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Sunday, April 10, 2016

Top Nootropic Suppliers 2016 With Certificate of Analysis (Reviewed List Based on Personal Experience, Research & Company Ethics)

Nootropic Suppliers can look spiffy, excel at brilliant marketing maneuvers, and can be thus, extremely convincing out of all those in the supplement business. It's terrible how many knock-offs there are, and how many have been not only accused, but proven to be manufacturing low-Qual crap, mixing it with amino acid compositions and downright providing inaccurate percentages for their products. Now, many of these 'brands have been shut down, forced out of existence (lightning noots, supersparta noots etc), and others have rearranged their ethics and straightened out - either way, several former buyers and even current ones would still be weary of such alleged changes.

After extensive research, long-term involvement in nootropic communities, and personal experiences, I can say with Great confidence, that these 5 suppliers are the absolute Best noot stores . Unprecedented quality, great etiquette and very fast rep response.

1.) - They are innovative, persistently excellent quality, and are always listening to new product suggestions. I've been ordering from them for years, and get pretty much every nootropic from their Site, with only a few exceptions which aren't available on there. However, these ingredients in particular aren't exactly a fad in comparison to the others (nefiracetam, Ashwagandha), so they are not expected to be on every noot suppliers site anyhow. They have a database on certificate of analysis Results which is open to Public View. Reddit reviews and reviews on longecity are always A+....

I really like their 'Super Rhodiola' in particular, it helped me endure a point of overtime in tree work , when I was working on 4 hours sleep mind you, excellent adaptogen and really helps keep your nerves balanced. It's not too calming, and not too stimulating, it actually does a little of both, depending on what you need. Damn near a miracle herb.

2.) Peak - At first I was very suspicious of them , there was a point back in 2013 where their company seemed to have trolls running around for them, and overall, the behavior of their main guys seemed sketchy af, however, eventually they were cleared and trolls were deemed to be elsewhere, a result of either coincidence or paid competitors, a couple of them may have been just a bunch of clowns looking to sabotage new and upcoming companies... There's nothing I hate more than unnecessary attacks on innocent individuals. So , I also trialed some of their products since I am an experienced nootropics user, I know what Phenyl Piracetam looks like, tastes like, and feels like, as well as Phenibut and others , when I received them I examined them in my own personal lab, and their ingredients checked out at 98.9% at that time (late late 2013), since then it had increased to near and over 100%. 

In conclusion, I find Peak Nootropics to meet the criteria for #2 on this List. They are superb quality and very fine people!

3.) TeamTLR Hits a bold #3 on this list. They aren't lacking in any way. They are good people. However, they aren't the most mainstream suppliers and some of their items are out of stock a lot, they also discontinued their DHT-compound which was a favorite of mine. Certain actions combined with the availability (or unavailability) of a few products is a little tasteless at times. This however, is not a discussion about their quality, their quality is excellent. Their diversity and new types of products keep them on the edge of transhumanist movement alike to Ceretropic and they function as a mediator in explaining new research products, often the first to grab a hold of the new concepts. This makes them easily #3 on this list. Highly recommended.

4.) THT.Co - Transhuman Technologies, they would be a #1 if they hadn't failed to respond to me, and several of my associates e-mails within the last 6 months, and several periods of similar lengths of time before that. With that being said, the head guy behind the project is brilliant, very open-minded and gets things done (when he's around). Their level of innovation is damn near unprecedented and their anti-aging products have the capacity to nearly or fully cure a variety of ailments. Of course, you can't say that out loud without attracting some controversy and arguments.
They do have certificate of analysis as well, on all their products.

5.) New Star Nootropics - New Star Nootropics hits my number 5 on this list for Three reasons.

  1. They have 24 different products, have nefiracetam and others that other companies neglect to purchase or just choose not to sell, and most of all of these products has great reviews.
  2. They produce their own certificate of analysis (though through third-party, not in-house, which is better) and are continually updated with purity results for each new batch.
  3. They get back to you very quickly (by e-mail), both about product questions pre-order, without an order, and post-order, and are all-round a great supplier, incredibly persistent, and having a very good hearted leader at their center shows how dedicated and passionate they truly are.


  1. The people over at Ceretropic procured and analyzed several of TeamTLR's products and showed them to be nearly 100% Taurine, Maca, or Noopept. Just curious, why are they on this list?

    1. I know, I remember that. I'm not doubting their techniques or their analysis. But some of the other TLR products seem consistent so its tough to say that applies to all of them.

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    1. I don't see any way of buying them, am I missing something?

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