have written about reducing Prolactin mRNA with supplements, we have written about the symptoms of high Prolactin in Men, we have written about the importance of controlling Estrogen in order to Keep Prolactin down, and now, we are going to decipher the alternative methods of decreasing the Prolactin levels.

What is that method, the method to decrease Prolactin without the use of Dopamine agonists?
Well of course, dopamine agonists are a good choice, but some do not prefer them either due to personal reasons / beliefs, or due to the fear that they will become addicted / dependent on them, or perhaps, some feel there are too many side-effects associated with them. All of these can be valid reasons. I may not particularly agree with some of those reasons, but they can be indeed Valid.

Well let's get to it. As usual, a citation will be placed on the side of the particular solution, a reference Ight..

  1. Method #1 : Perhaps the scientific obfuscations produced by the alternative scientific community, i.e small chapter bodybuilding communities, have made this less clear, the number one method in MEN to reduce Prolactin, assuming Estrogen is under control, is actually to Eat a Specific dopamine-boosting diet. Our Dopamine-boosting diet, nicknamed the 'Resonance Diet', fits all the criteria to increase dopamine exponentially, and to fulfill the energy of one's youthful brilliance with integrity and persistence. If you have ever wondered how I maintain my persistence, it's through intense self-discipline, an augmented diet, and a way of life. ;)
  2. Method #2 : Andractim DHT Gel : Dihdydrotestosterone is a powerful male hormone, that, when applied in a Gel, can rapidly eliminate Prolactin issues from one's hormonal mainframe, and almost immediately reduce puffy nipples, minor male breast growth, and functional limitations in terms of mental libido and , well , male 'oomph'! < see source here > <new study here>
  3. Method #3 : The third 'alternative method' to reducing  PRL (Prolactin) levels, is to EXERCISE!! With intensity! Just for your chest HARD!! Burn that fat! You do this, and you will quickly see your refractory period dissolve from your life, and soon, it won't be there at all. (maybe). You want to entertain tranquility? Fine, but make sure your head is Above the Water! Make sure you have the inner 'oomph to knock away the attempted presence of your best buddys wiggling' squirming , sub-par mentality. They aren't alpha, You Are!!! [do you really need a reference for this one? Click here!]
  4. Method #4 : Mucuna Pruriens Extract is a cheap, quick, and relatively smell-friendly method of decreasing Prolactin by means of ingesting a Pill. | see Study here |
  5. Method #5 : And finally, remember to shit yourself every now and then. You know, get so hyper that you want to figure out the chronology of 'Ye own Bowel Movement'sss...!! But really, don't leave yourself bland, you do gotta go then Go! Research does show that holding back your bowel movements can greatly affect your hormones, and 'going to the bathroom' actually advices your glands, relief is Good, Relief is Good...

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