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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Supplements to Wake Up Earlier! (Supplements to Wake Up Refreshed & Ready to Go)

Let's face it, one of the best feelings in the world is waking up refreshed and more than ready to tackle the world. It's not sleeping in, wanting more sleep, wondering if you should go back to sleep - it's just the excitement of getting right up and jumping out of bed in energy, and fulfillment. Remember the days as a child, when you were up at all hours, constantly nagging for your next thrill? Remember the energy of waking up before everyone else in your house? You carrying extra enthusiasm while the others still have to sleep for 4 more hours to feel 'normal'?

Even if you weren't that person before, you can become that person now.

Brain research has come A LONG way in the past few years, we now know that our circadian rhythm, and specific regions of the brain called the Suprachiasmatic nucleus & the Pineal gland are key in determining our sleep cycle, length of sleep, quality of sleep and waking time [1] [2]. We know that histamine neurons shut down completely when we are sleeping [3] [4] [5].  We also know that noradrenergic neurons promote wakefulness by their input from histaminergic neurons [6]. In short, that means that histamine can stimulate noradrenaline to promote wakefulness [7] [8]. Additionally, studies show that the norepinephrine transporter, which transports norepinephrine (a type of adrenaline) out of the active zones of the brain, is heavily connected to wakefulness and mood [9]

Norepinephrine Transporters (NET) thus are a major target in human psychological state and disease research [10] [11]. Given the extensive research on noradrenaline & histamine in regards to sleep and waking cycles, it seems reasonable that one could target them to promote early awakening. 

However, first we need to focus on the quality of sleep.

In order to improve our quality of sleep, we need to know what increases our quality of sleep, and what dietary habits could be impairing it.

Research shows that eating certain types of food before bed, like spicy foods, may make it difficult or uncomfortable to sleep [12], however they may also increase metabolism during sleep [13] and promote early awakening [14].

Excessive exercise within 3-hours of sleep is also likely to interrupt the sleep cycle and make it hard to get to sleep in the first place [15] [16]. Make it a point to finish your exercise routine well before the time of night or day when you go to sleep.

Supplementing with low (5-10 MG), but not high dosages ( >15 MG) of melatonin may promote quality sleep and early awakening [17] [18]. No risk of dependence or adverse effects is noted with long-term melatonin trials and reports [19] [20]

Now let's work on the norepinephrine angle. Supplements that may mildly inhibit the norepinephrine transporter, enough to increase wakefulness but not enough to subdue the onset of sleep, would include.

1.) Ginkgo Biloba Extract [21] [22] [23]. {Buy it Here}
2.) Kava Kava Extract [24] [25] {Buy it Here}
3.) Psoralea corylifolia [26] [27]. {Buy it Here}

There's also a pharmaceutical drug which is approved in many countries for Depression called Reboxetine (brand name Edronax). I would recommend trying the natural solutions first, but if you do not find the results you are looking for with them, you could try a low-therapeutic dose of Reboxetine (1-2mg) in the morning time only, once per day. It can be bought at.

So those would be my recommendations above. Use an norepinephrine-reuptake inhibitor that is mild, do not drink Coffee past 6 PM or according to your sleep schedule, and ration it when at all possible. Preferably do not eat spicy food before bed, but if it does not impair your ability to get to sleep, then by all means it has been shown to increase early awakening, when done consistently.

Keep track of your exercise schedule, and do not over-train. Take low dose melatonin at night (between 5 - 10 mg / every night). These methods are all great and proven to work, not only by science but also separate reports. 

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