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Sunday, August 28, 2016

PowderCity Aniracetam Capsules Review (Independent Review of Aniracetam Capsules from Powder City)

Sup Ladies and Gents!!

DaMage is here with another smashin' review.

That's right, he's down but not out, but really he's just back from a long vacation!

DaMage decided he wanted to try a noot, so he tries a noot. It takes a noot like...well you get the picture. Aniracetam is it, and powdercity was the store chosen because of it's favorable prices and very good reviews. 

They also deliver their test papers on your doorstep (online), how delicious is that?

So, let's get to it.





  1. I noticed an increased short-term memory mainly.
  2. Creativity was ever so-slightly increased.
  3. I noticed psychological arousal and increased engagement in conversations. 
  4. I noticed an increased eye for detail.
  5. I noticed a dramatic alleviation of social avoidance only after day 5.
  • Nothing too negative, but I did notice an odd hypotension type feeling on the first few days, prominent at day 3. It felt like my blood pressure might have dropped a bit on it, but it was nothing severe.
  • It did seem to induce a mild despair-like Depression when taking two capsules a day, however, this did not occur on one capsule per day and it could certainly have been due to other factors including personal lifestyle and the stress going on in the last couple weeks.
  • I noticed increased aggression on this.

Aniracetam is actually a very subtle nootropic, as some would agree. It doesn't come on hard or fast nor does it have any clear stimulant effect. At least not the traditional type. But it makes you more fluent, more conversational, and more understanding in a way. That's despite the increased aggression I'm noting before which is more related to things not necessarily interpersonal but just random bits here and there, however that particular effect isn't exactly a concern of mine and I have a hot temper anyway with or without so.

Aniracetam doesn't seem to have a profound effect on motivation per se, unlike some other nootropics, but it does allow for deeper focus and allows you to stick to your task like glue. That's the best way I can describe it. It has optimal attention enhancing effects after week one though I know some will argue its immediate, I don't feel it is. The effects on the first few days were hardly noticeable at all, if at all.

Aniracetam shows its real colors after week two though, that's where you notice a more balance/optimal effect even though a lot of it appears after the first week is over. It does seem to improve mental clarity.

The effects on perception, perceived height/weight of others and of objects is negligible. There does not seem to be an effect on overall perception besides the increased focus and reduction in anxiety that would accompany a faster and more willing response (i.e in Class). There is absolutely no jittery, stimulant type-effect here. The effects are actually calming, think of that time you were just a kid, so focused on your schoolwork but calm, and yet have all the determination in the world to get it done, without it seeming like there is any pressure or time limit. Don't remember that? Well imagine it, cus that's how this feels - it's like a calm, engaged focus. 

Another interesting thing about aniracetam is it shot my testosterone levels up a bit in bloodwork (882 ng / dl --> 903 ng / dl) and nothing else can account for these effects as I had not changed my diet nor supplement regimen nor was any other supplement being used while on this. Oddly, the libido-boost with this supplement was unlike a traditional test-booster, and stronger than a lot of test-boosters and with that I would say is the only ''neutral'' or positive side-effect I can attribute in this fashion to Aniracetam.

There is a not-so-subtle feeling that your balls are 'working better' on this and as such I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that AMPA-positive modulators and AMPA-receptors in general are tightly tied to gonadal hormones in some unique way because Piracetam also produced this effect for me (and others) as did Phenyl Piracetam.

The other thing I liked about aniracetam is the fact that you don't have to really expect too many side-effects (unless you count the aformentioned above side-benefits as side-effects) and you don't have to worry about it interacting with other sups or medications (even though I wasn't taking anything else). I do think however given the hypotensive-like effects though you may want to watch, particularly with higher doses, the consideration and / or use of blood pressure pills with Aniracetam. Even though I can not say for sure that aniracetam lowered my blood pressure on the first day (I did not use a cuff or actually check blood pressure that day), the third day I ended up checking it at a local pharmacy and it was at 88 systolic (top number) and 68 diastolic (bottom number) so it was definite at that point that aniracetam can lower blood pressure. 

That could be in part, because of the anti-anxiety effects or GABAergic effects of Aniracetam [!].

So, that will do it for my review of Aniracetam.

Overall, I liked the product, it was very enlightening and definitely a good experience. I would definitely count it as 'calmer' than Piracetam and certainly unlike Phenotropil in that it was not stimulating. This product would definitely be geared to those who naturally are more anxiety-prone and for those who have prominent attention issues / concerns. I'm not going to say that it is for everyone or is a perfect supplement for everyone, but I think its safe to say that nearly everyone will get some sort of benefit it, even if it is not the 'in-your-face' kinda benefit. 

PowderCity's Aniracetam Product Page/Store Page is Here -->

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  1. Aniracetam is a D2 agonist so chances are it inhibited prolactin and raised testosterone that way.


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