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Monday, August 22, 2016

When No Obstacles Remain, There I Become.

It could never have been said, or written another way better. The deadly truth, is also a healing truth. The reality is what others have been starved from. My tune is that reality. The reality that their punchline has been on a road to expiring for a long time. The reality that my goals are the ones that have been kept, fought for, and have been set back, and then made to re-equip, so that for a time they looked abandoned, so that for a time, my goals seemed far away. The truth? 

My goals can't be stopped, I realized that when I saw how quickly some would concede. I saw that my future was an awakening, that one idea standing on top of the highest mountain. Seeing everything that nobody else saw, or would dare to accept. Those are the reasons why I am able to do what I do. I don't need or want the foolishness of others to be my reality, and if I choose to emulate it, then I do it out of choice. For no other reason would I appear differently, just as my perception is but a choice. I choose to perceive in the way I do. I choose the battles that I keep - and I win them, always.

Then it dawned on me, that the now arisen enemies, who have fought so long to maintain their ignorance under the guise of intelligence, life, and health - would now have to concede, or be dropped to the ground. My instincts understand the future, I understand the future. As with before, my predictions hold true, and so shall they now.  

The former have passed away into an abyss, they no longer have the grasp they once had. They are trying to hold on, but it is in blindness that they do so, and they are far too arrogant to hold on with meaning, so they fall. I will let them. Not because I hate them, or what they stand for, but because I have a mission. I must be at their place, because destiny has called me. The future of my dreams is not a dream, nor is meant to be. It is my calling, my one truth. That truth that others have failed to understand. This is my belief, my power and my salvation. A strength never seen by the unobserving eye, nor even my own - at least to the extent into which, when revealed, it takes its own form. Understanding the reasons for both good and evil, understanding the true comparison, understanding human momentum. These are my realities.

I see now that all through my life, people have tried to hit me hard, and antagonize my dreams, they have even set me back, but the one thing that stops them, that CHOKES them, is the fact that no matter what I keep going, then putting on the armor that THEY gave me, the immunity to their hits is what makes me strong. It's what fires up my soul for more courage, the fact that every one of them just had to paralyzed, had to be defeated because I chose to use what I was given. They lost at that moment. Because they were overwhelmed, all of my enemies had lost their grasp, just as the current ones do. Because they can not understand the type of resilience I possess, maybe its inhuman. Maybe it's divine, a power from not this world. Or maybe, it is simply a man who has not forgotten what he has learned, and has taken things for what they are - who has absorbed a path to greatness because of his acceptance, and ultimately the utilization of everything that has been his past. That is why I succeed - that is why others fall. They do not hold things because they have been taught it is weakness to do so. 

In reality, this could be only my method no? A method that only I and a few others have truly perfected, because with great mental stamina comes the ability to reach for all dreams in a no questions asked manner. Instead of relying on each of my strengths individually, I see them all as one. I may train each of them differently, but ultimately I see them all as one. Ultimately, I see them as unity, and completion, as one sword - myself. One durable, one enduring, one made more magnificent as each day completes itself. Because now, there is nothing stopping it, as with before, and with this small amount of time I have given myself, to complete the final task - will reveal my final self. 

The sum of my past + years of growth. Years of knowledge gained. Years of self-progress. Years of understanding gained in a short time. Years understanding myself. Years that have brought me to this place. Years that have sought to understand even themselves, and have for a time, became inconclusive, until it all made sense. Then those considerations I've made and no one else has, are the final tools to my strongest steps. My boldest reality to be shone on the world. The absolute completion of what I have longed to obtain. 

It's mine and no one elses, and while others fight to keep their power alive, I will fight relentlessly even when there is no fight in sight, because I know power is seen, and envied. I know how many thiefs there are, both of the mind and soul, and of possessions. So I will take unprecedented steps, and creative, nothing short of innovative precautions, so dissolve threats before they become threats. So that my reality, is a King's reality, an undefeated one. One that the strongest armies of men will not be able to defeat. Because they do not understand all sides of the story of life, and they haven't perfected the various perceptions I've created. It's an illusion to them, but it's my reality. My empire, my being, my world. 

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