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Friday, May 20, 2016

Ceretropic Super Rhodiola Review (Independent Unbiased Review by Area-1255)


Alright so this is actually my fourth run with Super Rhodiola. It is not a traditional "Rhodiola" product, it's not an extract either. It's the purified, isolated constitute's Tyrosol & Salidroside, which are chemicals from the Rhodiola plant. These are the critical components that have a plethora of research behind them, each validating the traditional anti-stress, and longevity promoting actions of the ''Golden Root''.

See Here

According to the research and to traditional uses (see the above link for research and overview), the main uses of Rhodiola are.
  • To help adapt to and ultimately survive and thrive during periods of Stress [1] [2].
  • To improve one's physical and tempermental resistance to Cold weather [3].
  • To improve mental integrity and sharpness [4].
  • To reduce fatigue and boost energy [5].
  • To increase cardiovascular health and endurance [6] [7].
  • To battle Depression and Anxiety [8] [9].
  • To improve attention [10].


Now there are some that say that this product causes too much stimulation or too much Anxiety, not many people say this, but a few have. This is not my experience nor do I find even at higher doses that it can cause anxiety. In fact,  I find it to have more of an anti-anxiety effect. Almost mellowing but yet energizing. So you could call it a 'smooth energy boost'. 

  • I took half a dropper 1x / day. That's .5ml or 1/2 the dropper provided by Ceretropic.
  • I only exceeded this and did 1 full dropper or 1ml two days out of 3 weeks straight that I used it.

                                 THE FIRST FEW DAYS

I found the effects of Super Rhodiola to be quite subtle at first. It took about 10 minutes for the first dose to kick in. I noticed a slight boost of clarity, and a mellowing feeling. Normally my mind races from time to time, especially when I have a lot of work to finish. Not necessarily like an uncomfortable racing, not ruminations, but more like a fast-paced, don't stray from objective racing, thinking about the stuff I have to complete and just really focused on completing it. 

I also had studying to do, and some papers to finish.

In this particular scenario I found Ceretropic's Super Rhodiola to be advantageous, it seemed to relieve that mental racing and instead allow the other tasks on my mind to fade away. I actually felt overall, calmer, and just very 'complete'. Hard to explain I guess. 

At least for the first few days.


So on Day 4 and on is when I really noticed some positive effects from Super Rhodiola. I noticed that, although I drank only one glass of Coffee early in the morning (8 a.m) and went to work at 9, that the effects of that one cup lasted A LOT longer (til like 3 pm), normally I need another glass by 1. Above all that though, I noticed improved tolerability to the hot weather, and though Rhodiola is typically used for cold weather tolerability, it seemed to lessen my initial uncomfortability with the hot weather. Of course, I'm not really a complainant guy, I usually adapt pretty well regardless, but it just seemed that on all days where I was out in the hot weather, whilst taking the supplement, that the hot weather actually felt good. The work was more euphoric than 'just work', it created a whole new atmosphere. 

There was this underlying feeling of joy and energy, one that of course can't be released in the environment like an idiot, but one that molds the current work into more productivity. Now of course, if I was out drinkin', or playing pool, then this supplement would show a whole 'nuther face. :-)

I noticed a HUGE increase in endurance, and a very memorable clarity. Granted, it was a beautiful day out, but this product really increased the positive reflection of the environment I was working in. In a way, I almost felt like a kid again (in terms of energy and mood).

Which brings me here...

  • It's a breathtaking effect on mood. It really feels like a true endorphin rush, that's the only way I can describe it. Like the runner's high is 'induced' without running, of course, these effects on mood become more apparent during and after hard work.
  • It increases positivity, and energy, and glee in general. Love it.
  • It seems to perk up your spirit on sad days, and increases energy during bad weather?

I find that it really extended my persistence in terms of physical work, I normally don't have to 'take a breath' much, but with this, it simply obliterated the need to rest for even a second. I know that probably seems a bit far fetch'd or maybe extreme for a simple adaptogen supplement, but seriously, I have not found this with other Rhodiola supplements, or any adaptogen supplement for that matter. It easily surpasses Ashwagandha, Eleuthero (which I found to cause Anxiety and stomach ache), Ginseng and others. I can see why it's so popular in Russia, and with olympics. Rhodiola truly is something else entirely. In a very good way...


As said in the first paragraph, it does not cause me anxiety, it actually has a calming effect when doing nothing but studying, but at the same time, not sedating whatsoever, it boosts attention and fades negative thought processes and makes other tasks that are not relevant for the current time become nonexistent. In other words, if your thoughts are all over the place, or feel like you have 'too much going on at the same time', Super Rhodiola helps with this massively. 

This Product Reduces Distractibility

I noticed this effect to be very prominent. It stops me from focusing on little things, noises, or other distractions. It helps with studying A LOT because of this. I wouldn't say I have ADD/ADHD, but there are times where maybe I have a small fraction of those symptoms. I could imagine that for people WITH ADD/ADHD, that it could be a deal-breaker, and really help smash away distractions.

During tree work, and during my construction jobs, Super Rhodiola comes through there too. I notice that despite having a high regard in the latter, that I roll my eyes more often at stupid and idiotic statements from the lesser fellas. It seems that some things actually bother me less, I am able to walk away from the bitching more easily, and it will be like it never happened. Like I never heard two knuckleheads arguing over some petty sh**. 

On to the next task and it's like I'm filming a movie, all attention is on the next scene. Point is, Super Rhodiola does a beautiful job of improving attention, disregarding unnecessary disturbances, or 'taking things with a grain of salt'.

It just helps to fuel a more chipper side of me.


I've noticed that I am less sore, remarkably less sore on the following days after a hard, long days work. There's no way that this is a placebo-effect, because we are talking whole-body workouts and lifting heavy shit all day, stones, trees and cement and mortar. Normally there's at least a little ache, but with this, it was marginal on some days, or even a 'good-feeling' of soreness on others. It's weird, but awesome.

  1. Super Rhodiola helps with attention, and gets my focus off 'everything' and instead on the task at hand, it helps with reducing distractions.
  2. When you see people acting like idiots, co-workers etc, it seems to help make the situation less permeating, it helps to reinforce the meaning of 'disregarding' a situation.
  3. It helps to make weather of all sorts, more tolerable, it helps with hot weather (at least in my case), maybe it increases sweating? It makes the atmosphere more enjoyable, less stale, more euphoric.
  4. It increases endurance, and pretty much abolishes soreness on following days after hard work (tree work, construction etc).
  5. It can be more mellowing than stimulating, when I am studying for an exam.

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