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Sunday, August 28, 2016

I Recovered from a Six-Month HARD Shut Down with These Natural Supplements (Two Supplements Increased My Testosterone by 700 ng/dl)

Alotta folks see my posts, as "Damage'', I am frequently seen as one of the funnest writers, not only on this blog but on forums as well. As damage, I am seen as one of the 'tough guys' of Area-1255, but no one really knows my story. 

My name is Eric W, of course, I won't speak my last name but it is of importance that people familiarize with me. This is me before Steroids. 

Now, ideally one should recover quickly after a sufficient PCT Cycle. That means their testicles should start working shortly after their post-cycle-therapy which is directly after their last steroid dose during a full-on cycle. Their natural testosterone levels should resume. Mine didn't. After a long hard cycle of TREN & DECA + Superdrol, I gained over 25 lbs of pure muscle and cut 18lbs of water weight/fat weight. I did a total recomp. I made serious progress.

BUT, my testosterone production had ceased and LH/FSH remained way below what they should have been. That's AFTER a strong 10,000 IU ''loading phase'' of hCG as well as a full 6-month cycle of Clomid as well as several 'test-boosting' herbs. No matter what, my test levels would just not 'boost'. Until I found RS Transaderm & PhytoSERMs 347X.

Now this is going to sound mad corny, but those two supplements did more than any other standalone herb or pharmaceutical concoction ever did for me. And I wanted to know WHY. 

WHY did the standard protocol that works for EVERYONE FAIL for me!??

After doing a bit of research, I think I've found the answer.

Some herbs just simply aren't ''pure'' enough to cut it. The pharmaceutical compounds were pure, and they were even tested by multiple labs, but the herbs...who knows. It's difficult to make an assessment when you have to trust the stuff that someone else is handing you, that goes with anything. 

BUT, the reason why they failed is quite certainly beyond that - it's a matter of individuality. My own personal susceptibility to this particular dilemma, but one that also relates back to the HARDCORE nature of the compounds I was using. 

Indeed, others have also been through this, and have been shut down with a similar mixture of compounds.

Whether their solutions are the same, well IDK.

What I do know, is after months of scary, FRIGHTENING primary hypogonadism ( <136 ng/dl ) I miraculously recovered with ONLY those two supplements together for 3 months. Only PhytoSERMs 347X & RS Transaderm FULLY RECOVERED my natural and Total Testosterone (TT) back to 837 ng/dl. That means that TWO natural supplements increased my testosterone by over 700 points!!!

I don't care if this sounds phony, it's my report, my testimonial, my reality. 

It's the truth. 

So those who are looking for a natural recovery protocol (PCT) should ABSOLUTELY give these two anti-aging supplements a try. They are expensive, but worth it. 

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