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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Best Test-Boosters 2016 Backed By Science (Best Reviewed Testosterone Boosters 2016)

Now, Testosterone booster articles are not sparse across the Internet, in fact, they are plentiful. That doesn't mean they are correct, though. Some of it is just subjective, a matter of opinion, that's it. However, true testosterone boosters, the ones that really do something, are not to be found in your average vitamin shop, not even on The strongest of the strong, the best of the best, these are going to be the ones with not a lot of advertising in the traditional way, but rather, an unusual form of advertising which will only hit the pavement with strong user reports. 

These extremely effective products are going to be built on either family-type businesses, small organic supplement facilities, or just companies with an 'original' architecture. An example of solid product, includes Animal Pak. Or say, ALRI's Restore, these are the examples of the past which set the foundation for good ingredient making, elite tier status, unique, old-fashioned products.

These days, so many people are just trying to make a buck, so it's tough to find products that aren't just mock-up's, mimics, or fabrications even.

So, I've done my research and more, I've tried the products on this list. 

1.) PhytoSERMs 347X : This supplement is amazingly potent, if you were to take Icariin 60, the strongest horny goat weed supplement, and combine the efficiency of that product with a legal steroid, or prohormone, then summarize the effects of the combination, what would you get? That's how I could describe PhytoSERMs. I literally gained 10 lbs of pure muscle while on this product, that's ridiculous for a natural test-booster. I even had my personal lab in Rochester examine the ingredients. The label is actually telling the truth. Which is relieving. I've found a lot of test-boosters are adding prohormones to their formulas and then not listing it on the label. Downright pathetic. I've found some don't even contain what is shown on the label!

Do your own research on google, everyone loves the product. It boosts testosterone through the roof, more than anything else I'm aware of, not to be taken lightly.

2.) RS Transaderm : The best pregnenolone-containing test-booster on the market. Unbelievable focus on it! The nootropic effects are greater than Piracetam and Adrafanil combined, my memory was sharper than sharp on it. My strength was X10. Not kidding, this stuff is really great. Don't know how else to explain it. It's revitalizing, it crushed the effects of sleep deprivation, it invigorated my mind on days of pure stress. Simply magnificent product!

3.) Barlowe's 7,8 Benzoflavone (Plus PS Phosphatidylserine/Resveratrol) : This one is cheaper than either of the above two products, and specifically lowers cortisol a whole lot. In my opinion, if you can't afford the above two, this one is a much cheaper alternative. Different ingredient profile, but very similar effects. Even euphoric at times. Do some heavy weight lifting, go hard while on it!!

4.) Barlowe's Tongkat Ali (200:1 Extract) Sumatra Pasak Bumi : Another great product by Michael Barlowe, one of the greatest testosterone boosters out there, maybe even the strongest standalone herb, this one really gives you that super-man type feeling! It gets you pumped! It puts your manhood into overdrive, it creates a near-out-of-control libido and makes your veins stick out a lot more in places you never thought they would grow!

Love this stuff.

5.) BTT PRO™ : The best tribulus product on the market, period. Have not come across anything like it. It makes you feel like a gorilla! Strong, collected, alpha. It's very tempting to just pick up a boulder for no reason, and throw it, it's like it just sends urges and electricity through your body. It's also tempting to think that it is spiked with something, but it's not. Lab-tested it, e-mail me for proof.                                                        

So, fuck all these patented tribestan, tribulove, libilov brands, this one makes them all croak!

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