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Monday, August 22, 2016

Natural Aldosterone Lowering Supplements (Supplements to Lower/Decrease Aldosterone)

Below is Wiki's overview of Aldosterone. A Summary I mostly agree with.
Aldosterone is a steroid hormone, "the main mineralocorticoid hormone",[1]:50 produced by the outer section (zona glomerulosa) of the adrenal cortex in the adrenal gland.[2][3] It plays a central role in the regulation of the plasma sodium (Na+), the extracellularpotassium (K+) and arterial blood pressure. It does so mainly by acting on the distal tubules and collecting ducts of the nephron, increasing reabsorption and excretion of ions out of and into the tubular fluids of the kidney, to cause the conservation of sodium, secretion of potassium, and thereby indirectly influencing water retention or loss, and influencing blood pressure and blood volume.[4]When dysregulated, aldosterone is pathogenic and contributes to the development and progression of cardiovascular and renal disease.[3] Aldosterone has exactly the opposite function of the atrial natriuretic hormone secreted by the heart.[4]
Aldosterone is part of the renin–angiotensin system. It has a plasma half-life of under 20 minutes.[5] Drugs that interfere with the secretion or action of aldosterone are in use as antihypertensives, like lisinopril, which lowers blood pressure by blocking the angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), leading to lower aldosterone secretion. The net effect of these drugs is to reduce sodium and water retention but increase retention of potassium. Another example is spironolactone, a potassium-sparing diuretic of the steroidalspirolactone group, which decreases blood pressure by releasing fluid from the body while retaining potassium.
Aldosterone was first isolated by Simpson and Tait in 1953.[6]

But there are some things that perhaps are more important than these facts. Like the fact that we can use natural medications / herbs to lower aldosterone, and also that aldosterone is involved with muscle tone [7] [8] and the appearance of muscle definition because of it's role in sodium distribution through the body [9]. High amounts of Aldosterone hide our hard-earned gains by causing sodium retention, and high blood pressure at higher amounts, creating a state similar to adrenaline-dominance, except through a much nastier pathway [10] [11].

Therefore, lowering aldosterone has utility in bodybuilding and especially, 'cutting', aka getting shredded, getting to low body fat and low water retention.

So let's do this.

1.) As with ACTH, Ginkgo Biloba extract remains one of the best anti-stress supplements that also reduces aldosterone significantly [12]. Ginkgo also acts to cause vasodilation and has a slight diuretic effect through other mechanisms as well [13] [14]. This all leads to muscle growth and improved blood pressure. NOTE:  Ginkgo reduces aldosterone by inhibiting the Angiotensin-Converting enzyme which normally acts to help produce Aldosterone [15].

2.) Magnesium again, in normal healthy subjects even, Magnesium reduces the blood aldosterone concentration [16]. It also protects the heart after a heart attack [17], and helps prevent heart attacks [18]

3.) Hibiscus Sabdariffa extract is one of the most powerful, human-studied natural aldosterone inhibitors available. See this study here on Nigerians with HBP.


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