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Saturday, April 2, 2016

Area-1255's Diet Plans : "The Resonance Diet" (A Dopamine-Boosting-Diet)

The Resonance Diet

By : Area-1255

The Resonance Diet is a diet intended to bring about an incredible enhancement of dopamine-release. It can help restore dopamine levels to youthful levels, and thus restore a state of bliss, energy, optimism, and general quality of life. This diet is comprised of foods that can be obtained pretty much everywhere in the World. They are largely common foods but in a specific proportion with certain spices. The spices do not need to be obtained through a special pharmacy, naturopath, or even a specific food store, they should be available at your local grocery store or supermarket. 

The diet is supported by science on multiple levels, and the studies herein provide more than sufficient evidence for each particular ingredient to be justified as a 'dopamine-booster'.

Additionally, these ingredients, each independently, can be considered partial aphrodisiacs. Together, the entire diet is very friendly to our most visual definition of passion and virility. 

Here is the diet, it does not have to be followed 100% to the Tee in terms of timing, but it should remain relatively unaltered as the specific proportions are important in creating the responses in the  dopamine-systems.


Begin your day with a solid breakfast, always. 
This part of the diet functions as a morning energy booster and should be eaten ideally between the times of 5:30 AM & 11:00 AM. The reason for this time range is that circadian rhythms are set in 'wake' mode during this Time (!).

Eat a bowl of almonds and oats, at least 12 almonds per bowl, and a cup of oats.
Oats contain high levels of amino-acids, and beta-glucan which helps regulate cholesterol (!). Oats also increase the production of prostaglandin's, which support Pituitary function, this is, in part, because of the GLA in Oats, a type of fatty-acid (!).
Almonds contain high levels of Tyrosine, which is converted by the body into Dopamine (!).

Lunch is your next best time to energize. You may not want to be too giggly if you have to get back to work, but you want the vibe of enthusiasm and persistence.

Eat a bowl of Soup, with Cayenne peppers or cayenne pepper powder, Garlic is optional. An Italian Wedding Soup is preferred, as it contains plenty of dopamine-boosting vegetables. It also contains a very good amount of Protein. I recommend this brand : Imagine Organic Italian Vegetables & Beans Soup.

Get some protein on the side, preferably some hot almonds, like Blue Diamond : Siracha & Habanero.


This meal should be equally HOT as your lunch diet, the spicy boosts the dopamine [ See Here ]. Eat a good amount of cayenne (either a teaspoon, or half a teaspoon could work), with whatever you are eating, heck, even lop it on your steak!  

Eat AT LEAST 50 Grams of Protein in this meal..
It is extremely important you eat tons of protein in this meal. 
Doing this ensures growth-hormone and dopamine responses (1,2,3).

Those are the only specific macronutrient rules for this meal, but there is one other prerequisite, YOU MUST EAT BEETS WITH THIS MEAL.

Beets ensure a dose of dietary nitrates, which boost circulation, and nutrient delivery to target tissues, and they also contain betaine, which leads to a prominent mood-lifting effect [!]. Beets are also an amazing source of folic acid, an important B-Vitamin which is needed for the production of many neurotransmitters; including dopamine, glutamate, histamine and nitric oxide!

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