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Monday, June 12, 2017

Barlowe's Herbal Elixirs Shilajit Paste Review (Review of Barlowe's Tibetan Shilajit Paste)

Barlowe's Shilajit Paste (Tibetan Black Review)
Shilajit, is a tar like matter which comes from decomposed plant matter mixed into rocks in mountainous regions; such as the Himalayas [1] [2] [3]. It has been used for a long time in India and Tibet. Shilajit contains many important nutrients, minerals and especially Fulvic Acid; which helps the body absorb all nutrients and other supplements [4] [5]

When looking over all available research on this particular ingredient, the following conclusive health benefits can be established.

  • Shilajit helps the body absorb all nutrients [6].
  • Shilajit helps boost Memory and Cognition [7].
  • Shilajit promotes general health and Immunity [8].
  • Shilajit promotes cellular energy production and efficiency [9].
  • Shilajit increases the effectiveness of all other ingested supplements [10].
  • Shilajit boosts total & Free Testosterone levels in Men & Women [11] [12].

These benefits make this ingredient a must-have for anybody who wants optimal health. 

However, in the past I've achieved only modest results using Shilajit capsules, so I wanted to see if the "Paste" which is supposed to be the 'true shilajit form' will be any better.

The Shilajit Paste has a very strong sort-of bitter taste, I can handle it but I'm sure some won't like the taste of chewing on a new tire. Its an odd taste but you may or may not get used to it after a while. I didn't find too much of an issue with it ONLY because I can handle a lot of bitter and odd tasting crap out there. That being said, this product was definitely worth the strange taste.


I took this by using the other end of a normal teaspoon to dig the product out of the container, and I used a large Pea-sized amount as pictured above, daily. I rolled it and ate it then took a quick drink. To get it down.

Honestly, it was after the third day I could really sense the energy pick-up, it was like a profound clarity mixed with alertness and a general sense of ''wellness''. There's no doubt it was the Shilajit since nothing else was in my regimen at the time and I've been using the same protein shakes for months.

This was a clean log without any confusion or other supplements to distort the effectiveness of this supplement. 

It's NOT a stimulating feeling this product produced, it was more like a very smooth B12 feeling without any temperature disturbance and without the light wear-off that comes later. Now I realize that this is a very general description however its very difficult to describe this part with any more detail except that it was like a calm energy fuel. A healthy energy burst.

Now, whenever I go to work I usually feel some anticipation as to what I might have to supervise and what mistakes I will have to look into, but with the Shilajit I found it easier than normal to let the day roll-on without worrying about who's doing what - right or wrong. When I come home to eat a meal its interesting because food just tastes so much better on this, not that it normally doesn't but this product must do something with Dopamine because it makes your normal meal out of this world!

A burger with onions and Jalapenos, or a peppered steak tastes like something delicious you've tried for the first time.

 This isn't something I've noticed with other supplements.

The other thing I noticed at the end of the first week of taking this is a very Profound increase in muscle strength, particularly with large group muscles like back and with upper leg workouts. However, my bench went up a couple pounds as well. More importantly, I was able to already increase by 5-10 reps on the max set.

DAY 20+

The benefits listed above continued throughout the days but increased even more, except for the taste buds part, you can't get much better than there's no further increase to be made in that area. 

What I did notice though is now the last bench set was up by another 15 reps beyond the third week of using this product. That is amazing. Weights feel lighter and the increased strength makes every set easier - and makes it feel right to push out reps without much extra effort!

That and what makes this product more remarkable is that I noticed a strong muscle hardening effect on this product. I'm assuming this is due to some increase in Free Testosterone which was evident on my blood work. 

I can't say whether its as strong as Tongkat Ali in the regard of aphrodisiac effects, but its about on par, in terms of Endurance though (sexual included) this product blows Tongkat Ali out of the water!

DAY 30+

At the end of the regimen, the effects were so noticeable that I had to buy another supply, no exaggeration because this product is something that I think EVERYONE involved in fitness and Brain Work should be using. 

If it were some overpriced test-booster I might not think so, but its clear that even though its not categorized as such, it has all those benefits and then some!

The energizing qualities and the outstanding muscle hardening and endurance promoting effects of this product make it a part of my stack from now on. Those who are a little put off by the gooey form it comes in can try the capsules, however I can say myself the capsules have much less of an effect than the paste. The effects are the same 'type' however, there's no comparison IMHO because they aren't really that noticeable with the capsules. I will say this though, I've never taken the capsules for more than a month so its possible they may take longer but to be noted, this product also contains 40% more fulvic acid than the capsules so this product is expected to be stronger anyhow!

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