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Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Guide to Using L-Lysine Appropriately (For Immune Support, Anxiety, IBS, Heart Health)

GUIDE TO L-LYSINE SUPPLEMENTATION (with Study Citations at Each)

L-Lysine is an essential amino acid that many of us do not get enough of in our diet, and given that our bodies can not produce it, it is absolutely crucial we get in our diet, at least, for ideal health.

  • Lysine fortification has been shown to improve / reduce Anxiety in those living in impoverished regions, including 'third-world' countries and places like Syria, where grain-based diets predominate [1]
  • Lysine improves immune health at 1-2 grams per day , that's 1000 miligrams (mg) to 2000 miligrams [2] [3] [4].
  • Lysine can be used to treat diarrhea predominant IBS [5], and for this purpose, should be ideally used at a minimum of 3 grams per day |3000 mg|...[6] [7].
  • L-Lysine can be used for Anxiety, and for this purpose 4000 mg which is 4 grams can be used at once, if you go beyond this amount, Arginine supplementation should be considered mandatory in proportion to the Lysine dose [8] [9] [10].
  • To reduce arterial calcification and to thin the blood, Lysine should be used with Vitamin C, 1.5  grams that's 1,500 miligrams -mg- of Lysine and about 2 grams or 2000 mg of Vitamin C per day [11] [12] [13].... This amount (1.5 grams, 1500mg) of Lysine or up to 3000 mg can also alleviate/eliminate angina (chest pain) [14].. Again, it should be used with Vitamin C for this purpose as well.
  • L-Lysine has been studied as an adjunct for Schizophrenia, and for this purpose, you want to use 6 grams of Lysine, 6000 mg a day [15].
  • To increase calcium absorption and bone health, 800 mg - 2000 mg / day can be used, L-Lysine is very efficient at increasing calcium absorption and delivery, while removing calcium from organs where it should not accumulate (heart etc), however, it can increase the amount into myocytes if necessary [16] [17] [18].
  • For PREVENTION of Alzheimer's / Dementia , Lysine should be used at 1.5 grams or 1,500 mg or MORE/per day [19].
  • For reduction of Cortisol, use 3 grams of Lysine and 3 grams of Arginine, that's 3000 mg of L-Lysine and 3000 mg of L-Arginine, once per day, preferably at night [20].

HOW TO DOSE L-LYSINE (with food, empty stomach etc)
  • For general immunity, or herpes infections, 1-1.5 grams or three 500 mg capsules per day with food or a morning or afternoon meal will be sufficient.
  • For Gut/IBS Issues, or for Anxiety / Mental Issues, it should be taken on an empty stomach at 3-5 grams or 3000 - 5000 mg one time per day, preferably mid to late afternoon or even evening time.
  • For HEART health, including blood thinning, L-Lysine at 1,500 mg or even 2,000 mg so 1.5 grams or 2 grams With Vitamin C at 2 grams or 2000 mg once per day. Try eating oats every day or at least 3 times per week, preferably 4 - 5 days minimum though.
Oral treatment with L-lysine and L-arginine reduces anxiety and basal cortisol levels in healthy humans.

Lysine fortification reduces anxiety and lessens stress in family members in economically weak communities in Northwest Syria

Effect of lysine supplementation on health and morbidity in subjects belonging to poor peri-urban households in Accra, Ghana

l-Lysine acts like a partial serotonin receptor 4 antagonist and inhibits serotonin-mediated intestinal pathologies and anxiety in rats

Two essential amino acids, L-lysine and L-histidine, in five types of experimental seizures.

My recommended L-Lysine supplements are below.

  1. The first is powder, can be dissolved in a drink.
  2. The second is capsules, easily digestable.
  3. The third is not Lysine, it is my recommended Vitamin-C Product.


Monday, April 11, 2016

Best Sexual Enhancement Supplements 2016 (Full Reviewed List, Products Tested, Lab Confirmed)

Truth be told, not much has changed in the sexual enhancement supplement business within the last few years, at least, in terms of herbal mixtures - and no particular revolutionary ingredient has been developed with the exception only of a few research chemicals. 

The few ingredients which are in the proper dosages, and combined in a relatively new way, have made themselves known as extremely popular sexual enhancement supplements. Unfortunately, they are very expensive so some would actually find it easier to go with the sexual enhancement pharmaceutical class. 

After extensive research, and analysis within my own lab, I have found these FIVE supplements to be the most powerful and well-backed in terms of sexual enhancement , and they work equally for men and women, PT-141 though,. lasts longer in Women.

     Clicking the Product names will bring you to the Store page where you can buy them, not an information page, I did the work for 'ya!

1.) RS Transaderm - RS Transaderm is a beautifully made transdermal neurosteroid combination with a wonderful company behind it. Instead of barely digestable pills, or questions of purity like many DHEA supplements, RS Transaderm is consistently lab-tested/assayed at 99.4-100% purity, which is rare for such a unique combination of hormone-type ingredients. Pregnenolone can , in addition to being an aphrodisiac, restore cognitive function and reverse memory deficits, and certain symptoms of Dementia.

It contains both DHEA & Pregnenolone, as well as an anti-estrogen complex, it can boost Testosterone more than almost any Test-booster can, and functions as the best aphrodisiac legally available because of the combination of ingredients. The reason for this, is because Pregnenolone , when applied transdermally, hits the brain quicker than Testosterone and some experts argue that Pregnenolone is more powerful than Testosterone in the Brain.

2.)  PhytoSERMS 347 - PhytoSERMs is a natural testosterone booster, very expensive, but very VERY strong, it contains patented herbal ingredients (Fadogia Agrestis) and some superfood type ingredients that are not found in any other product ATM, and due to the difficulty in obtaining such ingredients, I doubt anyone else will be supplying them any time soon (and Yes, I've done my research). It literally was shown in studies to boost Testosterone in both hypogonadal and average normogonadal Men by >300%, I was skeptical of those numbers at first as well, but heck, the product does work for everyone I've talked to, including myself. I gained over 7lbs of muscle in the first 6 months on this product, its truly no joke!! I was like 'there's gotta be a steroid in this, maybe even a combination of gear' , but , I had it checked with my lab peoples, and nope, All-Natural, ingredients as said on its label. That's why this one makes #2 on my list!

3.) PT-141 - PT-141 shows no-mercy as a sex-booster, it is an aphrodisiac compound originally developed as a tanning agent, but was then found to have pronounced aphrodisiac value, because of its ability to induce spontaneous sexual arousal in  Men & Women, with the effects lasting slightly longer in Women. It induces intense sexual arousal but it can have a delayed effect, sometimes taking up to 3.5 hours or even 6 hours to kick in, however, many times, people notice the first effects within 15 mins after injection.

It can also be bought as a nasal spray, however, this form is sketchy and not as proven as the injectable form which can be done as a sub-Q injection.

4.) Tongkat Ali Extract -  A powerful herb with a massive wealth of anecdotes and tons of good research behind it. It boosts Total (TT) and Free Testosterone (FT/FTT) levels and helps to increase nerve strength, resistance against Stress, and general vitality. I recommend Barlowe's brand, he's a Florida herbalist who operates on the old principles of small business, does not engage in sketchy marketing maneuvers and is all-round a good guy.

5.) Icariin 60 - The absolute best horny goat weed supplement on Earth, a beautiful product. Super-high-quality. They have warehouses everywhere and ship worldwide, and I have not talked to one person who has disliked them in any way or their products. Icariin is truly, the king of Viagra-like sex supplements. It will charge your batteries and then recharge them intrasession, it will boost libido, E.Q, stamina, and will improve overall health and Vitality. If you combine it with #4 you will notice a raging libido and steel-stick all day. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Top Nootropic Suppliers 2016 With Certificate of Analysis (Reviewed List Based on Personal Experience, Research & Company Ethics)

Nootropic Suppliers can look spiffy, excel at brilliant marketing maneuvers, and can be thus, extremely convincing out of all those in the supplement business. It's terrible how many knock-offs there are, and how many have been not only accused, but proven to be manufacturing low-Qual crap, mixing it with amino acid compositions and downright providing inaccurate percentages for their products. Now, many of these 'brands have been shut down, forced out of existence (lightning noots, supersparta noots etc), and others have rearranged their ethics and straightened out - either way, several former buyers and even current ones would still be weary of such alleged changes.

After extensive research, long-term involvement in nootropic communities, and personal experiences, I can say with Great confidence, that these 5 suppliers are the absolute Best noot stores . Unprecedented quality, great etiquette and very fast rep response.

1.) - They are innovative, persistently excellent quality, and are always listening to new product suggestions. I've been ordering from them for years, and get pretty much every nootropic from their Site, with only a few exceptions which aren't available on there. However, these ingredients in particular aren't exactly a fad in comparison to the others (nefiracetam, Ashwagandha), so they are not expected to be on every noot suppliers site anyhow. They have a database on certificate of analysis Results which is open to Public View. Reddit reviews and reviews on longecity are always A+....

I really like their 'Super Rhodiola' in particular, it helped me endure a point of overtime in tree work , when I was working on 4 hours sleep mind you, excellent adaptogen and really helps keep your nerves balanced. It's not too calming, and not too stimulating, it actually does a little of both, depending on what you need. Damn near a miracle herb.

2.) Peak - At first I was very suspicious of them , there was a point back in 2013 where their company seemed to have trolls running around for them, and overall, the behavior of their main guys seemed sketchy af, however, eventually they were cleared and trolls were deemed to be elsewhere, a result of either coincidence or paid competitors, a couple of them may have been just a bunch of clowns looking to sabotage new and upcoming companies... There's nothing I hate more than unnecessary attacks on innocent individuals. So , I also trialed some of their products since I am an experienced nootropics user, I know what Phenyl Piracetam looks like, tastes like, and feels like, as well as Phenibut and others , when I received them I examined them in my own personal lab, and their ingredients checked out at 98.9% at that time (late late 2013), since then it had increased to near and over 100%. 

In conclusion, I find Peak Nootropics to meet the criteria for #2 on this List. They are superb quality and very fine people!

3.) TeamTLR Hits a bold #3 on this list. They aren't lacking in any way. They are good people. However, they aren't the most mainstream suppliers and some of their items are out of stock a lot, they also discontinued their DHT-compound which was a favorite of mine. Certain actions combined with the availability (or unavailability) of a few products is a little tasteless at times. This however, is not a discussion about their quality, their quality is excellent. Their diversity and new types of products keep them on the edge of transhumanist movement alike to Ceretropic and they function as a mediator in explaining new research products, often the first to grab a hold of the new concepts. This makes them easily #3 on this list. Highly recommended.

4.) THT.Co - Transhuman Technologies, they would be a #1 if they hadn't failed to respond to me, and several of my associates e-mails within the last 6 months, and several periods of similar lengths of time before that. With that being said, the head guy behind the project is brilliant, very open-minded and gets things done (when he's around). Their level of innovation is damn near unprecedented and their anti-aging products have the capacity to nearly or fully cure a variety of ailments. Of course, you can't say that out loud without attracting some controversy and arguments.
They do have certificate of analysis as well, on all their products.

5.) New Star Nootropics - New Star Nootropics hits my number 5 on this list for Three reasons.

  1. They have 24 different products, have nefiracetam and others that other companies neglect to purchase or just choose not to sell, and most of all of these products has great reviews.
  2. They produce their own certificate of analysis (though through third-party, not in-house, which is better) and are continually updated with purity results for each new batch.
  3. They get back to you very quickly (by e-mail), both about product questions pre-order, without an order, and post-order, and are all-round a great supplier, incredibly persistent, and having a very good hearted leader at their center shows how dedicated and passionate they truly are.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Alternative Methods to Lower Estradiol Levels in the Body (How to Decrease Estrogen Level With Non Dietary Methods)

.... ... .... ..

This article aims to be alike the Alternative Ways to Lower Prolactin article we just published, except it is the estrogen equivalent to that article.

This article will explore scientifically backed methods of decreasing estrogen nag on the body, and thus, help to eliminate cases of Gyno throughout, as well as decreasing the harsh effects of Estradiol on the Heart, Mind, and on the ability to gain muscle mass!

Ironically, some of the same methods used to lower Prolactin can be used as methods to decrease Estradiol. Well, really , aromatase and estrogen in general (all forms).

Here are the methods.
  1. Andractim DHT Gel : Apply to the Chest area and under-arms daily, this will rapidly boost DHT levels more than any other substance on this planet and will decrease Estrogen synthase (aromatase) as well as block the estrogen-Receptors.  It can be bought HERE :
  2. PhytoSERMS : A supplement containing several magnificent herbal remedies known to downregulate estrogen-receptor expression (literally decreasing the # of estrogen-sites to bind to in the body/brain, making it less usable and excreted quicker). It can be bought HERE
  3. Decrease GLUTAMATE levels as glutamate tends to STIMULATE Testosterone conversion into Estrogen, Try N-Acetyl-Cysteine daily , and see this study by  DR Jacques Balthazart, Michelle Baillien, and Gregory F. Ball --->
  4. Eat TONS of FRUIT almost all day, for 3 days, the Vitamin C and rapid uptake of electrolytes will lead to vast estrogen reductions /SEE HERE\.
  5. Eat More FIBER, it helps reduce estrogen by helping to eliminate it from the body.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Symptoms of High / Excess GABA Levels (How Can You Tell If Your GABA Level Is Too High?)


Some of the Symptoms of high / too much GABA will very closely mirror low Glutamate symptoms | 1 |. Most of it will pertain to mental health and cognitive issues |2| |3| as evidenced by the effects of benzodiazepines on mentality |4| and alike to a moderate degree of intoxication |5|. Because GABA opposes cholinergic `(of acetylcholine) |6|, glutamatergic (of glutamate) |7| and dopaminergic/noradrenergic (of dopamine and noradrenaline) |8| |9| neurotransmission, excess GABA will also closely mirror deficiencies of each of those neurotransmitters.

The GABAergic `controls`` are the brakes on several cognition promoting neurotransmitters, however, GABA plays beneficial roles in mood and memory as well |10|, particularly in releasing growth hormone |11|, and in promoting nerve growth in some instances |12|. It also reduces cortisol secretion/release, which can have important anti-stress effects |13| |14|.

Despite this, having excessive GABA will negatively impact a number of cognitive functions and will especially influence nitric-oxide release ....

SO, WHAT Are The Signs of `Too High`` GABA?? Excess GABA Symptoms include...

  • Impaired Short-Term Memory |!|
  • Impaired Coordination |!|
  • Impaired Working Memory |!|
  • Impaired Spatial Memory |!|...
  • Low Motivation |!|
  • Disinhibition |!|
  • Irritable Dysphoria |!|
  • Apathy |!|
  • Delirium |!|
  • Odd Behavior |!|...
  • No / Little Restraint on Own Words |!|
  • Excessive Dependence on Stimulants |!|
  • Little Capacity for Emotional Connections |!|
  • Intolerance to Alcohol, or Strong Sensitivity to Alcohol and Other Sedatives |!|
  • Dilated Pupils |!|
  • Aggressive Behavior |.......|
  • Low Libido / Low Sex Drive / Absent Sex Drive / Absent Libido |!| 


  1. Low ACTH & Cortisol in Blood. |!|
  2. Secondary Hypogonadism if the GABA excess is genetic, and severe |!|
  3. Significant norepinephrine deficiency in blood work, and low whole blood glutamic acid levels |!| |!``!|.

  1. Supplement with L-Histidine, which converts into histamine, which is a neurotransmitter that reduces excessive GABA. |!| |!`!|
  2. Supplement with Ginkgo Biloba Extract, which can antagonize moderately, the GABA-A Receptor |!| |/!!\|.
  3. EXERCISE!! Exercize may reduce excessive inhibitory neurotransmission by temporarily increasing noradrenaline/sympathetic nervous transmission, so do it often, for at least 30 mins to an hour! You'll feel better, Trust me!


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Michael W. King, PhD: The BioChemistry of Neurotransmitters and Nerve Transmission : GABA

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

~The Detriments of Brilliance~

On the longest nights, the most unnerving, and joyless, there is a certain question for Brilliant minds - the ones whom are always thinking, and thinking, and thinking, and then thinking some more. Sometimes, even when thinking would lead to further distress. It is on these types of nights, where an outcome doesn't seem positive, doesn't seem possible that it would be anything beyond just O.K, at the most. The times when Anxiety is like a monsoon, it just keeps coming at unnecessary forces, or what seems to be unnecessary. Whether caused by repetitive unusual bouts of Stress, or a dumb decision like taking too much Caffeine, or eating far too much hot food that it causes ones intestines to spasm. In these cases, it may seem light from your average outsider, or the one reading this, or perhaps, depending on the reason, one may wonder if there are larger contributing factors that leads me to present the situation this way.

In this case in particular, tonight was a combination of everything. Seemed so unnecessary. Literal nerve spasms because of stress and way way too much hot stuff. In that, and , probably too much Coffee. This was not a friendly night at first. I almost descended into a panic attack. So I ask myself, on the way to the store on a night-walk, what is the best way to calm down? Is it a drink? Is it an idea?

...And in all this the one very thing I am STILL DOING, is thinking about it. Excessively. Examining every single feeling with unneeded emphasis. A skin prick. Spasm. An itch, allergic reaction. But No, the irony , is that none of these things really, truly needed to be examined so closely. This wasn't some illicit drug, this wasn't something , that heck, I even normally go through to this extent. But, it was real. I did realize, I need to lay off the spicy food. But the thing that I realized even more. Is that the detriments of brilliance, are that everything can become anything, that energy, can come from anywhere, that Anxiety, can be a part of everything... if you absorb it that way. It was only when I truly collected my thoughts, that I just, stood there in the corner near the store. Thinking. Not smoking. Not drinking. Thinking. It was at these times I truly see what it means to recollect EVERYTHING. I see now, that I must discern the elements around me in unique situations, but choose to absorb as a matter of what lies within myself, as a matter of what they are, not what they CAN BE. Things, and people, don't always have to emanate negative energy, heck, thinking that they are sometimes, often, PRECEDES or PROVOKES an existence of negativity that otherwise would not have been unearthed. I guess thats the point. In order to see THROUGH the darkness, sometimes we have to stop being so focused on overcoming, on seeing, we have to stop FIRST and believe with all our heart, that the true remedy may actually be within ourselves. That the very hastening of the situation we have come to acknowledge, is often, because we are acknowledging it so deeply.

Then a fairly subtle conclusion is, when you remove the distress, then you choose not to absorb anything that reignites it, but rather, what you do Choose, is that you can absorb the relief from the environment, or you can choose to create nonsense out of nothing, it is unnecessary to do the latter, but we all do it, at some point in our Lives.

With these facts, and experiences, being all too True, at least for myself, but I'm sure for others as well, to some degree, I then have come to think about how other human beings come into conflict, with lawsuits, with those who are honest Men & Women, I see a similar parallel, not just reading, but visualizing, empathizing... I see that all struggles lead one to wonder what the proper situation is, at a complete standstill,.. thinking, which Path to choose? It is in these cases that an adequate conclusion can be made regarding all of these struggles, that, a brave man's justice is Rooted in the Contentment of the Heart, that justice will come when one finds the Serenity to understand fully, the enemies or allies they have made, and instead of creating a challenge out of it, overthinking it...that the one resolution is finding the answers within oneself - but not because of some monetary motivation, but because one acknowledges their reasons lightly, and also the reasons of the other side, but that they choose not weakness nor destruction for them or oneself, but that they Truly believe in their Action's, and they understand that thinking should be a manifestation of their hearts direction, not a substitute or justification for Hope.

Because, although false Hope can be brought to life by agitation, and resentment, True Hope is never a result of despair, nor anger, but rather, it is a result of deep and sincere understanding, and it is that one small, but significant window of time, where ones hope no longer contains anxiety nor distress , but is peaceful, and yet quiet, and yet filled with energy, that is the presentation of true hope, the feeling within oneself that is an engulfing, yet powerful wave of peaceful energy that is able to look into the future more than thoughts ever can. Because hope, does not need logic as a predecessor to its being, it only needs a Soul, and a moment of Calm. 

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Symptoms of High Glutamate Levels in the Brain / Body (How to Tell If You Have High Glutamate Levels)

This article probably should have been done before the low Glutamate article, as it is a far more common condition, or, state-of-mind, to have elevated glutamate than low levels. However, despite elevated glutamate having been written about a lot more frequently, I am tired of seeing the same bullshit being posted, without proper references, or with very generalized (and often wrongly placed) citations, there are immense distortions out there.

I am here to clear away those aggravations.

The negative effects of excessive glutamate are no surprise, especially given that high levels of activation of a SINGLE-glutamate receptor such as the kainate-receptor, itself, without touching any of the other receptors, can result in Cell Toxicity [1] [2].

So an abnormal buildup of glutamate all-over the place would most certainly result in massive toxicity. However, most people don't acquire the amount of glutamate-toxicity that would result in significant cell death, at least not at a young age, there is normally some degree of natural protection against it by the brain's 'other-forces', alpha-waves, and other neurotransmitters that youthful individuals seem to have more of (i.e noradrenaline/dopamine, serotonin etc). Even without, or with less of those factors, normally, there are anti-inflammatory mediators that reduce glutamate toxicity, heck, even histamine (not antihistamines, but rather, histamine, the chemical that benadryl and crap like that block), has protective effects against glutamate [3], of course, it has to be in the 'right' proportion/s.

Well here we go, the symptoms of glutamate-excess are...!

  • Insomnia [4] [5]
  • Social Anxiety [6]
  • Emotional Lability [7] (being over-emotional, crying at movies, music , smells etc)
  • Agitation [8] (often impulsive aggression, or easy to provoke, and increased sensitivity to sensory input due to enhanced glutamate often leads to increased reactions, i.e, one with a lot of glutamate may get angry when pinched, coughed around, or when property is touched by the 'wrong' person)
  • Racing Thoughts [9] (though this can be caused by other factors, like low noradrenaline, high noradrenaline, low dopamine, high dopamine, racing thoughts due to high glutamate is generally related to emotional scenarios, often not positive, often about or anticipating future events, often related to work).
  • Hedonic Attachment [10] - High glutamate individuals are typically prone to exhibitionism, overt display of emotions and desires, and especially, an attraction to gaining, holding, or becoming one with anything that produces a 'good feeling', thus, you will hear a high level of report that the person with high glutamate 'wants to fall in love' or wants to try LSD', with a higher probability of the former, because high glutamate individuals are 'into' life in general, they produce fairly large amounts of oxytocin, and though are sometimes socially aversive, they also can be quite the opposite, all relating back to their need for attachment, and generally 'enjoying life'.
  • Stress [11] [12] - Despite the above, high glutamate levels often lead to stress-states when things don't go as planned, having tons of glutamate allows one to overthink things, and for all emotions : including Anger or Sadness, to simmer, and many high glutamate individuals believe they can internalize their emotions, and often attempt to suppress them, until they explode, and feel the great need to unleash their emotions onto someone or something, but nevertheless, elevated/high glutamate individuals are thus prone to these scenarios, and particularly devastated during loss of a loved one, or loss of a relationship etc. This does not however, mean, that high glutamate individuals are those types who would generally become malicious, or take their feelings out on 'just anyone', in fact, they have a tendency to vent towards a friend, or utilize some other resources to get their feelings out.
  • Shopping Spree's : [13] [14] : High glutamate individuals often feel an unusually intense attraction to novelty, and looking at objects/items through glass windows in a mall, and generally, cling to the idea of 'shopping' for new stuff, of course, what they shop for will depend on the person and their experiences, but high glutamate individuals are generally desire based shoppers versus need-based shoppers, that is, they shop for what suits their tastes, or visual appeal, or imagine what may provide them 'something to do', as opposed to shopping for 'traditional' reasons. So one with high glutamate is more likely to shop then, 'in-the-moment', than 'for stock and supply' or other, future need based items. 
  • Other Addictions [15] : People with elevated glutamate are biologically more prone to all kinds of addictions, and the reinforcing Effects of various drugs.
  • Mania [16] : Because high glutamate persons are characteristically opposite of GABA-dominant personalities, they are often Manic, and exhibit multiple behavioral components of several, past or present, BiPolar diagnosis.

  • FREQUENT HEADACHES/Migraines [15].
  • Frequent Nausea [16]
  • Fast Heart Rate, or Low Heart Rate, higher chance of being high (tachycardia, or higher than normal at least) [17]
  • Prone to high blood pressure when approaching early 30's [18].
  • Inner Tension / Restlessness [19]
  • Restless Legs Syndrome [20] (moving/jerking legs around at night due to restlessness, and strange surging sensations in legs that provoke one to move them, exercise them, cross them, curl them etc)

  1. Supplement with Phenibut; it's an antianxiety agent that activates the GABA-system, this leads to a subtle opposition of glutamate-transmission in the nervous system [21] [22]. I recommend Ceretropic-brand. It also improves memory.
  2. Supplement with a particular rhodiola Rosea extract (Golden Root), it helps protect brain cells from excessive glutamate activity [23], it also improves endurance, strength, oxygen utilization and helps the body with coping to stress [24].
  3. Finally, eat more fruits and in general, Vitamin A & C containing foods (especially carrots, and sulfur containing foods like cabbage and onions, onions and garlic help the best to reduce excitotoxicity & Glutamate [25] [26] [27].
[ You could also try L-THEANINE, an amino acid instead of Phenibut, it reduces Anxiety and Stress manfestation as well ! ]


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

How Does Rabies (RV) Affect Neurotransmitters? What Neurotransmitters Does Rabies Affect?


How Does Rabies (RV) Affect Neurotransmitters?
What Neurotransmitters Does Rabies Affect?

  1. It depletes cerebral noradrenaline/norepinephrine (NE) as well as Dopamine (DA) which leads to neuromuscular-dysfunction and abnormal thinking (1) (2)
  2. It also reduces GABA transporter efficacy and amplifies the release of GABA in response to potassium (K+) currents, this is likely responsible for the dissociative effects of the Virus (3) (4).
  3. Rabies cleaves to and uses acetylcholine (ACh) receptors to spread and transfer it's presence to other neural domains, they also remain an incredibly important factor to the psychological effects of rabies, overstimulation of the nicotinic and muscarinic receptors plays a role in developing psychosomatic effects and possibly the convulsions at late stages (5) (6) (7)..
  4. Finally, Rabies causes oxidative damage, a lot of which is attributed to a massive release of induced nitric oxide release, by the enzyme iNOS which means inducible nitric oxide synthase, this form is volatile, presence in .. cytoskeletal networks, and immune cells, as well as brain networks (8) (9) (10).

Sunday, April 3, 2016

~A Tribute to Self-Assurance and the Ultimate Preservation of Self~

† If there is one thing I have learned it is that the learned helplessness of this Society's , weaker portions, has become a justified madness. This is a major contribution to the overall weakening of Society on all levels. If we deem ourselves impermeable to change because we have assumed the fates of others by their Willing participation in this, learned weakness, then how Can we change the Society?

If our minds occupy a closed-off space in Reality, but if our minds create that space, then we too, are subject to that space, subject to nothingness in comparison, to those who live in fullness because of their learned flexibility. That flexibility though, tempered by the identification of methods , in Business, in the Art of Creating Ideas, and expanding them through the same. We are born useless to the outside eye, because it is expected that a good portion of us born into this dramatic society will fall into the erotomanic, disillusioned fraction of aimless beings.

Then there is the Project of Sanity, the Project of Learned Cooperation, the Project of Composure, there is that , lingering caution, meant to set us apart from our dreams, perhaps, Bravery, being determined as Grandiosity at times, or being seen as a disciple of madness, and Courage to Evil, because you see, we have inverted the core meanings, and we have done so by Face, by Image, by believing that all fierce characters are there to rip us off, we have seen this in our Political Campaigns as of late. We have seen the benevolence of Man being seen as Cowardis and feeble Character.

I would like to dispand this Idea , that , we must maintain integrity by means of volumous degradation of our true thoughts.

**... To collectivise our thoughts and then not let them permeate because ~{zZz}~  a few simpleton groups get offended is aggressive self-defeat, and so I offer a tribute for those who stand by self-assurance and their ultimate preservation of Self. ~^~^~ Because I stand for the new-age of Overt Open-Mindedness, one where Writers are not shamed for their ''strong stances'' on a topic or Two, one where people are freed from their inner voice and yet empowered by it, but certainly, I stand for the Peace of Mind that comes from total and Complete Freedom!!.

Factors Determining If One Will Get Side-Effects From Drugs (Why do Some People Get Side-Effects to Medications and Others Get None At All?)

This is another Area'1255 : "Questions & Answers" Chapter.

† Q †
Why do some People get side-effects from Medications & Others do Not?


Multiple factors play a role in drug side-effects. 
  1. Because drugs often act upon certain proteins, enzymes, or receptors in the body, and attach often, quicker than natural molecules, and exert actions at higher rates in comparison to natural molecules, the 'side-effects' are simply 'direct actions' and manifestations of the potency of the drug. However, it occurs because of rapid physiological changes by the body , by the means of actions on the molecular targets of the drug. Some people who get more severe side-effects, are people who were at a lower setpoint and likely had severe deficiency in whatever chemical the drug is acting on, or an excess at whatever the drug is reducing/blocking.
  2. General Health plays a large factor, for example, one is less likely to develop immune deficiencies to certain drugs if they are already very healthy. So medications that reduce white blood cells are often a result of their interactions with enzymes that may already be partially, or significantly impacted based on the current health of that individual. 
  3. Histamine levels play a role in drug side-effects (!) , those with lower histamine levels may experience less side-effects to certain medications in general [see here]. Whereas high histamine levels may be potentially protective against drug side-effects in some circumstances, particularly regarding bradycardic drugs, histamine may protect against low heart rate induced by drugs <Reference>. Dietary changes aimed at reducing histamine levels and other inflammatory chemicals will not set in place immediately, so a lessening of drug side-effects should not be expected if one is only 1-6 months in to their ''healthy diet''. Rather, it is to be expected that if one eats very healthy, including tons of fruits, vegetables, and in general gets a great amount of nutrients, that 12 months in + will impact the responses to any insult or change within an organ or system of cell communications which a drug may impact.
  4. People with low histamine will be particularly vulnerable to stimulants and medications that increase blood pressure | ! |. People with high histamine are vulnerable to any medication or substance that lowers blood pressure  [R1] | [R2]. Increased histamine levels may be beneficial and even crucial for those people taking SSRI's for Depression |!|. Histamines are necessary for those anti-depressants to work properly.
  5. Levels of Sex-Hormones impact heart related side-effects of certain drugs, for example, Men with high levels of dihydrotestosterone and decent fitness level will likely NOT develop a 'long-QT-syndrome' from psychiatric and other QT-prolonging medications.+See Article Here/

Saturday, April 2, 2016

Area-1255's Diet Plans : "The Resonance Diet" (A Dopamine-Boosting-Diet)

The Resonance Diet

By : Area-1255

The Resonance Diet is a diet intended to bring about an incredible enhancement of dopamine-release. It can help restore dopamine levels to youthful levels, and thus restore a state of bliss, energy, optimism, and general quality of life. This diet is comprised of foods that can be obtained pretty much everywhere in the World. They are largely common foods but in a specific proportion with certain spices. The spices do not need to be obtained through a special pharmacy, naturopath, or even a specific food store, they should be available at your local grocery store or supermarket. 

The diet is supported by science on multiple levels, and the studies herein provide more than sufficient evidence for each particular ingredient to be justified as a 'dopamine-booster'.

Additionally, these ingredients, each independently, can be considered partial aphrodisiacs. Together, the entire diet is very friendly to our most visual definition of passion and virility. 

Here is the diet, it does not have to be followed 100% to the Tee in terms of timing, but it should remain relatively unaltered as the specific proportions are important in creating the responses in the  dopamine-systems.


Begin your day with a solid breakfast, always. 
This part of the diet functions as a morning energy booster and should be eaten ideally between the times of 5:30 AM & 11:00 AM. The reason for this time range is that circadian rhythms are set in 'wake' mode during this Time (!).

Eat a bowl of almonds and oats, at least 12 almonds per bowl, and a cup of oats.
Oats contain high levels of amino-acids, and beta-glucan which helps regulate cholesterol (!). Oats also increase the production of prostaglandin's, which support Pituitary function, this is, in part, because of the GLA in Oats, a type of fatty-acid (!).
Almonds contain high levels of Tyrosine, which is converted by the body into Dopamine (!).

Lunch is your next best time to energize. You may not want to be too giggly if you have to get back to work, but you want the vibe of enthusiasm and persistence.

Eat a bowl of Soup, with Cayenne peppers or cayenne pepper powder, Garlic is optional. An Italian Wedding Soup is preferred, as it contains plenty of dopamine-boosting vegetables. It also contains a very good amount of Protein. I recommend this brand : Imagine Organic Italian Vegetables & Beans Soup.

Get some protein on the side, preferably some hot almonds, like Blue Diamond : Siracha & Habanero.


This meal should be equally HOT as your lunch diet, the spicy boosts the dopamine [ See Here ]. Eat a good amount of cayenne (either a teaspoon, or half a teaspoon could work), with whatever you are eating, heck, even lop it on your steak!  

Eat AT LEAST 50 Grams of Protein in this meal..
It is extremely important you eat tons of protein in this meal. 
Doing this ensures growth-hormone and dopamine responses (1,2,3).

Those are the only specific macronutrient rules for this meal, but there is one other prerequisite, YOU MUST EAT BEETS WITH THIS MEAL.

Beets ensure a dose of dietary nitrates, which boost circulation, and nutrient delivery to target tissues, and they also contain betaine, which leads to a prominent mood-lifting effect [!]. Beets are also an amazing source of folic acid, an important B-Vitamin which is needed for the production of many neurotransmitters; including dopamine, glutamate, histamine and nitric oxide!

Alternative Ways to Lower Prolactin Levels (Alternative Methods to Decreasing Prolactin Levels)

We have written about reducing Prolactin mRNA with supplements, we have written about the symptoms of high Prolactin in Men, we have written about the importance of controlling Estrogen in order to Keep Prolactin down, and now, we are going to decipher the alternative methods of decreasing the Prolactin levels.

What is that method, the method to decrease Prolactin without the use of Dopamine agonists?
Well of course, dopamine agonists are a good choice, but some do not prefer them either due to personal reasons / beliefs, or due to the fear that they will become addicted / dependent on them, or perhaps, some feel there are too many side-effects associated with them. All of these can be valid reasons. I may not particularly agree with some of those reasons, but they can be indeed Valid.

Well let's get to it. As usual, a citation will be placed on the side of the particular solution, a reference Ight..

  1. Method #1 : Perhaps the scientific obfuscations produced by the alternative scientific community, i.e small chapter bodybuilding communities, have made this less clear, the number one method in MEN to reduce Prolactin, assuming Estrogen is under control, is actually to Eat a Specific dopamine-boosting diet. Our Dopamine-boosting diet, nicknamed the 'Resonance Diet', fits all the criteria to increase dopamine exponentially, and to fulfill the energy of one's youthful brilliance with integrity and persistence. If you have ever wondered how I maintain my persistence, it's through intense self-discipline, an augmented diet, and a way of life. ;)
  2. Method #2 : Andractim DHT Gel : Dihdydrotestosterone is a powerful male hormone, that, when applied in a Gel, can rapidly eliminate Prolactin issues from one's hormonal mainframe, and almost immediately reduce puffy nipples, minor male breast growth, and functional limitations in terms of mental libido and , well , male 'oomph'! < see source here > <new study here>
  3. Method #3 : The third 'alternative method' to reducing  PRL (Prolactin) levels, is to EXERCISE!! With intensity! Just for your chest HARD!! Burn that fat! You do this, and you will quickly see your refractory period dissolve from your life, and soon, it won't be there at all. (maybe). You want to entertain tranquility? Fine, but make sure your head is Above the Water! Make sure you have the inner 'oomph to knock away the attempted presence of your best buddys wiggling' squirming , sub-par mentality. They aren't alpha, You Are!!! [do you really need a reference for this one? Click here!]
  4. Method #4 : Mucuna Pruriens Extract is a cheap, quick, and relatively smell-friendly method of decreasing Prolactin by means of ingesting a Pill. | see Study here |
  5. Method #5 : And finally, remember to shit yourself every now and then. You know, get so hyper that you want to figure out the chronology of 'Ye own Bowel Movement'sss...!! But really, don't leave yourself bland, you do gotta go then Go! Research does show that holding back your bowel movements can greatly affect your hormones, and 'going to the bathroom' actually advices your glands, relief is Good, Relief is Good...

The Importance of Controlling Estrogen In Order To Keep Prolactin Down (Do You Have To Reduce Estrogen To Get Prolactin To Go Down?)

Estrogen and Prolactin show a whacky relationship, when you increase Estrogen, Prolactin release is 'aggregated and allowed' [1]. When you have estrogen dominance, whether you are a male or a female, it doesn't matter, your libido and your sense of vitality is shot [2] [3]. Whether you are an Animal [4] , or a Human [5], the case is the Same. Estrogen dominance is a force to be reckoned with, but not the force we Want in our Bodies.

Yes ladies and gentlemen, Estrogen provokes the chronological responses relevant to Prolactin secretion, both in the breasts [6] and Pituitary [7]. Thus, estrogen being the main 'hormonal' provoker of PRL (Prolactin) release [8], it is absolutely ESSENTIAL we aim to reduce Estrogen (particularly E2; Estradiol) in Order to Put the Cuffs on Prolactin.

With almost every aspect of biology, particularly hormone systems of mammalian beings, there is a inhibition and stimulation system, aka brakes and gas [9]. While ''Dopamine'' may serve as the main ''brake'' on Prolactin release/response [10], Estrogen stands as the proliferative ''Go" Peddle.. [11]. By Proliferative, we are referring to its ability to remarkably do so within several different body systems, often producing cell growth and replication in many of them [12], and this doesn't help the picture if one is suffering from heart enlargement [13] , or breast cancer [14], hence why anti-estrogens are used for these diseases [15] [16]...

Now some Doc's would have you believe that these Female Hormones are some 'god-given' substance that promotes universal well-being, but they are not, they are Wrong (the ones that say that of course, not all docs). Evolutionarily , we are talking about a hormone that has always produced cell and tissue growth [17], but since when did we want men, males, growing breasts?

I didn't see that back hundreds of Years ago, did You!?

( I know that hair can serve as an obstruction for the hard of SEE'ing, but any idiot with half-a-brain can tell they 'aint got 'No Tits'!. )

Look, the point here is YES Fellas, we need to control Estrogen to prevent the negative ramnifications of Prolactin excess and Issues. Prolactin-Issues in general, can be easily abolished by applying Andractim gel to the Chest. Andractim is a transdermal gel that reduces Estrogen locally, and can be used to boost libido, and some use it for Penis enlargement.

So, it looks like we have all that settled, now lemme go get a bit to Eat before I return to the hundreds of questions I am e-mailed on the 'daily.

Oh, and here's a couple other fancy numerAled  , numbered, Sources for ya!
[18]                                                    [19]                                                 [20]

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Symptoms of Low Serotonin Levels (Signs / Symptoms of Low 5-HT Function / Availability / Levels)


5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) , also known as SEROTONin , is a powerul ancient chemical within the body that provides feedback to several other neurotransmitters and neuromodulators.
About 90% of it is in the gut, however, the 10-12% of it that is in the Brain and Spinal Cord is incredibly important and responsible for a number of effects on behavior, mood, and motivation, and especially, cognition.

Originally, it was thought that based on the benefits of SSRI'S, and based on the brain serotonin turnover rates of suicide victims, that low serotonin was the incidence that precedes a lot of the depressive behavior, and the subsequent studies on both animal and human behavior relative to serotonin levels, seemed to confirm the hypothesis that serotonin elevations are healthy for body and mind and especially for alleviating depression and Anxiety.

However, the last 5-10 years has instead shown that the picture is a lot more complex, including that...

Regardless, there are still some mental health and Physical symptoms that DO have a direct connection to low Serotonin levels.
Mental Health Symptoms of Low Serotonin

  • Insomnia (3) (4) (this can happen with high serotonin as well, but for different reasons, low serotonin production can cause Insomnia by means of less melatonin availability, since serotonin is needed to convert into melatonin. High serotonin causes Insomnia by direct overstimulation of 5-HT1A/1B as well as 5-HT2A Receptors)
  • Impulsive & Aggressive Behavior (5) (6) (not equivalent to religious rantings or objective-oriented arguments/attacks, in fact, elevated serotonin is correlated with 'cult-leader-mentality' , showing that there are differences in impulsive-aggressive biochemistry versus goal-oriented and belief-oriented behaviors)
  • Reduced Fear-learning, Reduced Negative Responding to an Upcoming or Anticipated Negative Effect (7) (8) <-- Also includes reduced fear 'recognition'.....
  • High Libido, increased sexual risk-taking (9) (10)..
  • Strong Appetite, especially for carbohydrate foods, sugary soft-drinks and fatty foods like Bacon (11) (12) (13) (14)..
  • Gambling, and Risk-Taking Behavior in General <see Here>
  • Workaholicism or Perfectionism (!) (!) (though this can be explained by high serotonin as well, low serotonin types like things tidy, and visually orderly, and are more linear minded than high serotonin individuals, who often occupy a more scatterbrained environment)

Physical Symptoms of Low Serotonin

  • Perhaps the most remarkable effect, or 'side-effect, of low serotonin, is Constipation (!) - as serotonin is heavily involved in gastrointestinal motility and enterokinetic nerve function (!) (!!).
  • A Low, or High Heart Rate may be present with low serotonin, with a higher chance of being slightly faster than your average person (15) (16) (17) (18).
  • Low or High Blood Pressure, depending on secondary factors, for example low serotonin and normal or low noradrenaline would equal hypotension or low-end of normal blood pressure, but low serotonin and high noradrenaline may lead to higher calcium entry into cells, which may lead to higher sympathetic nervous system activity and higher blood pressure. (19) (20)
  • Migraine or Vascular Headaches [!] (( Not everyone will experience these effects, in fact, not even 30% may experience a migraine if they have no prior history of it, at least not without other factors setting in.))



  1. Eat more Red Meat and / or Oats, as they contain a good amount of Tryptophan, Serotonin's main precursor. 
  2. Supplement with an adaptogen supplement known to increase Serotonin levels, Super Rhodiola by Ceretropic is a great way to do this.


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