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Sunday, May 29, 2016

PowderCity Galantamine Capsules Review (Independent, In-Depth Review) (PowderCity Nootropics Reviews of Galantamine Supplement)

PowderCity's Galantamine Capsules can be bought on their HomePage...

First off, I'd like to say how impressed I was with Powder City's e-mail etiquette. They responded within a little less than 2 hours by e-mail, of my inquiry regarding shipping. This was in fact, my first time ordering from them. I've heard great things, but I like to try things myself. 

Right off the bat, I was impressed that they provide a certificate of analysis, from a well-respected lab and this, proves more or less, the ingredients that are on the label are truly what you are ingesting.

In this case, it is only Galantamine, 7 MG per capsule.

The reps got back to me via e-mail and informed me the product would ship early the next day. I had ordered it in the early evening so this makes sense given the way UPS works.

I selected 2-day-shipping on check out and got the product exactly 2 days later. 

I decided I would 'experiment' with the product on the weekend, before giving it a full-go on work days (just in case).

I didn't notice much on the first day, but holy shit, on day 4 did the lucid dreams come with a fury! An amazing, and fascinating one at that.

Mind you, the dose was only one capsule per day. That's 7mg of Galantamine.

Each night, going to sleep around 10pm or 11pm (sometimes a little later, but 10-11 was the median go to sleep time for me), I would notice shortly before waking up in the morning (I would guess between a half hour to an hour, and sometimes 2 hours) I would fall into these literally never before seen vivid, mixed physical and mental sensation dreams. 


  • A dream where I was in some high school, from my home city, but that the place had been 'reconstructed' and was recently granted some new funding which allowed for that to take place. I somehow found myself there, and for some reason was on a 'tour', and was following a group of kids into a basement portion (wtf), this ended up being some sort of spinning elevator with high-tech numeral panels, or terminals which shifted the direction and destination floor. Someone else (presumably) had punched in a destination, at which point in my dream, everything was spinning, and I SWEAR, my head was spinning, I was feeling wavy, unreal, crazy sensations in my head. WHILE SLEEPING!! I wanted to wake up at this point. I felt sucked into my bed. This is really something, I opted to continue my dream as I was still tired. Didn't feel like waking up at this point. Body was still tired. Dream continued, now I arrived off of the spinning elevator, above ground, in some area, that looks like the desert-backyard of some foreign part of the city. Which was also undergoing construction. Then I woke up to take a piss. At this point I'm just thinking to myself, ''wow'', ''there's no doubt this is the galantamine''. Though being tired, and shocked, I was so amazed I'm actually debating going back to sleep to experienced it again, or stay awake and anticipate the next one the next night, hopefully...
  • The next night was only mediocre, no real intense dream, but the night after that...
  • I experienced another strange, vivid, in-depth world dream, again, like I'm in a beyond real-life simulator. This one I was fighting in a ring, but I was jumping like slow-motion, like I was in some sort of altered gravity universe, wearing boxing gloves, going at it with a shadow figure. At this point, if my other consciousness was more, 'alive', I probably would question whether this stuff is some LSD, as opposed to Galantamine. But, I know I react sort of bad to LSD, so it can't be that. I would be getting sweats. These thoughts are now thoughts, irrelevant, let's go back to this next night. The feelings in my feet, and my mind were surreal. Absolutely out-of-this-world. Every time jumping, while sleeping, I felt some wind or some cool air on my back, I swear to God this is some shit. I think some people would be freaked out by this. I went through this and some 'mini' storyline type things in my dream. Some were very negative (like being in war in some military pursuit, in Iraq, and one being incarcerated, and one in some other middle-eastern country), and these, also were VERY VERY REAL. The feelings of intensity, emotional anger, fear, and such, I swear it was getting tough in these dreams, they were soo fucking real that I at the times in these dreams, were almost expecting myself to wake up in the real world in these scenarios, scary to a point, because this stuff really makes the dreams that emotionally driving, and that realistic, that it makes it difficult to distinguish the reality while you are asleep.
  • There were people in my dreams, I've never met. Faces that I don't recall I've ever seen (and I have a damn good memory). Conversations that were readily equipped to each scenario, actions of my own that were alike to my own thoughts, and personality traits, this whole world I just fell into, literally, there's nothing like it.
  • This product is life changing. 

  1. I noticed a very strong sense of clarity, and creativity. It's sort of stimulating, but very mildly, and this subtle stimulation only lasts for the first 4-5 days. 
  2. I noticed my sense of smell was noticeably increased. I walk into a store, and I could tell someone didn't change the garbage right away. Scents that were most likely coming from a quarter of a mile down the road, were seeming to be right in front of me. Now, this 'smell-enhancement' may have been specific to me, my nostrils aren't weak, that's for sure, but there's no way that it was random, either. Galantamine has something to do with this.
  3. I noticed my general creative ability persisted longer, and was more 'flexible' after week 2, and particularly, that creativity and specific, artistic ideas, were applicable to more 'common' scenarios. Sometimes, I could argue my creativity is applied very deeply, but only to a small area of interest, and thus, is often too narrow, but with Galantamine, anything in my visual path, was spurring up ideas. Now that's a little bit new to me. Not totally new, but definitely related to the Galantamine. I did eat more protein that day, 23 grams more, but I've done that before and that's never done it.
  4. I noticed that the sun is more relaxing, and soothing, and outside meditation is much more joyous, almost euphoric. Not to the extent as some other substances in this regard, but it definitely has the effect of increasing situational contentment. Well, environmental contentment.
  5. Lastly, I notice that 'background noise' is less annoying, so in a way, I am able to filter things out better. It stimulated my attention in this way, without jitters, and with prominence. Even a large boost in TV sound, or the TV at Tim Horton's, was much less distracting, I wasn't even a bit interested in glancing up at the garbage on the time warner news repeats, instead, I sipped my coffee and focused on writing a nice long e-mail and getting another blog post finished. ;)

7 MG (one capsule) once per day, usually in the afternoon.
No other supplements except Coffee and B12 here and there, but no change in dose that would affect this review nor cause my mind to deviate from an accurate review. :)

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