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Thursday, April 7, 2016

Symptoms of High / Excess GABA Levels (How Can You Tell If Your GABA Level Is Too High?)


Some of the Symptoms of high / too much GABA will very closely mirror low Glutamate symptoms | 1 |. Most of it will pertain to mental health and cognitive issues |2| |3| as evidenced by the effects of benzodiazepines on mentality |4| and alike to a moderate degree of intoxication |5|. Because GABA opposes cholinergic `(of acetylcholine) |6|, glutamatergic (of glutamate) |7| and dopaminergic/noradrenergic (of dopamine and noradrenaline) |8| |9| neurotransmission, excess GABA will also closely mirror deficiencies of each of those neurotransmitters.

The GABAergic `controls`` are the brakes on several cognition promoting neurotransmitters, however, GABA plays beneficial roles in mood and memory as well |10|, particularly in releasing growth hormone |11|, and in promoting nerve growth in some instances |12|. It also reduces cortisol secretion/release, which can have important anti-stress effects |13| |14|.

Despite this, having excessive GABA will negatively impact a number of cognitive functions and will especially influence nitric-oxide release ....

SO, WHAT Are The Signs of `Too High`` GABA?? Excess GABA Symptoms include...

  • Impaired Short-Term Memory |!|
  • Impaired Coordination |!|
  • Impaired Working Memory |!|
  • Impaired Spatial Memory |!|...
  • Low Motivation |!|
  • Disinhibition |!|
  • Irritable Dysphoria |!|
  • Apathy |!|
  • Delirium |!|
  • Odd Behavior |!|...
  • No / Little Restraint on Own Words |!|
  • Excessive Dependence on Stimulants |!|
  • Little Capacity for Emotional Connections |!|
  • Intolerance to Alcohol, or Strong Sensitivity to Alcohol and Other Sedatives |!|
  • Dilated Pupils |!|
  • Aggressive Behavior |.......|
  • Low Libido / Low Sex Drive / Absent Sex Drive / Absent Libido |!| 


  1. Low ACTH & Cortisol in Blood. |!|
  2. Secondary Hypogonadism if the GABA excess is genetic, and severe |!|
  3. Significant norepinephrine deficiency in blood work, and low whole blood glutamic acid levels |!| |!``!|.

  1. Supplement with L-Histidine, which converts into histamine, which is a neurotransmitter that reduces excessive GABA. |!| |!`!|
  2. Supplement with Ginkgo Biloba Extract, which can antagonize moderately, the GABA-A Receptor |!| |/!!\|.
  3. EXERCISE!! Exercize may reduce excessive inhibitory neurotransmission by temporarily increasing noradrenaline/sympathetic nervous transmission, so do it often, for at least 30 mins to an hour! You'll feel better, Trust me!


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  1. Very informative. After having a bad reaction to gabapentin- bloody stools, having almost no effect from xanax, a more wakeful existence when eating high histamine foods, low libido, and many other parallels with what is discussed here, I'm eager to test drive this theory.

    1. One of the other "signs" of high GABA can also be 'Aggressive' reactions to Benzodiazepines. My cousin recently got tested and his consistently high *serum* (blood) GABA levels explains his RAGE issues as a Child when briefly put on Xanax, Klonopine etc.

      ...It would thus appear that (and according to Study), the ELEVATED GABA can most prominently lead to RAGE, particularly dysphoric, irritable Rage, in those where other symptoms are not apparent.


  2. You will write about low gaba levels symptoms?


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