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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

NapsGear Product Reviews : Review of Naps Gear Modafanil (Is Modalert 200 Legit or Fake?)


 Ok I can't say with utter certainty that all `''Modalert''` brands are real or the same quality ( I presume that at the very least, the blister strip packs can be faked maybe ), but I can tell you this one is real.

Naps Gear has been around for quite a while. They haven't disappointed me yet. Though some of their reviews probably aren't suitable for blogger (due to nature of the products), this one is basically a nootropic so it can fall under that category. 

The reason I chose to buy this as opposed to powdered adrafanil, or any other 'finil' analogue is simply because, modafanil is the real, original compound, it kicks in quicker than adrafanil, and doesn't cause stomach upset like Adrafanil. 

Another part of this is simply curiosity, I like to know I have good sources around where I can trust them and rely on them, not to provide fakes. 

So I decided to choose naps, simply because they have a good rating on most steroid forums and also some miscellaneous forums that discuss medicines and brain-drugs.

What I have found, I was very pleased with.

  • Since I drink a shit ton of Coffee throughout the day, I decided to start at 50 mg / day. Modafanil isn't technically a stimulant, at least by classification, but it does have stimulating effects. 
  • It was only after day 4 that I upped the dose to 100mg.
  • Each dose was in morning hours (6 a.m, 8 a.m, 10 a.m, 11 a.m).
  • Finally, after day 13, I went up to 200mg. 

  1. There's no doubt this is genuine modafanil. About 20 minutes - 30 minutes after taking it, I immediately noticed the profound energy, alertness and for me at least, motivational drive. 
  2. I am able to get so much more work done, writing and otherwise, and the invigorating feeling of this drug makes everything easier. When you have a ton to do, this makes it seem like not as bad, not as lengthy. Everything ahead of you doesn't seem like so much of a chore. 
  3. Part of this is because of the focus, less distractibility, less influence from what is around you. Modafanil gives you the ability to more effectively 'filter' the irrelevant noise and communications around you.
  4. This product also seems to reignite the desire to run, if you don't have work to do, don't be surprised if you find yourself seeking the sun. You will be going out more, you may even find yourself partying or at least, meeting new people more often than your usual. 
  5. Modafanil spurs up that vital need to communicate with people, particularly, it makes you more open to thought and talk with new people. It makes every event smoother, and most of all...
  6. More enjoyable, I've noticed that everything, music, movies, TV and studying, is much more enjoyable on this, another reason I know this is true modafanil.
  7. There is a minor 'gut' feeling on this medication, what I mean by that, is it makes you feel the need to take a shit more often. So, prepare for that.
  8. This drug will obliterate your appetite.
  9. It seems to increase general endurance, both mental and physical.
  10. It rapidly increases motivation, with most pronounced effects after day 3 or day 4, 100mg is the best for me, but even 50 had an effect. 

                                                   SWEET SPOT
  • I liked 100 MG the most, that's where I found the most noticeable alerting effects. Keep in mind, I was still drinking coffee throughout the day, but I cut down A LOT. It simply didn't feel necessary to drink 5-6 cups a day with moda.
  • 50 MG even had a minor alerting effect, all the above effects were there with 50 MG. However, 100 MG perks up the motivational aspects more, and I noticed more joy, and more libidogenic effects on the 100 MG dose.
                                     TASTE OF PILLS
  • Modalert doesn't taste half bad, when holding it under the tongue, or even when chewing it. (You don't have to do this, I just was curious)
  • It is a little bitter, but it doesn't burn or make you sick like some pills.
  • It has a sweet aftertaste?

                          OVERALL RATING / REVIEW

5/5 Excellent. This is real Modafanil folks!

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