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Monday, April 11, 2016

Best Sexual Enhancement Supplements 2016 (Full Reviewed List, Products Tested, Lab Confirmed)

Truth be told, not much has changed in the sexual enhancement supplement business within the last few years, at least, in terms of herbal mixtures - and no particular revolutionary ingredient has been developed with the exception only of a few research chemicals. 

The few ingredients which are in the proper dosages, and combined in a relatively new way, have made themselves known as extremely popular sexual enhancement supplements. Unfortunately, they are very expensive so some would actually find it easier to go with the sexual enhancement pharmaceutical class. 

After extensive research, and analysis within my own lab, I have found these FIVE supplements to be the most powerful and well-backed in terms of sexual enhancement , and they work equally for men and women, PT-141 though,. lasts longer in Women.

     Clicking the Product names will bring you to the Store page where you can buy them, not an information page, I did the work for 'ya!

1.) RS Transaderm - RS Transaderm is a beautifully made transdermal neurosteroid combination with a wonderful company behind it. Instead of barely digestable pills, or questions of purity like many DHEA supplements, RS Transaderm is consistently lab-tested/assayed at 99.4-100% purity, which is rare for such a unique combination of hormone-type ingredients. Pregnenolone can , in addition to being an aphrodisiac, restore cognitive function and reverse memory deficits, and certain symptoms of Dementia.

It contains both DHEA & Pregnenolone, as well as an anti-estrogen complex, it can boost Testosterone more than almost any Test-booster can, and functions as the best aphrodisiac legally available because of the combination of ingredients. The reason for this, is because Pregnenolone , when applied transdermally, hits the brain quicker than Testosterone and some experts argue that Pregnenolone is more powerful than Testosterone in the Brain.

2.)  PhytoSERMS 347 - PhytoSERMs is a natural testosterone booster, very expensive, but very VERY strong, it contains patented herbal ingredients (Fadogia Agrestis) and some superfood type ingredients that are not found in any other product ATM, and due to the difficulty in obtaining such ingredients, I doubt anyone else will be supplying them any time soon (and Yes, I've done my research). It literally was shown in studies to boost Testosterone in both hypogonadal and average normogonadal Men by >300%, I was skeptical of those numbers at first as well, but heck, the product does work for everyone I've talked to, including myself. I gained over 7lbs of muscle in the first 6 months on this product, its truly no joke!! I was like 'there's gotta be a steroid in this, maybe even a combination of gear' , but , I had it checked with my lab peoples, and nope, All-Natural, ingredients as said on its label. That's why this one makes #2 on my list!

3.) PT-141 - PT-141 shows no-mercy as a sex-booster, it is an aphrodisiac compound originally developed as a tanning agent, but was then found to have pronounced aphrodisiac value, because of its ability to induce spontaneous sexual arousal in  Men & Women, with the effects lasting slightly longer in Women. It induces intense sexual arousal but it can have a delayed effect, sometimes taking up to 3.5 hours or even 6 hours to kick in, however, many times, people notice the first effects within 15 mins after injection.

It can also be bought as a nasal spray, however, this form is sketchy and not as proven as the injectable form which can be done as a sub-Q injection.

4.) Tongkat Ali Extract -  A powerful herb with a massive wealth of anecdotes and tons of good research behind it. It boosts Total (TT) and Free Testosterone (FT/FTT) levels and helps to increase nerve strength, resistance against Stress, and general vitality. I recommend Barlowe's brand, he's a Florida herbalist who operates on the old principles of small business, does not engage in sketchy marketing maneuvers and is all-round a good guy.

5.) Icariin 60 - The absolute best horny goat weed supplement on Earth, a beautiful product. Super-high-quality. They have warehouses everywhere and ship worldwide, and I have not talked to one person who has disliked them in any way or their products. Icariin is truly, the king of Viagra-like sex supplements. It will charge your batteries and then recharge them intrasession, it will boost libido, E.Q, stamina, and will improve overall health and Vitality. If you combine it with #4 you will notice a raging libido and steel-stick all day. 


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