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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Ruthless Anger & The Graces of A Skeptical Society

Anger has been recognized as a force within all of humanity from the beginning of time. Humanity's existence has always been plagued by Anger, but also skepticism. Sometimes they are a result of each other.

Anger is often a fuel that powers malevolent people but its scope reaches out so far that it becomes a successful energy. One anticipating its ability to seep into the Heart of Man and create events. Events that later become remembered. At first glance though, Anger within a person often creates skepticism, and that person with anger within, criticizes the skeptic. In fact, the overheated mind and the cool mind both have that in common, that the skeptic is obtuse and out-of-place. So much so that those who live on edge often mechanistically identify the skeptics core.

The skeptic has always been put into two categories; the dumb skeptic and the suspicious skeptic. If you find yourself behaving as a dumb skeptic, you may find yourself to be a Victim of someones ruthless anger.
The suspicious skeptic may be so analytical that it debases his/her existence and diminishes his being. Reducing his/her worth to an intrusive piece of trash.

If you are seen as that, BEWARE: you are on a crash course to oblivion. What you have incited is a possible death sentence. At least, of your image.

You should be careful who you piss off, they may make you into a Proverbial grave digger, suited for your own Corpse, turning your life into Ashes, burning your existence into the Ground.

The Man with ruthless anger is the one to put that all forward.


If the minds of humanity are limited by their Judgement in simple & complex situations - then many people truly don't get this.

It's a shame.

It will never change though, what has been lost in one year is quickly forgotten, except to the Ruthless, they never forget. I have observed this time and time again. I have seen it in history.
What Ignorance produces it almost never corrects, it is unable to be corrected itself and refuses to be corrected by itself. It latches on to people and its host, the hosts soul becomes infused with Ignorance. Judgement is diminished. When Ignorance is faced with ruthless Anger though, Ignorance has a brief glimpse of how worthless it became. For in which Intelligence has displayed to the Ignorant. Its true self unveiled from within its titanium coat.

If Life were a Rock then Ignorance is the Jagged edge that when inspected, crumbles by touch or scrape.

Yet, Ignorance collects the dust from the Earth even after being scraped off - and continues to inherit that part of the Rock from which it fell.

Ignorance never changes.

It continues being solid, without regret and more catastrophe just reassures its hardened self.

It is the nature of Stone & Earth to be this way. 

It is the nature of Ignorance.

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