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Monday, May 30, 2016

AMx ReBorN: How to Conquer Your Inner Ramblings: How to Use Willpower and Your Environment to Turn Your Anxiety into Power

It was once said that...

"Idle hands are the devil’s workshop; and idle lips are his mouthpiece."



"Idle brains are the devil's workhouses." (Thomas Fuller, 1732)

So as to the mind, that being idle, still, without application, it tortures the conscience and buries our inner peace. ~AMx ReBorN~

For thinkers, like myself, it is often a tall order to not venture about possibilities, to examine them repetitively.

For anyone who has ever endured those moments of obsessive rumination, while remaining sure that they must be paid attention to, because, some part of us, believes that there is some logic to them. For anyone who understands that anxiety is often an irony, because even though it is negative, somehow, it is a force to be reckoned with. 

For anyone who believes in the power of thought, this post is for them.

I'm sure that each of us has stopped to wonder 'what the fuck am I thinking', these types of thoughts, these thought processes are 'fuk'n weird'. We've all had what some would call a 'crazy moment', and perhaps times throughout our lives where that craziness seemed sane, more logical than the seemingly unwarranted serenity that is being masked by more than a few around us.

There are times, when paranoia seems a refuge, or what some would call paranoia, and this very element may actually be Vigilance, in some situations. 

However, that doesn't mean that I would recommend that something, that paranoia or what not, as an accurate recourse, or as a particularly good way to live. Just that instincts should not always, be taken with a grain of salt. Instincts exist for a reason, and at times, they are correct. It depends on how much 'other input' is being classified by our minds as 'relevant'.

Now before this turns into a huge dispute about instincts, and whether this whole write-up is being written, well, by someone in another world, let's get to the point. 

I have found, that the only true method to conquer irrational anxiety.

Or what some would call as such..

Is to take your mind off of the largest aspirations of yours, take your mind off of what is 1 week down the road, or even 8 hours ahead. 

Just for the moment.

Then, sit back and take another moment to realize that the the things to do, the checklist, will be completed. Take a moment, to channel the 'now' into productivity, by unloading the most intense feelings within us, onto an objective that is both fun, and can be turned into a little project. 

This can be writing, or chatting with people. Discovery, exploring, is best done when not in a restricted environment, because then all there is, is simply mind-restraining self-competition.

At the same time.

Remind ourselves that the constant inner voices, and analytical behavior, is actually a victory yet to be won, because we have jotted down possibilities in our head, means we have eyes on the map. We have eyes to consider paths that others have not considered, and that no matter how much seems to be barring us from success, how many intrusions seem to be there, that they all are conquerable, and the fact that we acknowledge them is merely showing the value of persistence within us, it is a human function, of human nature, proof that our mind is alive, and well. 

Proof that the only journey ahead is to prioritize that persistence.

Sometimes our only inhibition, the only thing holding us back, is that we become too used to examining things in a closed-in environment. Our own environment, and expanding that environment becomes useless unless we allow ourselves to breathe in the ideas from the logic and wit of others.

I find, it can be meditative, to fascinate oneself with the Insights and beliefs of others. 

Because one way or another, this can eventually inform our overall knowledge and connectivity with others. It's not about 'train of thought', it's about finding peace in being able to recognize.

These are logical acquisitions of any smart adult. 

However, they can be anyone's useful acquisitions, if only people weren't so concerned with sparring with their own mind, in order to find some sort of glory that must be obtained through others.

  1. Using binaural beats can actually be very calming, but yet focusing. It has allowed me a number of times, to embark on a retreat of discernment. Listen to pineal gland type meditation sounds, particularly with visual stimulation, such as this one.
  2. Find peace and strength in your environment, engage it, and wonder upon it, instead of your own mind. Remember, even if you live in the city, that thinking outside of the box is part of powerful logic. There's a place around somewhere that you can go, to examine, a bike path, a graveyard even, some place that can be seen as a peaceful environment. A retreat into nature can secure a more aligned sense of completeness within us. We just have to split off from technology once in a while, and take in what we were meant to.
  3. Use little objectives to get to the big ones, but don't worry about the large ones until the smaller objectives are complete with integrity fused into them. That means, treat each project, especially the smaller ones, as if they are most powerful project of all. Treasure them as an example of a great accomplishment, don't look at them as a puzzle piece in a large puzzle.
  4. Don't obsess on the terrors of the world, and the destruction within it. Instead, remember that your contribution can, and will become a powerful influence in an area you deeply understand. Don't rush to get there, slow and steady may not always win the race, but it can at least prepare some pretty bad-ass equipment for the time we need to aggressively win that big race.
  5. Don't idolize someone so much that you have lost your own individuality, develop your own signature in life, in art, in work, and in arrangement - this will provide you inner peace and confidence. 

LAST BUT NOT LEAST, IT IS ULTIMATELY UP TO YOU HOW YOU CONQUER YOUR OBJECTIVES IN LIFE. These guidelines are not to defeat yourself, or to lower your willingness to do anything, they aren't meant to inhibit you, just to remind you that channeling even the most hasty of moves into a 'calibrated pace'. I have found that if you believe with such confidence that you will ''find the answer'', that as long as your wit is in place, that even the most impulsive of decisions can be turned into a calculated vision of success. Just don't roll over yourself in the Process!

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