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Monday, May 30, 2016

List of Reliable Online Pharmacies (List of Safe Internet Websites to Order Medications) (List of Well-Reviewed Internet Pharmacies)

If you look on answers Yahoo for a phrase like ''where to buy Albuterol online'', or ''where to buy Antibiotics on the internet'', you will get a fair amount of hits. When you go to the pages (like this one) you will easily see all kinds of spam comments, that is, stupid.pointless.annoying.messages but of which specifically we refer to marketing ad's or robotic accounts that attempt to point people into a particular direction when ordering their medication. 

Before ordering medications online, the first thing you must remember.

  • Many of these websites selling various medical care drugs and ancillary compounds are operating on a false license, no license, or are simply fake altogether. Complete fabrications.
More over, we have found that.
  • 86% of the websites we have looked at (117 Viagra and Cialis websites, 318 general medication sites), were selling off-brand, often dirt cheap pills from India, or cheap Canadian brands. When confronted via e-mail, and asked for a release of either.

  1. Packaging or blister strip samples.
  2. Relevant purity test or ITC-II18 forms for medications.

We have found that we get either 1.) a nasty or dismissive response, or 2.) no response at all.

This is unacceptable. We have also analyzed the purity with our own labs, of multiple medications from various online pharmacies (4rx, all day chemist, internationaldrugmart, allsaintsclinic).

We have found that only a few of the 90 we have tested have been proven to be the normal 99.4% purity associated with any valid medication.

Here are the 5 reliable pharmacies that are allowed to sit in our inner circle of validation. They all have good company ethic, high-quality pills and were subject to testing. 

1.) All Saints Clinic: Though they only sell erectile dysfunction medications like Viagra, Cialis, Levitra and Testosterone, they are the only online clinic selling the original brand pills and of whom reside within a European region. The person's operating the website are very in-touch with the security world, and the founder, and head clinician, Dr.Roles, is a Doctor with many years on most others in his area of study. His medical license is valid, and he is one of the most genuine guys you will ever see putting his face on something on the Internet. 

Use the link below to navigate to their website.


2.) Geneza Pharmaceuticals: One of the largest and most high-tech online pharmacies around. They have every product imaginable with exception only of narcotic goods like Xanax. They have anabolic steroids, other anti-anxiety medications, anti-depressants, human growth hormone (hGH), human menopausal gonadotropin (the real stuff, hMG), botox, clenbuterol, everything that a fitness buff could want. I've ordered from them over 30 times now, and have not been disappointed once!

They've been around for a while too, and one thing I really like about them is their prompt customer service and efficient ticket support system. Some people don't like this type of system, but I think theirs is quite nice!

Use the following link to navigate to their site.

3.) International Drug Mart: Perhaps a corny name, or one that sounds sketchy. They are a good company though, with a valid license. Though they ship some of their products from India, they are one of the two that I would trust to do so. I've ordered from them exactly 12 times, and they definitely come through and will make all effort necessary to accommodate you if say, you would like to upgrade your shipping option, or add something new to your order. Their customer service rep's are very enthusiastic, and they are one of the few online pharmacies to have a working phone line.

Use the below link to navigate to the website.


4.) In some ways they have fallen off in recent years, but they still fulfill orders very well, and the products are pretty high-quality considering the amazingly cheap prices! I was very reluctant to order from them because of the cheap-ish prices at first, despite friends of mine telling me they have ordered from them. That's how skeptical I am of online pharmacies. They turned out to be a particularly well-placed source for naltrexone, as well as for deprenyl at one point. When abbreviated, most people refer to them as "ADC"...

Go to their site with the link below.

5.) Last but not the least, brandmedicines is one of the toughest, long-lasting pharmacies with, as they say, ''brand names''. This is true for almost all of their merchandise, but on a few they use or have used, Russian or British goods. They have strength in numbers, and tons of satisfied customers. They aren't my go-to pharmacy at this moment for all goods, simply because of the prices, but they are for a few select medications which often ONLY show up on their site. 

Site is below.

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