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Sunday, August 28, 2016

NutraBio PRE Review (NutraBio Pre-Workout Powder Review) (Review of NutraBio Supplements by Area-1255)

Alright, so I've finally gotten around to reviewing this product, I've gotten tired of 'mainstream' preworkout products and decided to try a company who doesn't throw themselves in the spotlight as much. NutraBio comes across as a professional, stringent and humble company. Their representatives are also very professional and also aware individuals, in that they called me to make sure that a change of address was correctly requested by me on the second order and to make sure the order details were correct. 

I like that about them, this type of security shows how up-to-date their representatives are but also how proactive they are in general. 

Now let's get to the product. Here are pictures of it.

Take Note : This stuff is VERY strong, you only need one scoop per day - normally I don't take labels super seriously, but they are right, exceeding one scoop per day is not recommended, and not necessary.

TASTE (Green Apple Flavor)

  • SOUR SOUR SOUR! But very tasty. The stuff is easy to drink, I just put it in a bottle of water and its game-on! I don't recommend it in milk but you can certainly put it in Juice. It isn't something you will get tired of easily. There's no chemical taste to it though, and it doesn't taste watered down either.


Intense focus that kicks in after about 15-20 minutes of taking it. Sometimes a little longer, but that's usually the amount of time it takes for the energy, pump and motivation to kick in. 


This product ranks very high on the motivational scale, it simply activates your motivation unlike anything else I've tried. I'm talking nootropics, most stimulants, B-Vitamins etc. It's very strong in that regard. When you drink it, you feel the need to blast right over to the gym, or to wherever you go to workout! Heck, this stuff makes it fun just working out in my backyard (I have bench press back there). You are STRONG on this stuff, in part because of the 'buzz' and the energy it gives you. In that, I'd say the motivation comes from a prominent mood-lifting effect from this product!


This stuff isn't like some products, where you notice a 'peak' on day 3, or effects that only last for 20-25 minutes. This stuff gives you a steady, long energy burst and buzz that lasts for at least 4 hours, but usually up to around 8 hours, which is why I recommend you don't take it before 6 PM or near bedtime. The stuff will hit you HARD and will last longer than most pre-workouts.
Moreover, the energy it provides is not only a mood-lift but a 'have-to-do-something' type energy, it just emanates. The energy is not content to reside within in you it has to be exerted upon something, and its also perfect for sparring sessions and wrestling.

Its reliable energy burst is good for anything, using half-a-scoop can be used for studying. 

That makes this a VERY diverse product.


Holy shit! This stuff is strong like thunder, it creates not just a buzz but it dramatically increases muscle strength on the bench and off of it. It absolutely is NOT placebo and the strength is, quite frankly, for a preworkout...UNREAL! You will absolutely notice pumps that lead to strength, or strength that leads to pumps. It is not just the pump or solely the pump that enhances your strength, I feel it does something through the nervous system.

Keep in mind I was not taking ANY other supplements while using this, aside from a multi-vitamin. That's what makes this product so special, you know its IT that is working. 


Perhaps the most significant effect of all of it. The pumps on this product are equally INSANE. In all honesty I think NutraBio is using purer products than most, and their chemists are good at understanding what other products lack, because the ingredient profile isn't super different (but definitely unique) than some other preworkouts. It's different, but I mean they didn't change every-single-concept of a PreWorkout just so it would look different, so naturally of course, some ingredients will be also present in other preworkouts (like Creatine), because they've been proven.

Here's the ingredient label, took a snap-shot of it below that one.

I bought this product from their home page @


  1. Hey,

    I just got this today based on your review for this product. Any suggestions? Should I mix this with L-Histidine.

    1. You could mix it with L-Histidine, but it's not really necessary. Depends on what you are trying to do. If you do add L-Histidine, start low with about 500-1000 mg.

    2. Thanks JayZin. So pump for tomorrow, thank you again.

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