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Friday, August 19, 2016

Supplements to Restore Love Fantasies (Supplements to Increase Feelings of Love and Dreams of Finding It)

Perhaps this article is a little 'girly' in comparison to the previous articles and theme of this site. Indeed, we are creating many offshoots of 'Area-1255' with our other team members and their recruits. With this article though, sets a new precedent, to encourage humans to be humans, and for those who take a more serene look at life, and those who see our design as humans by the quote below.

Now, the idea of increasing love is not a new one for existing couples, but this article is about elevating the desire & aspirations of one person who feels they don't feel enough. It's about restoring love fantasies by directly manipulating the neurotransmitter systems in our brain to a more youthful state. It's about priming the emotional circuits of our brain to see human emotion itself as a passion and to reignite an almost childish view (a broad one at that) of unique aspirations. It's about specific aspects of euphoria and quality of life resulting from our emotions being reinvigorated...

We need to focus on the few chemicals that are associated with love, and the limbic system associated with creativity and fantasies.

1.) PEA : The first strategy to increase love fantasies is to inhibit the breakdown of the love chemical PEA, or Phenylethylamine. We do that by blocking an enzyme called MAO-B. You can try something like Selegiline [1], or simply take a Garlic Supplement as well as Turmeric capsules daily [2] [3].

2.) Oxytocin : We need to lay the groundwork, raising PEA only helps when the natural framework for emotions and love in specific, is enriched with the peptide hormone Oxytocin. To increase oxytocin, we need to ensure its availability and release in the human brain, to do that, we need enough histamine and dopamine. Supplement with L-Histidine daily at 1-3 grams per day [4] [5].

3.) Dopamine : Dopamine must be made available to permit love fantasies, it is absolutely crucial for the feeling of love, attraction, trust and passion. Dopamine can be increased by taking something like Mucuna Pruriens Extract daily [6].

4.) GABA : GABA levels can not be too high to feel love, as they suppress the emotional circuitry of the brain when they are consistently elevated. Don't over use or use GABA supplements when not completely necessary, avoid benzodiazepines at all costs.

5.) 5-HT7 Serotonin Receptors : Suppress all aspects of love and emotions in general, including the cognitive aspects, blocking this receptor can ensure that serotonin can not suppress the feelings of love and emotion. Dopamine autoreceptors interact with this receptor, so blocking both by a very very low dose of Amisulpride (12.5 MG) can be perfect for rejuvenating the feelings of love and the aspirations of such. You could also simply use a natural 5-HT antagonist like Shilajit which may do the trick just as well [7] [8] [9].

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