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Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Natural Treatment of Tuberculosis : A List of Herbal/Natural Remedies Proven to Treat Tuberculosis Naturally & Successfully

NOTE: All information contained here is NOT intended nor shall it be received to replace the advice of a Physician or qualified health professional, all information read here is to be taken in as information solely and not to be made into a decision without the guidance of a Medical Professional!

Tuberculosis; an infection produced by a specific bacteria known as Mycobacterium Tuberculosis, is one of the most deadly bacterial infections known to existence and frequently plagues developing countries and those with poor economical status [1] [2] [3]. Tuberculosis infection is unique in several ways, in that even though it mostly affects the Lungs and Chest [4] it also has the capacity to spread to many other organs in some cases; mostly when immune deficiency is present in the individual or where other habits have increased susceptibility to bacterial infections [5]

The other possible repercussions and complications of Tuberculosis infection are the following...

  • Infection of Bone and cartilage [6].
  • Infection and inflammation of the Pancreas [7] [8].
  • Infection of the Adrenal gland; often leading to fatigue and Addison's like symptoms [9].
  • Compression of blood vessels around Chest during and after costochondritis diagnosis [10] [11] [12].
  • Severe Weight Loss [13].
  • Respiratory Distress and even lung collapse [14] [15] [16] [17] [18].
In addition to these, tuberculosis can cause Anemia and other hematological abnormalties. 

The full list of TB (tuberculosis) symptoms; including rare symptoms are the following...

  • Persistent dry nagging cough [19].
  • Coughing up blood [20].
  • Fever [21].
  • Enlarged submandibular and / or cervical lymph nodes (right under jaw on left or right side and on center of neck, respectively) [22] [23] [24].
  • Costochondritis [25] (including pain in the sternum or upon raising arms; rare).
  • Appetite loss [26].
  • Fatigue/Breathlessness [27] [28] [29].

Risk Factors for TB Infection Include
  • Being a Smoker or being exposed to frequent second-hand smoke [30] [31] [32].
  • Frequent corticosteroid use (more with oral steroids for Asthma / Inflammation) [33]
  • Immune Suppression (by above causes and by other factors such as heavy metal toxicity, starvation and HIV Infection) [34] [35] [36].
Now for the Natural Treatment of Tuberculosis
NOTE: Clicking the [!] symbols takes you to a citation/reference relevant to the point in question. Click the exclamation marks surrounded by brackets to Go to the Source that explains why the particular ingredient is useful for Treating Tuberculosis infections. The citation is verified by highly reputable sources.

1.) Vitamin D 10,000 IU's [!] : Studies link Vitamin D as an important natural micronutrient based treatment of Tuberculosis; including drug-resistant forms of TB. I would recommend a lab-verified Vitamin D supplement such as NutraBio's high dose Vitamin D capsules

INSTRUCTIONS: Take 10,000 IU's or 2500% of Vitamin D per day, be sure to monitor blood levels of Vitamin D throughout supplementation!

2.) Garlic [!]: Another valuable use for consumption of Garlic cloves and / or powder; Garlic kills the Tuberculosis bacterium! Garlic contains a sulfur-containing compound called Allicin, which directly kills the mycobacterium tuberculosis in the human body and in culture [See Study Here]. 
I recommend Kyolic Green-Label for the treatment of Tuberculosis infections; it should be used with all other recommendations in this article for full benefit. 

INSTRUCTIONS: Follow directions on Kyolic packaging/label, take at least 2-3 capsules per day.

3.) Turmeric Root Extract ONLY With High-Percentage of Curcumin [!] : High-potency Turmeric extracts STANDARDIZED for high levels of the naturally occurring curcuminoid : Curcumin can successfully inhibit the bacteria that causes TB Infection AND can protect against liver injury and other consequences of TB infection, high-doses are advised such as 3 capsules per day of Barlowe's High-Potency Curcumin Extract. Turmeric/Curcumin can also help Asthma.

4.) African Wormwood in Combination with other Parasite Cleansing Herbs [!] : Such as with the product Living Defense; an organic parasite cleansing supplement with significant anti-tuberculosis activity. Follow instructions on the Living Defense label.

5.) Selenium [!] : An important mineral and micronutrient that can mean the difference between life and death in tuberculosis infected patients - it facilitates the sputum conversion back to negative and helps improve treatment outcome along with standard and alternative treatment in Tuberculosis patients.

I would buy NutraBio's high-purity Selenium supplement, follow instructions on label.

All of these strategies should be used with each other for optimal treatment of Tuberculosis infections.

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